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    Year Entries
Groundwater -- Pennsylvania -- Bucks County. : Water resources of southeastern Bucks County, Pennsylvania / by Jack B. Graham, John W. Mangan, and Walter F. White, Jr.  1951 1
Groundwater -- Pennsylvania -- Chester County.   3
Groundwater -- Pennsylvania -- Chester County -- Maps.   4
Groundwater -- Pennsylvania -- Montgomery County. : Investigations of the groundwater system and simulation of regional groundwater flow for North Penn Area 7 Superfund site, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania / by Lisa A. Senior and Daniel J. Goode; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  2013 1
Groundwater -- Pennsylvania -- Neshaminy State Park. : Hydrogeology and ground-water quality at a land reclamation site, Neshaminy State Park, Pennsylvania / by Roy S. Blickwedel and Jeff H. Linn.  1987 1
Groundwater -- Pennsylvania -- Oley (Township) : Water resources of Oley Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania / by Gary N. Paulachok and Charles R. Wood.  1988 1
Groundwater -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia. : Geohydrology and ground-water resources of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / by Gary N. Paulachok.  1991 1
Groundwater -- Pennsylvania -- Pittsburgh. : Water resources of the Pittsburgh area, Pennsylvania / by Max Noecker, D.W. Greenman, and N.H. Beamer.  1954 1
Groundwater -- Peru -- Lambayeque. : Ground-water resources of the Lambayeque Valley, Department of Lambayeque, northern Peru / by Stuart L. Schoff and Juan LuÃU\U+031b\s Sayán M.  1969 1
Groundwater -- Piedmont (U.S. : Region) : Ground water of the Piedmont and Blue Ridge provinces in the Southeastern States / by H.E. LeGrand.  1967 1
Groundwater -- Pollution.   47
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Alabama.   2
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Alaska. : Ground water in the Anchorage area, Alaska : meeting the challenges of ground-water sustainability / [Edward H. Moran, Devin L. Galloway].  2006 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Alaska -- Anchorage. : Nitrate source indicators in ground water of the Scimitar Subdivision, Peters Creek area, Anchorage, Alaska / by Bronwen Wang, Pat M. Strelakos, and Brett Jokela ; prepared in cooperation with the Municipality of Anchorage.  2000 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Alaska -- Cook Inlet. : Ground-water age and its water-management implications, Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska / [Roy L. Glass].  2002 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Alaska -- Fairbanks. : Ground-water studies in Fairbanks, Alaska : a better understanding of some of the United States' highest natural arsenic concentrations.  2001 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Anacostia River Watershed (Md. and Washington, D.C.)   2
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Arizona -- Globe Region. : Hydrology and geochemistry of aquifer and stream contamination related to acidic water in Pinal Creek Basin near Globe, Arizona / edited by James G. Brown and Barbara Favor.  1996 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Arizona -- Pima County -- Maps.   2
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Arizona -- Pinal Creek Watershed. : Hydrology and geochemistry of aquifer and stream contamination related to acidic water in Pinal Creek Basin near Globe, Arizona / edited by James G. Brown and Barbara Favor.  1996 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Arizona -- Tuba City. : Results and interpretations of U.S. Geological Survey Data collected in and around the Tuba City open dump, Arizona / by Raymond H. Johnson, James K. Otton, and Robert J. Horton ; in cooperation with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  2009 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Arkansas -- Stamps Region. : Possible extent and depth of salt contamination in ground water using geophysical techniques, Red River Aluminum site, Stamps, Arkansas, April 2003 / by Gregory P. Stanton ... [and others] ; prepared in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.  2003 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Atlantic Coast (U.S.) : Natural and human influences on water quality in a shallow regional unconsolidated aquifer, northern Atlantic Coastal Plain / by Scott W. Ator.  2008 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- British Columbia -- Abbotsford. : Ground-water quality data from the Abbotsford-Sumas aquifer of southwestern British Columbia and northwestern Washington State, February 1997 / by Stephen E. Cox and Hugh Liebscher.  1999 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California. : Evaluation of volatile organic compound (VOC) blank data and application of study reporting levels to groundwater data collected for the California GAMA Priority Basin Project, May 2004 through September 2010 / by Miranda S. Fram, Lisa D. Olsen, and Kenneth Belitz.  2012 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California -- Barstow Region. : Evaluation of ground-water degradation resulting from waste disposal to alluvium near Barstow, California / by Jerry L. Hughes ; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Marine Corps and the California Water Resources Control Board.  1975 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California -- Los Angeles County. : Virus fate and transport during recharge using recycled water at a research field site in the Montebello Forebay, Los Angeles County, California, 1997-2000 / by Robert Anders ... [and others] ; in cooperation with the Water Replenishment District of Southern California and the County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.  2004 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California -- Modesto.   2
