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    Year Entries
QE75 .B9 no.1988-G : Coralliferous carbonate shelves of Mississippian age, west side of Antler orogen, central Nevada / by William J. Sando.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1988-H : Upper Devonian-Mississippian stratigraphic sequences in the distal Antler foreland of western Utah and adjoining Nevada / by N.J. Silberling [and others].  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.1988-I : Reconnaissance study of Mississippian siliciclastic sandstones in eastern Nevada / by Hugh McLean.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.1988-J : Mississippian stratigraphic framework of east-central California and southern Nevada with revision of Upper Devonian and Mississippian stratigraphic units in Inyo County, California / by Calvin H. Stevens, Darrell S. Klingman, Charles A. Sandberg, Paul Stone, Paul Belasky, Forrest G. Poole, and J. Kent Snow.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.1988-K : Summary of chemical analyses and ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar age-spectra data for Eocene volcanic rocks from the central part of the northeast Nevada volcanic field / by William E. Brooks ... [and others].  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.1989-D : Paleohydrology of the central United States / by Donald G. Jorgensen.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1989-E : Petrography and correlation of Precambrian clastic sedimentary rocks associated with the Midcontinent Rift System / by Pieter Berendsen and Andrzej Barczuk.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1989-F : Feldspar diagenesis in Cambrian clastic rocks of the southern Ozark Mountains and Reelfoot Rift, southeastern Missouri and northeastern Arkasas : implications for Mississippi Valley-type ore genesis / by S.F. Diehl and M.B. Goldhaber.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.1989-G : Regional potential of selected Paleozoic carbonate units in the northern midcontinent for undiscovered Mississippi Valley-type deposits / by Walden P. Pratt ; prepared in cooperation with the Geological Survey of Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.1989-H : An extensive pre-Cretaceous weathering profile in east-central and southwestern Minnesota / by Dale R. Setterholm and G.B. Morey.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no. 1989-I : Clastic rocks associated with the Midcontinent Rift System in Iowa / by Raymond R. Anderson and Robert M. McKay.  1997 1
QE75 .B9 no.1990-C : Age of tephra beds at the Ocean Point dinosaur locality, North Slope, Alaska, based on K-Ar and ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar analyses / by James E. Conrad, Edwin H. McKee, and Brent D. Turrin.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.1990-E : Pollen zonation and correlation of Maastrichtian marine beds and associated strata, Ocean Point dinosaur locality, North Slope, Alaska / by Norman O. Frederiksen.  1991 1
QE75 .B9 no.1990-F : A new Tolypella from the Ocean Point dinosaur locality, North Slope, Alaska, and the Late Cretaceous to Paleocene Nitelloid charophytes / by Monique Feist and Elisabeth Brouwers.  1991 1
QE75 .B9 no.1991 : Late Quaternary faulting along the Death Valley-Furnace Creek fault system, California and Nevada / by George E. Brogan, Karl S. Kellogg, D. Burton Slemmons, and Christina L. Terhune.  1991 1
QE75 .B9 no.1992 : Uranium and other elements in Colorado Rocky Mountain wetlands : a reconnaissance study / by Douglass E. Owen, James K. Otton, F. Allan Hills, and R. Randall Schumann.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.1993 : Rocks and structure of the north-central part of the Anaconda Range, Deer Lodge and Granite counties, Montana / by David J. Lidke and Chester A. Wallace.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.1994 : Geology of the New Tripoli quadrangle, Lehigh, Berks, Schuylkill, and Carbon counties, Pennsylvania / by Jack B. Epstein and Peter T. Lyttle ; Prepared in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources, Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-B : Distribution and juxtaposition of Mesozoic lithotectonic elements in the basement of the Santa Maria Basin, California / by Hugh McLean.  1991 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-C : Cooccurrence of Fe-, Fe-Ca-, and Ca-phosphate minerals in concretions within the Monterey Formation : a record of uplift of the Santa Maria Basin, California / by D.Z. Piper, C.M. Isaacs, and M.D. Medrano.