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245 00 Encyclopedia of aquatic ecotoxicology /|cJean-Francois 
       Ferard, Christian Blaise, Editors. 
264  1 Dordrecht, Netherlands :|bSpringer,|c2013. 
300    1 online resource (xlvi, 1221 pages) :|billustrations 
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504    With bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tAcid Rain Ecotoxicity /|rVincent Felten, Guillaume 
       Tixier and Francois Guerold --|tActive Biomonitoring /
       |rVictor Wepener --|tAmphibian Ecotoxicology /|rAndree 
       Gendron --|tAntifouling Agents and Associated Ecotoxicity 
       /|rEmilien Pelletier --|tAquatic Biomarkers /|rCarole 
       Cossu-Leguille and Paule Vasseur --|tAquatic Ecotoxicology
       of Veterinary Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals /|rMarley 
       Waiser --|tAquatic Immunotoxicity /|rPauline Brousseau and
       Michel Fournier --|tAquatic Macrophytes in Ecotoxicology /
       |rMark L. Hanson --|tAquatic Mesocosms in Ecotoxicology /
       |rThierry Caquet --|tArtificial Mussels /|rRudolf S.S. Wu 
       and Tai Chu Lau --|tAssessing Ecological Risks at 
       Contaminated Sites /|rMatthew L. Graham, Victoria E. 
       Renner [and others] --|tBacteria in Ecotoxicology: 
       Microtox Basic /|rB. Thomas Johnson --|tBacteria in 
       Ecotoxicology: Recombinant Luminescent Bacteria /|rGerald 
       Thouand and Marie Jose Durand --|tBeluga Whales and 
       Ecotoxicity /|rDaniel Martineau. 
505 80 |tBenthic Community Ecotoxicology /|rLee Grapentine --
       |tBioavailability of Contaminants /|rCatherine Gourlay-
       France and Marie-Helene Tusseau-Vuillemin --
       |tBiodegradability in Ecotoxicology /|rPascal Poupin --
       |tBiological Test Methods in Ecotoxicology /|rLisa N. 
       Taylor and Rick P. Scroggins --|tBiology-Based and 
       Population Dynamics Modeling in Ecotoxicology /|rAlexandre
       Pery and Remy Beaudouin --|tBiomarkers in Fish 
       Ecotoxicology /|rDavid M. Janz --|tBiomarkers of 
       Ecological Relevance in Ecotoxicology /|rCatherine 
       Mouneyrac and Claude Amiard-Triquet --|tBiotic Ligand 
       Model /|rPeter G.C. Campbell and Claude Fortin --
       |tBivalves in Ecotoxicology /|rFrancois Gagne and Thierry 
       Burgeot --|tCell Lines in Aquatic Toxicology /|rXiaowei 
       Zhang, John P. Giesy and Markus Hecker --|tCompliance and 
       Enforcement Toxicity Testing /|rKenneth G. Doe and Paula 
       M. Jackman --|tContaminated Sediment Core Profiling /
       |rMark G. Cantwell. 
505 80 |tCyanotoxins and Their Environmental Significance /|rIan 
       R. Falconer --|tDiatoms in Ecotoxicology /|rTimothee 
       Debenest, Jerome Silvestre and Eric Pinelli --|tEcological
       Risk Assessment /|rMatthew L. Graham, Victoria E. Renner 
       and E. Agnes Blukacz-Richards --|tEcological Stoichiometry
       /|rMichael Danger and Florence Maunoury-Danger --
       |tEcotoxicity of Explosives /|rGuilherme R. Lotufo --
       |tEcotoxicity of Taste and Odor Compounds /|rSue B. Watson
       --|tEcotoxicogenomics /|rHeather Osachoff and Graham van 
       Aggelen --|tEcotoxicological Risk Assessment and 
       Management of Tire Wear Particles /|rGoran Dave --
       |tEcotoxicology: Historical Overview and Perspectives /
       |rJean-Francois Ferard --|tEffect-Directed Analysis in 
       Ecotoxicology /|rWerner Brack --|tEmerging Issues in 
       Ecotoxicology: Characterization of (Metallic) 
       Nanoparticles in Aqueous Media /|rKevin J. Wilkinson. 
