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    Year Entries
QE75 .B9 no.2150-C : Magnetic and gravity study of the Paducah 1 ̊x 2 ̊CUSMAP Quadrangle, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri / by Thomas G. Hildenbrand, Robert P. Kucks, and Paul C. Heigold.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2151 : The Late Triassic bivalve Monotis in accreted terranes of Alaska / by N.J. Silberling, J.A. Grant-Mackie, and K.M. Nichols.  1997 1
QE75 .B9 no.2152 : Geologic studies in Alaska by the U.S. Geological Survey, 1994 / Thomas E. Moore and Julie A. Dumoulin, editors.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2153 : Geologic studies in the basin and range-Colorado Plateau transition in southeastern Nevada, southwestern Utah, and northwestern Arizona, 1995 / by Florian Maldonado and L. David Nealey, editors.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2154 : Timing and effect of detachment-related potassium metasomatism on ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar ages from the Windous Butte Formation, Grant Range, Nevada / by William E. Brooks and Lawrence W. Snee.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2155 : Chronology of Late Cretaceous igneous and hydrothermal events at the Golden Sunlight gold-silver breccia pipe, southwestern Montana / by Ed DeWitt ... [and others].  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2156 : Environmental studies of mineral deposits in Alaska / edited by John E. Gray and Richard F. Sanzolone ; with contributions from Elizabeth A. Bailey ... [and others].  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2157 : Origin of primary and diagenetic carbonates in the lacustrine Green River Formation (Eocene), Colorado and Utah / by Janet K. Pitman.  1996 1
QE75 .B9 no.2158 : Laccolith complexes of southeastern Utah : time of emplacement and tectonic setting : workshop proceedings / [edited] by Jules D. Friedman and A. Curtis Huffman, Jr., coordinators.  1997 1
QE75 .B9 no. 2159 : Proterozoic geology of the Granite village area, Albany and Laramie counties, Wyoming, compared with that of the Sierra Madre and Medicine Bow mountains of southeastern Wyoming / by Robert S. Houston and Gordon Marlatt.  1997 1
QE75 .B9 no.2161 : Postglacial lahars and potential hazards in the White Salmon River system on the southwest flank of Mount Adams, Washington / by James W. Vallance.  1999 1
QE75 .B9 no.2162 : Colorado Yule marble : building stone of the Lincoln Memorial : an investigation of differences in durability of the Colorado Yule marble, a widely used building stone / by Elaine S. McGee ; prepared in cooperation with the National Park Service.  1999 1
QE75 .B9 no.2164 : Distribution of benthic foraminifers (>125 um) in the surface sediments of the Arctic Ocean / by Lisa E. Osterman, Richard Z. Poore, and Kevin M. Foley.  1999 1
QE75 .B9 no.2220 : Environmental considerations of active and abandoned mine lands : lessons from Summitville, Colorado / edited by Trude V.V. King ; with contributions from Cathy M. Ager ... [and others].  1995 1
QE75 .B9 no.2383 : Application of digital elevation models to delineate drainage areas and compute hydrologic characteristics for sites in the James River Basin, North Dakota / by Gregg J. Wiche ... [and others].  1992 1
QE75 .C5   57
QE75 .C5 no.759 : The Alaska mineral resource assessment program : guide to information contained in folio of geologic and mineral resource maps of the Philip Smith Mountains quadrangle, Alaska / by H.N. Reiser ... [and others].  1983 1
QE75 .C5 no.760 : Petroleum geology and resources of southeastern Mexico, northern Guatemala, and Belize / by James A. Peterson.  1983 1
QE75 .C5 no.777 : A guide to obtaining information from the USGS, 1979 / compiled by Paul F. Clarke, Helen E. Hodgson and Gary W. North.  1979 1
QE75 .C5 no.793 : The Alaskan mineral resource assessment program : background information to accompany folio of geologic and mineral resource maps of the Ambler River quadrangle, Alaska / by C.F. Mayfield ... [and others] ; prepared in cooperation with the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys.  1983 1
QE75 .C5 no.801 : Geologic mapping of Kentucky : a history and evaluation of the Kentucky Geological Survey-U.S. Geological Survey mapping program, 1960-1978 / by Earle R. Cressman and Martin C. Noger ; prepared in cooperation with the Kentucky Geological Survey.  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.802 : The Alaskan mineral resource assessment program : background information to accompany folio of geologic and resource maps of the Chignik and Sutwik Island quadrangles, Alaska / by R.L. Detterman ... [and others].  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.811 : Summary of the river-quality assessment of the Upper Chattahoochee River Basin, Georgia / by R. N. Cherry .. [and others].  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.812 : Structural framework, stratigraphy, and petroleum geology of the area of oil and gas lease Sale no. 49 on the U.S. Atlantic Continental Shelf and slope / Robert E. Mattick and Jacqueline L. Hennessy, editors.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.815 : Interactive computer methods for generating mineral-resource maps / by James A. Calkins ... [and others].  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.817 : Scientific and technical, spatial, and bibliographic data bases and systems of the U.S. Geological Survey, 1983, including other Federal agencies / compiled by the Office of the Data Administrator ; prepared with the cooperation of the Bureau of Land Management and the Minerals Management Service.  1983? 1
