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100 1  Decolon, Christian.|0
245 10 Analysis of composite structures /|cChristian Decolon. 
264  1 London :|bHPS,|c2002. 
300    1 online resource (xii, 336 pages) :|billustrations 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
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347    data file|2rda 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Front Cover; Analysis of Composite Structures; Copyright 
       Page; Contents; Foreword; Part I: Mechanical behaviour of 
       composite materials; Chapter 1. Constitutive relations for
       anisotropic materials in linear elasticity; 1.1. 
       Introduction; 1.2. Four indices tensor notation; 1.3. 
       Conventional two indices Voigt notation; 1.4. Anisotropic 
       material; 1.5. Matrix relations for a change of axes; 
       Chapter 2. Orthotropic layer behaviour; 2.1. Introduction;
       2.2. Stiffness and compliance matrices in orthotropic co-
       ordinates; 2.3. Conventional matrices for changing axes; 
       2.4. Stress and strain matrices 
505 8  2.5. Stiffness matrix in directions away from the 
       orthotropic axes2.6. Compliance matrix in directions away 
       from the orthotropic axes; 2.7. Orthotropic layer loaded 
       in tension and in shear; 2.8. Reduced stiffness matrix for
       the orthotropic layer; 2.9. Reduced compliance matrices of
       an orthotropic layer; Chapter 3. Elastic constants of a 
       unidirectional composite; 3.1. Introduction; 3.2. Density 
       ?; 3.3. Longitudinal Young's modulus E1; 3.4. Poisson's 
       coefficient v12; 3.5. Transverse Young's modulus E2; 3.6. 
       Shear modulus Gl2; 3.7. Longitudinal thermal expansion 
       coefficient a1 
505 8  3.8. Transverse expansion coefficient a2Chapter 4. Failure
       criteria; 4.1. Introduction; 4.2. Maximum stress theory; 
       4.3. Maximum strain theory; 4.4. Polynomial failure 
       criteria; 4.5. Tensile and shear strength of a 
       unidirectional layer; 4.6. Determination of failure 
       stresses from three tension tests; Part II: Multi-layer 
       plates; Chapter 5. Multi-layer Kirchhoff-Love thin plates;
       5.1. Introduction; 5.2. Kirchhoff-Love hypotheses for thin
       plates; 5.3. Strain-displacement relationships; 5.4. 
       Global plate equations; 5.5. Calculation of I0; 5.6. 
       Stress field; 5.7. Global cohesive forces 
505 8  5.8. Composite global stiffness matrix5.9. Decoupling; 
       5.10. Global stiffnesses of a symmetrical composite; 5.11.
       Global stiffnesses for an asymmetrical laminate; 5.12. 
       Examples of global stiffness matrices; 5.13. Boundary 
       conditions; 5.14. Determination of transverse shear 
       stresses; 5.15. Strain energy; Chapter 6. Symmetrical 
       orthotropic Kirchhoff-Love plates; 6.1 . Introduction; 
       6.2. Global plate equations; 6.3. Plate loaded in the mean
       plane; 6.4. Plate loaded transversely; 6.5. Flexure of a 
       rectangular plate simply supported around its edge 
505 8  6.6. Free vibrations of a rectangular plate freely 
       supported at its edge6.7. Buckling of a rectangular plate 
       simply supported at its edge; Chapter 7. Thermo-elastic 
       behaviour of composites; 7.1. Introduction; 7.2. 
       Constitutive relation for an orthotropic material; 7.3. 
       Constitutive relation when the normal transverse stress is
       zero; 7.4. Global cohesion forces; 7.5. Global composite 
       constitutive relation; 7.6. Decoupling; 7.7. Balanced 
       symmetrical composite loaded in the mean plane; Chapter 8.
       Symmetrical orthotropic Reissner-Mindlin plates; 8.1. 
506    |3Use copy|fRestrictions unspecified|2star|5MiAaHDL 
520    This book provides the basis for calculations of composite
       structures, using continuum mechanics to facilitate the 
       treatment of more elaborate theories. A composite 
       structure combines traditional materials (such as 
       concrete) with new materials (such as high performance 
       fibres) to explore and develop new structures.The author 
       deals with individual layers in laminate composites, 
       discussing the basic laws that govern 
       mixtures.·Recommended for both student and professional 
       use ·A systematic, compact presentation in a single 
       volume·Covers the governing equations of composite. 
533    Electronic reproduction.|b[Place of publication not 
       identified] :|cHathiTrust Digital Library,|d2010.|5MiAaHDL
538    Master and use copy. Digital master created according to 
       Benchmark for Faithful Digital Reproductions of Monographs
       and Serials, Version 1. Digital Library Federation, 
       December 2002.|u
583 1  digitized|c2010|hHathiTrust Digital Library|lcommitted to 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Composite materials|0
       subjects/sh85029397|xMathematical models.|0http:// 
650  0 Composite construction.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|aDecolon, Christian.|tAnalysis of 
       composite structures.|dLondon : HPS, 2002|z1903996023
956 40 |u
       db=nlebk&AN=230876|zView online 
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