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Hydrology -- Atlantic States. : Environmental characteristics and water quality of hydrologic benchmark network stations in the eastern United States, 1963-95 / by M. Alisa Mast and John T. Turk.  1999 1
Hydrology -- Back Bay Region (Va. and N.C.) : Documentation of data collection in Currituck Sound, North Carolina and Virginia, 2006-2007 / by Jason M. Fine ; prepared in cooperation with the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Division of Water Resources.  2008 1
Hydrology -- Baltic Sea. : The Baltic Sea Basin / Jan Harff, Svante Bjorck, Peer Hoth, Editors.  2011 1
Hydrology -- Bering Sea -- Observations. : Water properties over the Bering Sea shelf : climatology and variations / R.K. Reed.  1995 1
Hydrology -- Bighorn Basin (Mont. and Wyo.) : Ground-water resources of the Paintrock irrigation project, Wyoming / by Frank A. Swenson and W. Kenneth Bach ; with a section on the quality of the water by Herbert A. Swenson.  1951 1
Hydrology -- Brandywine Creek Watershed (Pa. and Del.)   2
Hydrology -- Brazil.   3
Hydrology -- Burma -- Bibliography. : Myanmar (Burma) water and hydrology : a bibliography / by R. Lee Hadden.  2008 1
Hydrology -- California.   4
Hydrology -- California -- Bolinas Lagoon. : A summary of preliminary studies of sedimentation and hydrology in Bolinas Lagoon, Marin County, California / by J.R. Ritter.  1970 1
Hydrology -- California -- Cuyama Valley. : Geology, water-quality, hydrology, and geomechanics of the Cuyama Valley groundwater basin, California, 2008-12 / by Rhett R. Everett [and six others]; prepared in cooperation with the Santa Barbara County Water Agency.  2013 1
Hydrology -- California -- Indexes. : Index of surface-water records to September 30, 1955. Part 11, Pacific Slope basins in California / by J.S. Gatewood.  1956 1
Hydrology -- California -- Inyo County. : The hydrology and mineralogy of Deep Springs Lake, Inyo County, California / by Blair F. Jones.  1965 1
Hydrology -- California -- Long Valley (Mono County) : Hydrologic and chemical data from the Long Valley Hydrologic Advisory Committee Monitoring Program in Long Valley Caldera, Mono County, California, 1988-1997 / by Michael L. Sorey and Christopher D. Farrar.  1998 1
Hydrology -- California -- Los Angeles River. : Los Angeles river ecosystem restoration integrated feasibility report : final feasibility report and environmental impact statement/environmental impact report : communication from the Assistant Secretary of the Army, Civil Works, the Department of Defense, transmitting the Corps' Los Angeles river ecosystem restoration integrated feasibility report: final feasibility report and environmental impact statement/environmental impact report for September 2015.  2017 1
Hydrology -- California -- Merced River. : Hydraulic and Geomorphic assessment of the Merced River and historic bridges in eastern Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California / by J. Toby Minear and Scott A. Wright.  2013 1
Hydrology -- California -- Napa County. : Ground-water resources in the lower Milliken--Sarco--Tulucay Creeks area, southeastern Napa County, California, 2000-2002 / by Christopher D. Farrar and Loren F. Metzger ; prepared in cooperation with the Napa County Department of Public Works.  2003 1
Hydrology -- California -- Salton Sea. : Water resources of lower Colorado River-Salton Sea area as of 1971 : summary report / by C.C. McDonald and O.J. Loeltz.  1976 1
Hydrology -- California -- San Bernardino Valley. : Hydrology, description of computer models, and evaluation of selected water-management alternatives in the San Bernardino area, California / by Wesley R. Danskin, Kelly R. McPherson, and Linda R. Woolfenden ; in cooperation with the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District.  2006 1
Hydrology -- California -- San Joaquin Valley. : Salinity and drainage in San Joaquin Valley, California : science, technology, and policy / Andrew C. Chang, Deborah Brawer Silva, editors.  2014 1
Hydrology -- California -- Santa Clara Valley (Santa Clara County) : Geologic, water-chemistry, and hydrologic data from multiple well-monitoring sites and selected water-supply wells in the Santa Clara Valley, California, 1999-2003 / by M. W. Newhouse ... [and others] ; in cooperation with Santa Clara Valley Water District.  2004 1
Hydrology -- California -- Santa Clara Valley (Santa Clara County) -- Mathematical models. : Documentation of the Santa Clara Valley regional ground-water/surface-water flow model, Santa Clara County, California / by R.T. Hanson, Zhen Li, and C.C. Faunt.  2004 1
Hydrology -- California, Southern. : Natural water loss and recoverable water in mountain basins of southern California / by John R. Crippen; prepared in cooperation with California Department of Water Resources.  1965 1
Hydrology -- Canada. : Overview of drought and hydrologic conditions in the United States and southern Canada : water years 1986-90 / by Sandra L. Holmes.  1992 1
Hydrology -- Canada -- Bibliography. : Bibliography of hydrology of the United States and Canada, 1964 / compiled by J.R. Randolph, N.M. Baker, and R.G. Deike.  1969 1
Hydrology -- Caribbean Area. : Codes for the identification of hydrologic units in the United States and the Caribbean outlying areas / U.S. Geological Survey.  1982 1