QE75 .C5 no.822 : Paleoclimate and mineral deposits / edited by Thomas M. Cronin, William F. Cannon, and Richard Z. Poore.  1983 1
QE75 .C5 no.824 : Thorium resources of selected regions in the United States / by M.H. Staatz [and others] ; prepared on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.825 : Hydrates of natural gas : a review of their geologic occurrence / by Keith A. Kvenvolden and Mark A. McMenamin.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.826 : A review and evaluation of alternatives for updating U.S. Geological Survey land use and land cover maps / by Valerie A. Milazzo.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.827 : The handling, hazards, and maintenance of heavy liquids in the geologic laboratory / by Phoebe L. Hauff and Joseph Airey.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.828 : Future supply of oil and gas from the Permian Basin of west Texas and southeastern New Mexico : a report of the Interagency Oil and Gas Supply Project, U.S. Department of the Interior and U.S. Department of Energy.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.830 : Palynomorph preparation procedures currently used in the paleontology and stratigraphy laboratories, U.S. Geological Survey / by L. Imogene Doher.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.831 : Principles of a resource/reserve classification for minerals / by the U.S. Bureau of Mines and the U.S. Geological Survey.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.833 : Geological studies of the COST no. B-3 well, United States Mid-Atlantic Continental slope area / by Peter A. Scholle, editor.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.837 : Biogeochemical evidence for subsurface hydrocarbon occurrence, Recluse oil field, Wyoming : preliminary results / by Mary C. Dalziel and Terrence J. Donovan.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.839 : Assessment of impacts of proposed coal-resource and related economic development on water resources, Yampa River Basin, Colorado and Wyoming : a summary / compiled and edited by Timothy Doak Steele and Donald E. Hillier.  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.841 : Four reference soil and rock samples for measuring element availability in the western energy regions / by J.G. Crock and R.C. Severson.  1980 1
QE75 .C5 no.842 : The potential for diamond-bearing kimberlite in northern Michigan and Wisconsin / by W.F. Cannon and M.G. Mudrey, Jr. ; prepared in cooperation with the Geological Survey Division, Michigan Department of Natural Resources.  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.843 : The U.S. Geological Survey in Alaska, 1981 programs / Katherine M. Reed, editor, technical assistance by Robert F. Gilmore, Linda-Lee Harris, and Lisa D. Tennison.  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.845 : U.S. Geological Survey workshop on nonfuel mineral-resource appraisal of wilderness and CUSMAP areas / compiled by Daniel R. Shawe.  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.846 : CRIB-UTAH, Utah metal and nonmetal resource information available in the U.S. Geological Survey Mineral Data System--Computerized Resource Information Bank / by Edwin W. Tooker and George Wong.  1982 1
QE75 .C5 no.847 : U.S. Geological Survey research in radioactive waste disposal--fiscal year 1979 / by Robert Schneider ... [and others].  1982 1
QE75 .C5 no.848-C : Organic substances in water / edited by Phillip E. Greeson.  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.848-D : Infectious waterborne diseases / by Phillip E. Greeson.  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.848-E : Microbiology of the aquatic environment / edited by Phillip E. Greeson.  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.849 : The Conterminous United States mineral appraisal program : background information to accompany folio of geologic, geochemical, geophysical, and mineral resource maps of the Choteau 1̊ x 2̊ quadrangle, Montana / by Robert L. Earhart [and others].  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.850-D : Effects of volcanism on the glaciers of Mount St. Helens / by Melinda M. Brugman and Austin Post.  1981 1
QE75 .C5 no.850-E : Some chemical effects of the Mount St. Helens eruption on selected streams in the state of Washington / by John M. Klein.  1984 1
QE75 .C5 no.850-F : Toxicity of Mount St. Helens ash leachate to a blue-green alga / by Diane M. McKnight, Gerald L. Feder, and Eric A. Stiles.  1981 1
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