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-D-E : Sedimentology of the conglomeratic lower member of the Lospe Formation (Lower Miocene), Santa Maria Basin, California / by Samuel Y. Johnson and Richard G. Stanley. Provenance of sandstone clasts in the Lower Miocene Lospe Formation near Point Sal, California / by Hugh McLean and Richard G. Stanley.  1994 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-F-G : Thermal regime of Santa Maria Province, California / by Colin F. Williams ... [and others]. Phosphorus geochemistry, diagenesis, and mass balances of the Miocene Monterey Formation at Shell Beach, California / by Gabriel M. Filippelli and Margaret L. Delaney.  1994 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-H-I : Conglomerates of the Upper Middle Eocene to Lower Miocene Sespe Formation along the Santa Ynez Fault : implications for the geologic history of the eastern Santa Maria Basin area, California / by Jeffrey L. Howard. Reconnaissance bulk-rock and clay mineralogies of argillaceous Great Valley and Franciscan strata, Santa Maria Basin Province, California / by Richard M. Pollastro, Hugh McLean, and Laura L. Zink.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-J-K : Neogene geohistory analysis of Santa Maria Basin, California, and its relationship to transfer of central California to the Pacific Plate / by Patricia A. McCrory ... [and others]. Diatom biochronology of the Sisquoc Formation in the Santa Maria Basin, California, and its paleoceanographic and tectonic implications / by Michael P. Dumont and John A. Barron.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-L : Recognition of Middle Miocene foraminifers in highly indurated rocks of the Monterey Formation, coastal Santa Maria Province, central California / by Kenneth L. Finger.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-M-O : Age of the Lospe Formation (Early Miocene) and origin of the Santa Maria Basin, California / by Richard G. Stanley ... [and others]. Petroleum source potential and thermal maturity of the Lospe Formation (Lower Miocene) near Point Sal, onshore Santa Maria Basin, California / by Richard G. Stanley ... [and others]. Obispo Formation, California : remobiled pyroclastic material / by Jean-Luc Schneider and Richard V. Fisher.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-P-Q : Strontium isotope evidence for the age of the Vaqueros Formation and latest Oligocene marine transgression in the northern Santa Maria Province, central California / by Margaret A. Keller, Marilyn E. Tennyson, and Rodger E. Denison. Stratigraphic sections and gamma-ray spectrometry from five outcrops of the Monterey Formation in southwestern California : Naples Beach, Point Pedernales, Lion's Head, Shell Beach, and Point Buchon / by Jon R. Schwalbach and Kevin M. Bohacs.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-R,S : Volcanic rocks of the Santa Maria Province, California / by Ronald B. Cole and Richard G. Stanley. Age and tectonic inferences from a condensed(?) succession of Upper Cretaceous, Paleocene, and Eocene strata, Big Pine Mountain area, Santa Barbara County, California / by John G. Vedder ... [and others].  1998 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-T,U,V : Paleogeography of the western Transverse Range Province, California : new evidence from the Late Oligocene and Early Miocene Vaqueros Formation / by Catherine A. Rigsby. Stratigraphy of the fine-grained facies of the Sisquoc Formation, Santa Maria Basin, California : paleoceanographic and tectonic implications / by Pedro C. Ramirez and Robert E. Garrison. The Sisquoc Formation-Foxen Mudstone boundary in the Santa Maria Basin, California : sedimentary response to the new tectonic regime / by Richard J. Behl and James C. Ingle, Jr.  1998 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995-W-X : Cenozoic deformation of the Franciscan Complex, eastern Santa Maria Basin, California / by Arthur D. Wahl. Regional thermal maturity of surface rocks, onshore Santa Maria basin and Santa Barbara-Ventura basin area, California / by Nancy D. Naeser, Caroline M. Isaacs, and Margaret A. Keller.  1998 1
QE75 .B9 no.1995 Y,Z : Miocene extension and post-Miocene transpression offshore of South Central California / by Christopher C. Sorlien, Craig Nicholson, and Bruce P. Luyendyk. Structure and tectonics of the central offshore Santa Maria and Santa Lucia Basins, California : results from the PG&E/EDGE seismic reflection survey / by Kate C. Miller and Anne S. Meltzer.  1999 1
