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QE75 .W2 no.2412 : Factors affecting areas contributing recharge to wells in shallow aquifers / by Thomas E. Reilly and David W. Pollock.  1993 1
QE75 .W2 no.2413 : Herbicides and nitrate in near-surface aquifers in the midcontinental United States, 1991 / by Dana W. Kolpin, Michael R. Burkart, and E. Michael Thurman.  1994 1
QE75 .W2 no.2414 : Relations of borehole resistivity to the horizontal hydraulic conductivity and dissolved-solids concentration in water of clastic coastal plain aquifers in the southeastern United States / by Robert E. Faye and Winston G. Smith.  1994 1
QE75 .W2 no.2416 : Effects of sediment depositional environment and ground-water flow on the quality and geochemistry of water in aquifers in sediments of Cretaceous age in the coastal plain of South Carolina / by Gary K. Speiran and Walter R. Aucott.  1994 1
QE75 .W2 no.2417 : Petrophysical analysis of geophysical logs of the National Drilling Company-U.S. Geological Survey ground-water research project for Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates / by Donald G. Jorgensen and Mario Petricola ; prepared in cooperation with the National Drilling Company, Emirate of Abu Dhabi.  1994 1
QE75 .W2 no.2418 : Estimation of low-flow duration discharges in Massachusetts / by Kernell G. Ries, III.  1994 1
QE75 .W2 no.2419 : The occurrence and transport of agricultural pesticides in the Tuttle Creek Lake-stream system, Kansas and Nebraska / by Hugh E. Bevans, Carla Hyde Fromm, and Sharon A. Watkins.  1995 1
QE75 .W2 no.2420 : Procedures for estimating unit hydrographs for large floods at ungaged sites in Montana / by Stephen R. Holnbeck and Charles Parrett.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2421 : Saltwater movement in the upper Floridan aquifer beneath Port Royal Sound, South Carolina / by Barry S. Smith ; prepared in cooperation with the South Carolina Water Resources Commission.  1994 1
QE75 .W2 no.2422 : Sensitivity of water resources in the Delaware River basin to climate variability and change / by Mark A. Ayers ... [and others].  1994 1
QE75 .W2 no.2424 : Flood of April 1987 in Maine / by Richard A. Fontaine and Joseph P. Nielsen.  1994 1
QE75 .W2 no.2425 : National water summary of wetland resources / Judy D. Fretwell, John S. Williams, and Phillip J. Redman, compilers.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2428 : Procedures for adjusting regional regression models of urban-runoff quality using local data / by Anne B. Hoos and Joy S. Lizárraga.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2429 : Channel change on the Santa Cruz River, Pima County, Arizona, 1936-86 / by John T.C. Parker ; prepared in cooperation with the Pima County Department of Transportation and Flood Control District.  1995 1
QE75 .W2 no.2430 : Evapotranspiration from areas of native vegetation in West-Central Florida / by W.R. Bidlake, W.M. Woodham, and M.A. Lopez.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2431 : Tests of subsurface storage of freshwater at Hialeah, Dade County, Florida, and numerical simulation of the salinity of recovered water / by Michael L. Merritt.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2432 : Estimation of peak-frequency relations, flood hydrographs, and volume-duration-frequency relations of ungaged small urban streams in Ohio / by James M. Sherwood.  1994 1
QE75 .W2 no.2433 : Methods for estimating magnitude and frequency of floods in the southwestern United States / by Blakemore E. Thomas, H.W. Hjalmarson, and S.D. Waltemeyer.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2434 : Particle-tracking analysis of contributing areas of public-supply wells in simple and complex flow systems, Cape Cod, Massachusetts / by Paul M. Barlow.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2435 : Effects of agricultural land-management practices on water quality in northeastern Guilford County, North Carolina, 1985-90 / by Douglas A. Harned.  1995 1
QE75 .W2 no.2436 : Hydrogeology and potential effects of changes in water use, Carson Desert agricultural area, Churchill County, Nevada / by Douglas K. Maurer, Ann K. Johnson, and Alan H. Welch.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2437 : A generalized estimate of ground-water-recharge rates in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan / by David J. Holtschlag.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2438 : Effects of the eruptions of Mount St. Helens on physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of surface water, ground water, and precipitation in the western United States / by Douglas B. Lee.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2439 : Influence of evaporation, ground water, and uncertainty in the hydrologic budget of Lake Lucerne, a seepage lake in Polk County, Florida / by T.M. Lee and Amy Swancar.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2441 : Estimation of roughness coefficients for natural stream channels with vegetated banks / by William F. Coon.  1998 1
QE75 .W2 no.2445 : Effect of seasonal and long-term changes in stress on sources of water to wells / by Thomas E. Reilly and David W. Pollock.  1995 1
