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QE75 .B9 no.1842-D : Steady movement of landslides in fine-grained soils : a model for sliding over an irregular slip surface / by Rex L. Baum and Arvid M. Johnson.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1842-F : Kinematics of the Aspen Grove landslide, Ephraim Canyon, central Utah / by Rex L. Baum, Robert W. Fleming, and Arvid M. Johnson.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1843 : Geology and geochemistry of the Broken Ridge Area, Southern Wah Wah Mountains, Iron County, Utah / by Karen A. Duttweiler and Wallace R. Griffitts.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1846 : Geology and geochemistry of the Coulee Dam Intrusive Suite and associated younger intrusive rocks, Colville batholith Washington / by Diane H. Carlson ; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Indians Affairs.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1847 : Potential hazards from future volcanic eruptions in California / by C. Dan Miller.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1848 : Stratigraphy and structure of the Ekokpuk Creek area, north-central Brooks Range, Alaska / by Willis H. Nelson and Béla Csejtey, Jr.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1849 : Interpretation of the regional geochemistry of the Tonopah 1° x 2° quadrangle, Nevada, based on analytical results from stream-sediment and nonmagnetic heavy-mineral-concentrate samples / by J. Thomas Nash.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1850 : National energy resource issues : geologic perspective and the role of geologic information / by U.S. Geological Survey.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1851 : A statistical analysis of chemical and mineralogic data from the Tertiary Kootznahoo Formation in southeastern Alaska, with emphasis of uranium and thorium / by Kendell A. Dickinson and Charles T. Pierson.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1852 : Toward a federal land information system : experiences and issues / by James A. Sturdevant.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1854 : Geology and geochemistry of gold deposits of the Big Canyon area, El Dorado County, California / by J. Thomas Nash.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1855   2
QE75 .B9 no.1856 : Bibliography of map projections / edited by John P. Snyder and Harry Steward.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1857-A : Introduction to geology and resources of gold, and geochemistry of gold / Daniel R. Shawe and Samuel B. Romberger.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1857-B : United States gold terranes : Part I / Edwin, W. Tooker ... [and others].  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1857-C : Gold-bearing polymetallic veins and replacement deposits.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1857-D : Gold deposits in metamorphic rocks. Part 1 / Ed DeWitt ... [and others].  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1857-E : Gold in porphyry copper systems / Edwin W. Tooker ... [and others].  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no. 1857-F : Gold-bearing polymetallic veins and replacement deposits.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1857-G : Gold in placer deposits.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1857-H : Epithermal gold deposits.  1991 1
QE75 .B9 no. 1857-I : Epithermal gold deposits.  1991 1
QE75 .B9 no.1857-J : The Homestake Gold Mine, an Early Proterozoic iron-formation-hosted gold deposit, Lawrence County, South Dakota / by Stanton W. Caddey ... [and others].  1991 1
QE75 .B9 no.1858 : Interpretation of exploration geochemical data from the Ugashik, Bristol Bay, Western Karluk Quadrangles, Alaska / by S.E. Church, J.G. Frisken, and F.H. Wilson.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1859 : Road guide to volcanic deposits of Mount St. Helens and vicinity, Washington / by Michael P. Doukas.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1861 : Gigantic debris avalanche of Pleistocene Age from ancestral Mount Shasta volcano, California, and debris-avalanche hazard zonation / by Dwight R. Crandell.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1862 : United States earthquakes.    1
QE75 .B9 no.1863 : Descriptive statistics and spatial distributions of geochemical variables associated with manganese oxide-rich phases in the northern Pacific / by Joseph Moses Botbol and Gerald I. Evenden.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1864 : Geology of the Mount Aetna volcanic center, Chaffee and Gunnison Counties, Colorado / by Priestley Toulmin, III and Jane M. Hammarstrom.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1865 : Geochemical survey of the Cordova and Middleton Island 1° x 3° quadrangles, south-central Alaska / by Richard J. Goldfarb [and three others].  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1866-A : Tectonic evolution of the Anadarko Basin region, Oklahoma / by William J. Perry, Jr.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1866-B : Statistical analysis of compositional data from Desmoinesian sandstones in Oklahoma / by Thaddeus S. Dyman.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1866-C : Thermal maturation of the eastern Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma / by Mark J. Pawlewicz.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1866-D : Log-derived regional source-rock characteristics of the Woodford Shale, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma / by Timothy C. Hester, James W. Schmoker, and Howard L. Sahl.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1866-E : Petrology and depositional facies of siliciclastic rocks of the Middle Ordovician Simpson group, Mazur Well, southeastern Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma / by Romeo M. Flores and C. William Keighin.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1866-F : In situ stress analysis of wellbore breakouts from Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle / by Richard L. Dart.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1866-G : Complete Bouguer and isostatic residual gravity maps of the Anadarko Basin, Wichita Mountains, and surrounding areas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas, and Colorado / by S.L. Robbins and G.R. Keller, Jr.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.1866-H : Composition, clay mineralogy, and diagenesis of the Simpson Group (Middle Ordovician), Grady County, Oklahoma / by Richard M. Pollastro.  1991 1
QE75 .B9 no.1867 : Origin and distribution of six heavy-mineral placer deposits in coastal-marine sandstones in the Upper Cretaceous McCourt Sandstone Tongue of the Rock Springs Formation, southwest Wyoming / by Henry W. Roehler.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1868 : Probabilistic estimates of the seismic ground-motion hazard in western Saudi Arabia / by Paul C. Thenhaus [and four others] ; prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Deputy Ministry of Mineral Resources, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1869 : Evaluation of coal resources in the eastern part of the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, Montana / by Laura R.H. Biewick, John K. Hardie, Courteney Williamson, and Harold H. Arndt ; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1870 : Petroleum systems of the United States / Leslie B. Magoon, editor.  1988 1
QE75 .B9 no.1871 : Geology of petroleum and coal deposits in the North China basin, Eastern China / by K.Y. Lee.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1872 : Investigation of the Rois Malk epithermal gold system, Republic of Palau / by W.R. Miller, J.J. Rytuba, M.A. Arnold, and T.L. Vercoutere.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1874 : Heavy-mineral dispersal and deposition in sandy deltas of glacial Lake Quinebaug, Connecticut / by Eric R. Force and Byron D. Stone.  1990 1
QE75 .B9 no.1875-A : North American datum of 1983 : map data conversion tables / prepared in cooperation with Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1875-B : North American datum of 1983 : map data conversion tables / prepared in cooperation with Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1875-C : North American datum of 1983 : map data conversion tables / prepared in cooperation with Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  1989 1
QE75 .B9 no.1877 : Contributions to commodity geology research / John H. DeYoung, Jr., and Jane M. Hammarstrom, editors.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.1878 : Spatial analysis of geochemical and geologic information from the Tonopah 1° x 2° quadrangle, Nevada : experimental application of a geographic information system to the analysis and mapping of information used in a typical mineral resource assessment / by John L. Dwyer and J. Thomas Nash.  1991 1
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