QE75 .B9 no.1996 : Redoubt Volcano, southern Alaska : a hazard assessment based on eruptive activity through 1968 / by Alison B. Till, M. Elizabeth Yount, and J.R. Riehle.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.1997 : Plate motions recorded in tectonostratigraphic terranes of the Franciscan Complex and evolution of the Mendocino triple junction, northwestern California / by R.J. McLaughlin [and others].  1994 1
QE75 .B9 no.1998 : The Beowawe Geysers, Nevada, before geothermal development / by Donald E. White.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.1999 : Geologic studies in Alaska by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1990 / Dwight C. Bradley and Arthur B. Ford, editors.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-B : Lithology of evaporite cycles and cycle boundaries in the upper part of the Paradox Formation of the Hermosa Group of Pennsylvanian age in the Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado / by Omer B. Raup and Robert J. Hite.  1992 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000 C-D : Tectonic trends of the northern part of the Paradox Basin, southeastern Utah and southwestern Colorado, as derived from LANDSAT multispectral scanner imaging and geophysical and geologic mapping / by Jules D. Friedman, James E. Case, and Shirley L. Simpson ; Uncontrolled x-band radar mosaic of the western part of the Moab 1⁰ x 2⁰ quadrangle, southeastern Utah and southwestern Colorado / by Jules D. Friedman and Joan S. Heller.  1994 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-E : Sedimentologic analysis of cores from the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation and the Lower Permian Cutler Formation, Lisbon Valley, Utah / by Russell F. Dubiel and Janet L. Brown.  1993 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-F : Sedimentary response to intrabasinal salt tectonism in the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Paradox Basin, Utah / by Joseph E. Hazel, Jr.  1994 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-G : Geology of pre-Pennsylvanian rocks in the Paradox Basin and adjacent areas, southeastern Utah, and southwestern Colorado / by Steven M. Condon.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-H : Carbon dioxide in Mississippian rocks of the Paradox Basin and adjacent areas, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona / by James A. Cappa and Dudley D. Rice.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-I : Diagenetic and burial history of the Lower Permian White Rim Sandstone in the Tar Sand Triangle, Paradox Basin, southeastern Utah / by Paula L. Hansley.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-J : Ground-water flow and migration of hydrocarbons to the Lower Permian White Rim Sandstone, Tar Sand Triangle, southeastern Utah / by Richard F. Sanford.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-K : Palynology and its relationship to climatically induced depositional cycles in the Middle Pennsylvanian (Desmoinesian) Paradox Formation of southeastern Utah / by Bruce F. Rueger.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-L : Palynology of part of the Paradox and Honaker Trail formations, Paradox Basin, Utah / by Robert M. Kosanke.  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-M : Bromine geochemistry of chloride rocks of the middle Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation of the Hermosa Group, Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado / by Omer B. Raup and Robert J. Hite.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-N : Geochemistry of two interbeds in the Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation, Utah and Colorado : a record of deposition and diagenesis of repetitive cycles in a marine basin / by Michele L. Tuttle, Timothy R. Klett, Mark Richardson, and George N. Breit.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2000-O : Burial and thermal history of the Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado, and petroleum potential of the middle Pennsylvanian Paradox Formation / by Vito F. Nuccio and Steven M. Condon.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no. 2000-P : Geology of the Pennsylvanian and Permian Cutler Group and Permian Kaibab Limestone in the Paradox Basin, southeastern Utah and southwestern Colorado / by Steven M. Condon.  1997 1
QE75 .B9 no.2001 : Gold and other minor elements associated with the hot springs and geysers of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, supplemented with data from Steamboat Springs, Nevada / by Donald E. White, Chris Heropoulos, and R.O. Fournier.  1992 1
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