QE75 .W2 no.2447 : Effects of simulated ground-water pumping and recharge on ground-water flow in Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket Island basins, Massachusetts / by John P. Masterson and Paul M. Barlow.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2448 : Movement of agricultural chemicals between surface water and ground water, lower Cedar River Basin, Iowa / by Paul J. Squillace ... [and others].  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2449 : Ground-water flow, geochemistry, and effects of agricultural practices on nitrogen transport at study sites in the Piedmont and Coastal Plain physiographic provinces, Patuxent River Basin, Maryland / by E. Randolph McFarland.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2450 : Water and salt balance of Great Salt Lake, Utah, and simulation of water and salt movement through the causeway / by Steven R. Wold, Blakemore E. Thomas, and Kidd M. Waddell.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2451 : Surface-water-quality assessment of the lower Kansas River basin, Kansas and Nebraska : results of investigations, 1987-90 / edited by J.O. Helgesen.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2452 : Near-surface water balance of an undeveloped upland site in West-Central Florida / by W.R. Bidlake and P.F. Boetcher.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2453 : Determination of hydraulic characteristics and yield of aquifers underlying Vekol Valley, Arizona, using several classical and current methods / by James R. Marie and Kenneth J. Hollett.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2455 : Implementation and verification of a one-dimensional, unsteady-flow model for Spring Brook near Warrenville, Illinois / by Mary J. Turner, Anthony P. Pulokas, and Audrey L. Ishii.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2456 : A nitrogen-rich septage-effluent plume in a glacial aquifer, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, February 1990 through December 1992 / by Leslie A. Desimone and Paul M. Barlow and Brian L. Howes.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2457 : Base-flow characteristics of streams in the Valley and Ridge, Blue Ridge, and the Piedmont physiographic provinces of Virginia / by David L. Nelms, George E. Harlow, Jr., and Donald C. Hayes.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2458 : Simulation of the water-table altitude in the Biscayne Aquifer, southern Dade County, Florida, water years, 1945-89 / by Michael L. Merritt.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2459 : Streamflow transport of radionuclides and other chemical constituents in the Puerco and the Little Colorado River basins, Arizona and New Mexico / by Julia B. Graf ... [and others].  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2460 : Geohydrology and evaluation of stream-aquifer relations in the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River Basin, southeastern Alabama, northwestern Florida, and southwestern Georgia / by Lynn J. Torak ... [and others].  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2463 : Geochemical and hydrologic controls on phosphorus transport in a sewage-contaminated sand and gravel aquifer near Ashumet Pond, Cape Cod, Massachusetts / by Donald A. Walter ... [and others].  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2464 : Numerical simulation of a plume of brackish water in the Biscayne Aquifer originating from a flowing artesian well, Dade County, Florida / by Michael L. Merritt.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2465-A : Dissolved oxygen in the Tualatin River, Oregon, during winter flow conditions, 1991 and 1992 / by Valerie J. Kelly.  1997? 1
QE75 .W2 no.2465-B : Modeling discharge, temperature, and water quality in the Tualatin River, Oregon / by Stewart A. Rounds, Tamara M. Wood, and Dennis D. Lynch.  1999 1
QE75 .W2 no.2465-C : Sources and transport of phosphorus and nitrogen during low-flow conditions in the Tualatin River, Oregon, 1991-93 / by Valerie J. Kelly, Dennis D. Lynch, and Stewart A. Rounds ; prepared in cooperation with Unified Sewerage Agency of Washington County.  1999 1
QE75 .W2 no.2466 : Hydrology and geochemistry of aquifer and stream contamination related to acidic water in Pinal Creek Basin near Globe, Arizona / edited by James G. Brown and Barbara Favor.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2468 : Pesticides in surface and ground water of the San Joaquin-Tulare basins, California : analysis of available data, 1966 through 1992 / by Joseph L. Domagalski ; prepared in cooperation with the National Water-Quality Assessment Program.  1997 1
QE75 .W2 no.2469 : Lake-level frequency analysis for Devils Lake, North Dakota / by Gregg J. Wiche and Aldo V. Vecchia.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2470-B : Simulation analysis of the ground-water flow system in the Portland Basin, Oregon and Washington / by David S. Morgan and William D. McFarland.  1997? 1
QE75 .W2 no.2471 : Aquatic biology of the San Joaquin-Tulare basins, California : analysis of available data through 1992 / by Larry R. Brown.  1996 1
QE75 .W2 no.2472 : Simulation of the soil water balance of an undeveloped prairie in west-central Florida / by W.R. Bidlake and P.F. Boetcher.  1997 1
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