505 80 |tEmerging Issues in Ecotoxicology: Pharmaceuticals and 
       Personal Care Products (PPCPs) /|rJeanne Garric --
       |tEmerging Issues in Ecotoxicology: Persistent Organic 
       Pollutants (POPs) /|rLudek Blaha and Ivan Holoubek --
       |tEnvironmental Research Needs (in Ecotoxicology) in 
       Relation to Public Policies /|rEric Vindimian --
       |tEnvironmental River Biofilms as Biological Indicators of
       the Impact of Chemical Contaminants /|rAurelie Villeneuve,
       Bernard Montuelle, Stephane Pesce and Agnes Bouchez --
       |tEnvironmental Teratogenesis /|rJustin Conley and Sean 
       Richards --|tEnvironmental Transformation of Organic 
       Substances in the Context of Aquatic Ecotoxicology /
       |rClaude Casellas, Serge Chiron, Helene Fenet and Elena 
       Gomez --|tEstrogenic Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals /
       |rJohannes Cornelius Swart and Edmund John Pool --
       |tEutrophication /|rChristiane Hudon. 
505 80 |tEvaluating Impacts of Multiple Stressors on Aquatic 
       Ecosystems Using Isobolic Models /|rAlexa C. Alexander and
       Joseph M. Culp --|tEvolutionary Toxicology /|rDominique 
       Turcotte and Andre J. Talbot --|tFlow Cytometry 
       Applications in Aquatic Toxicology /|rJenny Stauber and 
       Merrin Adams --|tForensic Ecotoxicology /|rTracy K. 
       Collier --|tGenetically Modified Organisms in the 
       Environment /|rBin Zhu, Melanie Douville and Francois 
       Gagne --|tGenotoxicity of Contaminants: Amphibian 
       Micronucleus Assays /|rFlorence Mouchet and Laury Gauthier
       --|tGenotoxicity of Contaminants: Comet Assay /|rAlain 
       Devaux and Sylvie Bony --|tGreen Chemistry and 
       Ecotoxicology /|rIstvan T. Horvath and John P. Giesy --
       |tHarmful Algal Blooms /|rSue B. Watson and Lewis Molot --
       |tHistopathological Approaches in Ecotoxicology /|rMichael
       Wai-Lun Chiang and Doris Wai-Ting Au --|tHydra in 
       Ecotoxicology /|rCarrie Ginou and Douglas Holdway. 
505 80 |tImpacts of Land Contaminants on Aquatic Ecosystems /
       |rJohn A. Smink and Stephen J. Klaine --|tIn Situ 
       Bioassays in Ecotoxicology /|rBenoit J.D. Ferrari, Olivier
       Geffard and Arnaud Chaumot --|tKnowledge Translation and 
       Knowledge Brokering in Ecotoxicology /|rAlex T. Bielak --
       |tLandfill Leachate Ecotoxicity /|rSylvia Waara --
       |tMacroinvertebrate Ecotoxicity Testing (MET) /|rAdrienne 
       J. Bartlett and Warren Norwood --|tMetal Speciation in 
       Aquatic Ecotoxicology /|rChristian Gagnon and Bernard 
       Vigneault --|tMicrobial Assay for Risk Assessment (MARA) /
       |rKirit Wadhia --|tMicrobial Bioremediation of Aquatic 
       Environments /|rMaria Soledad Goni-Urriza, Cristiana Cravo
       -Laureau and Robert Duran --|tMicrobiotests in 
       Ecotoxicology /|rChristian Blaise --|tMixture Effects in 
       Ecotoxicology /|rNathalie Chevre and Vincent Gregorio --
       |tModes of Action of Chemical Pollutants /|rBeate I. 
505 80 |tMonitoring of Oil-Degrading Bacteria by Stable Isotope 
       Probing /|rCaroline Sauret and Jean-Francois Ghiglione /
       |rNanomaterials in the Environment /|rStephen J. Klaine, 
       Aaron Edgington and Brandon Seda --|tNew Perspectives in 
       Assessing the Effects of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals in
       Fish /|rDaniel G. Cyr, Kyung Hoon Lee, David J. 
       Marcogliese and Thomas Sanderson --|tOceans and Human 
       Health /|rJuli M. Trtanj, Jonathan R. Davis and Tracy K. 
       Collier --|tOptical Sensors for Detection of Cyanobacteria
       /|rBlahoslav Marsalek and Pavel Babica --|tParasites and 
       Ecotoxicology: Fish and Amphibians /|rDavid J. Marcogliese
       and Laure Giamberini --|tParasites and Ecotoxicology: 
       Molluscs and Other Invertebrates /|rLaure Giamberini, 
       Laetitia Minguez and David J. Marcogliese --
       |tPhototoxicity in Ice /|rLudek Blaha. 