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California -- Naval Air Station North Island -- Measurement. : Diffusion sampler testing at Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego County, California, November 1999 to January 2000 / by Don A. Vroblesky and Brian C. Peters ; prepared in cooperation with the Southwestern Division Naval Facilities Engineering Command.  2000 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California -- Sacramento. : Assessment of shallow ground-water quality in recently urbanized areas of Sacramento, California, 1998 / by Jennifer L. Shelton.  2005 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California -- San Gabriel River Watershed. : San Gabriel Basin Water Quality Initiative : report (to accompany H.R. 910) (including cost estimate of the Congressional Budget Office).  2000 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California -- San Joaquin County. : Regional assessment of nonpoint-source pesticide residues in ground water, San Joaquin Valley, California / by Joseph L. Domagalski and Neil M. Dubrovsky.  1991 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California -- San Joaquin River Watershed. : Source, distribution, and management of arsenic in water from wells, eastern San Joaquin ground-water subbasin, California / by John A. Izbicki ... [and others] ; prepared in cooperation with Northeastern San Joaquin Groundwater Banking Authority and the California Department of Water Resources.  2008 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- California -- Santa Ana River Watershed. : Occurrence and distribution of volatile organic compounds and pesticides in ground water in relation to hydrogeologic characteristics and land use in the Santa Ana Basin, Southern California / by Scott N. Hamlin, Kenneth Belitz, and Tyler Johnson ; National Water-Quality Assessment Program ; in cooperation with the California State Water Resources Control Board.  2005 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Chemung River Watershed (N.Y. and Pa.) -- Testing. : Groundwater quality in the Chemung River Basin, New York, 2008 / by Amy J. Risen and James E. Reddy ; prepared in cooperation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.  2011 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Chesapeake Bay Watershed. : Residence times and nitrate transport in ground water discharging to streams in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed / by Bruce D. Lindsey ... [and others] ; in cooperation with the Chesapeake Bay Program.  2003 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- China -- Sungari River. : Groundwater pollution risk control from an industrial economics perspective : a case study on the Jilin section of the Songhua River / Huan Huan, Jianwei Xu, Jinsheng Wang, Beidou Xi.  2018 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado. : A reconnaissance of ground-water contamination at selected landfills in Colorado / by Paul A. Schneider, Jr., and John T. Turk.  1983 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- Deer Trail. : Preliminary assessment of sources of nitrogen in groundwater at a biosolids-application area near Deer Trail, Colorado, 2005 / by Tracy J.B. Yager and Peter B. McMahon ; prepared in cooperation with the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District.  2012 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- Denver. : Occurrence of selected organic compounds in groundwater used for public supply in the Plio-Pleistocene deposits in east-central Nebraska and the Dawson and Denver aquifers near Denver, Colorado, 2002-2004 / by Jeffrey B. Bails ... [and others].  2009 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- Eagle River Watershed. : Groundwater quality, age, and probability of contamination, Eagle River watershed valley-fill aquifer, north-central Colorado, 2006-2007 / by Michael G. Rupert and L. Niel Plummer ; prepared in cooperation with Eagle County ... [and others].  2009 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- Garfield County. : Use of diverse geochemical data sets to determine sources and sinks of nitrate and methane in groundwater, Garfield County, Colorado, 2009 / by P.B. McMahon, J.C. Thomas, and A.G. Hunt ; prepared in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  2011 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- Gunnison County. : Selected water-quality data for the Standard Mine, Gunnison County, Colorado, 2006-2007 / by Philip L. Verplanck ... [and others].  2007 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- Gunnison River Watershed. : Groundwater quality and hydrology with emphasis on selenium mobilization and transport in the Lower Gunnison River Basin, Colorado, 2012-16 / by Judith C. Thomas, Peter B. McMahon, and L. Rick Arnold.  2019 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- Parachute. : Detailed study of selenium and other constituents in water, bottom sediment, soil, alfalfa, and biota associated with irrigation drainage in the Uncompahgre Project area and in the Grand Valley, west-central Colorado, 1991-93 / by David L. Butler [and five others]; U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation, Bureau of Indian Affairs.  1996 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- Park County. : Ground-water quality and potential effects of individual sewage disposal system effluent on ground-water quality in Park County, Colorado, 2001-2004 / by Lisa D. Miller and Roderick F. Ortiz ; prepared in cooperation with Park County, Colorado.  2007 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- Piceance Creek Basin. : Overview of groundwater quality in the Piceance Basin, western Colorado, 1946-2009 / by J.C. Thomas and P.B. McMahon.  2013 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Colorado -- San Juan County. : Geochemistry of surface and ground water in Cement Creek from Gladstone to Georgia Gulch and in Prospect Gulch, San Juan County, Colorado / by Raymond H. Johnson ... [and others] ; in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management.  2007 1
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Computer simulation.   4
Groundwater -- Pollution -- Congresses.   4
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