505 80 |tPhytoremediation in Ecotoxicology /|rRachel Dosnon-
       Olette and Philippe Eullaffroy --|tPhytotoxicology: 
       Contaminant Effects on Markers of Photosynthesis /
       |rPhilippe Eullaffroy --|tPhytotoxicity of Engineered 
       Nanomaterials (ENMs) /|rAnne-Noelle Petit --|tPOCIS 
       Passive Samplers in Combination with Bioassay-Directed 
       Chemical Analyses /|rHelene Budzinski and Marie-Helene 
       Devier --|tPollution Acclimation, Adaptation, Resistance, 
       and Tolerance in Ecotoxicology /|rSylvie Biagianti-
       Risbourg, Severine Paris-Palacios [and others] --
       |tPolychaetes in Ecotoxicology /|rClaude Amiard-Triquet, 
       Catherine Mouneyrac and Brigitte Berthet --|tProtozoans in
       Ecotoxicology /|rGrzegorz Naecz-Jawecki --|tPulse Exposure
       in Ecotoxicology /|rNathalie Chevre and Nathalie Vallotton
       --|tQuality Assurance in Ecotoxicology: The Why's and 
       How's /|rGeorges Ferard, Jean-Francois Ferard. 
505 80 |tQuantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) in 
       Ecotoxicology /|rAnna Lombardo, Onofrio Schifanella, 
       Alessandra Roncaglioni and Emilio Benfenati --|tRapid 
       Tests for Community-Level Risk Assessments in 
       Ecotoxicology /|rBen J. Kefford --|tREACH Legislation in 
       Ecotoxicology /|rChiara Perazzolo and Erwan Saouter --
       |tRotifers in Ecotoxicology /|rRoberto Rico-Martinez, 
       Ignacio Alejandro Perez-Legaspi [and others] --|tScience-
       Policy Linkages in Ecotoxicology /|rKarl Schaefer --
       |tSediment Ecotoxicity /|rG. Allen Burton Jr. --|tSediment
       Quality Guidelines /|rGraeme E. Batley and Stuart Simpson 
       --|tSediment Toxicity Identification Evaluation /|rRobert 
       M. Burgess and Kay T. Ho --|tSentinels (Biomonitors) of 
       Trace Metals in Freshwaters /|rLandis Hare --|tSewage 
       Treatment Plant Effluents and Endocrine Disruption Issues 
       /|rPatrick Kestemont and Sophie Depiereux. 
505 80 |tSpecies at Risk (SPEAR) Biomonitoring Indicators /|rRalf
       Bernhard Schafer and Matthias Liess --|tStandardization of
       Ecotoxicological Tests: The Process /|rLisa N. Taylor and 
       Rick P. Scroggins --|tStatistics for Analyzing Ecotoxicity
       Test Data /|rLeana Van der Vliet and Christian Ritz --
       |tStimulatory Responses, Hormesis, and Essentiality, in 
       Ecotoxicology /|rBen J. Kefford and Liliana Zalizniak --
       |tTest Batteries in Ecotoxicology /|rGuillermo Repetto --
       |tToxicity of Urban Stormwater /|rJiri Marsalek, Guillaume
       Tixier [and others] --|tToxicity Reduction Evaluation 
       (TRE) /|rLesley Novak and Keith Holtze --|tToxic Units 
       (TU) Indicators /|rPeter C. von der Ohe and Dick de Zwart 
       --|tTrophic Transfer of Trace Elements /|rLandis Hare --
       |tWater Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic 
       Ecosystems /|rDayanthi Nugegoda and Golam Kibria. 
520    With its 104 chapters, this Encyclopedia of aquatic 
       ecotoxicology reveals the diversity of issues, problems 
       and challenges that have faced, and are facing today, 
       receiving environments. It also indicates ways by which 
       tools, strategies and future investigations can contribute
       to correct, minimize, solve and prevent water quality 
       degradation. Structured homogeneously, the chapters convey
       salient information on historical background, features, 
       characteristics, uses and/or applications of treated 
       topics, often complemented by illustrations and case 
       studies, as well as by conclusions and prospects. This 
       work is most suitable for teaching purposes. Academics, 
       for example, could literally deliver comprehensive 
       lectures to students simply based on chapter outlines and 
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650  0 Environmental toxicology|0
650  0 Aquatic ecology|0
650  0 Parasitology|0
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700 1  Férard, Jean-François.|0
700 1  Blaise, Christian.|0
776 0  |tEncyclopedia of aquatic ecotoxicology|w(NL-
830  0 2012-2013 Springer E-Books - Earth & Environmental 
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