Hydrology -- Catalogs. : Catalog of submarine volcanoes and hydrological phenomena associated with volcanic events, January 1, 1900 to December 31, 1959 / by Peter Hedervari, Georgiana Observatory, Center for Cosmic and Terrestrial Physics.  1986 1
Hydrology -- Central America. : Earth and water resources and hazards in Central America / by Charles G. Cunningham ... [and others].  1984 1
Hydrology -- Central America -- Congresses.   2
Hydrology -- China, Northwest. : Water resources research in Northwest China / Yaning Chen, editor.  2014 1
Hydrology -- Clinch River (Va. and Tenn.) : Distribution of radionuclides in bottom sediment of the Clinch River, eastern Tennessee / by R.J. Pickering; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  1969 1
Hydrology -- Colorado. : Analysis and mapping of post-fire hydrologic hazards for the 2002 Hayman, Coal Seam, and Missionary Ridge Wildfires, Colorado / by J.G. Elliott ... [and others] ; prepared in cooperation with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  2005 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Baca National Wildlife Refuge. : Road impacts on the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, Colorado, with emphasis on effects to surface- and shallow ground-water hydrology, a literature review / by Douglas C. Andersen ; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  2007 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Badger Wash Watershed. : Effects of grazing on the hydrology and biology of the Badger Wash basin in western Colorado, 1953-66 / by Gregg C. Lusby, Vincent H. Reid, and O.D. Knipe.  1971 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Big Sandy Creek. : Geology and ground-water resources of the Big Sandy Creek valley, Lincoln, Cheyenne, and Kiowa Counties, Colorado / by Donald L. Coffin ; with a section on chemical quality of the ground water, by C. Albert Horr.  1967 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Boulder Creek Watershed (Boulder County and Weld County) : Comprehensive water quality of the Boulder Creek Watershed, Colorado, during high-flow and low-flow conditions, 2000 / Sheila F. Murphy, Philip L. Verplanck, and Larry B. Barber, editors.  2003 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Elkhead Creek. : Hydrology and water quality of Elkhead Creek and Elkhead Reservoir near Craig, Colorado, July 1995-September 2001 / by Gerhard Kuhn, Michael R. Stevens, and John G. Elliott ; prepared in cooperation with the Colorado River Water Conservation District.  2003 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- McElmo Creek Watershed. : Characterization of hydrology and salinity in the Dolores Project Area, McElmo Creek Region, southwest Colorado, water years 1978-2006 / by Rodney J. Richards and Kenneth J. Leib ; prepared in cooperation with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Colorado River Salinity Control Forum.  2011 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Park County. : Hydrologic and water-quality data for surface water, ground water and springs in north-central Park County, Colorado, April 1997-November 1998 / by Breton W. Bruce and Robert A. Kimbrough ; prepared in cooperation with the City of Aurora, Colorado, the Upper South Platte Water Conservancy District, and the Park County Government.  1999 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Piceance Creek Watershed.   2
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Piceance Creek Watershed -- Mathematical models. : Simulated effects of oil-shale development on the hydrology of Piceance basin, Colorado / by John B. Weeks [and three others]; prepared in cooperation with the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.  1974 1
Hydrology -- Colorado River Watershed (Colo.-Mexico) : Index of surface-water records to December 31, 1963. Part 9, Colorado River basin / by H.P. Eisenhuth.  1965 1
Hydrology -- Colorado River Watershed (Colo.-Mexico) -- Indexes. : Index of surface-water records to September 30, 1955. Part 9, Colorado River basin / J.S. Gatewood.  1956 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Silverton. : Chemical and hydrologic data from the Cement Creek and upper Animas River confluence and mixing zone, Silverton, Colorado, September 1997 / by Marisa H. Cox and Laurence E. Schemel.  2007 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Standard Mine (Gunnison County) : Presentation showing results of a hydrogeochemical investigation of the Standard Mine vicinity, upper Elk Creek basin, Colorado / by Andrew H. Manning ... [and others] ; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  2008 1
Hydrology -- Colorado -- Wolford Mountain Reservoir. : Hydrology and water-quality characteristics of Muddy Creek and Wolford Mountain Reservoir near Kremmling, Colorado, 1990 through 2001 / by Michael R. Stevens and Lori A. Sprague.  2003 1
Hydrology -- Columbia River Watershed. : Annual runoff in Columbia River Basin in percent of the mean, 1928-45 / by C.C. McDonald and H.C. Riggs.  1948 1
Hydrology -- Columbia River Watershed -- Indexes.   2
Hydrology -- Computer programs. : OpenGeoSys tutorial : Computational hydrology II: Groundwater quality modeling / Agnes Sachse, Erik Nixdorf, Eunseon Jang, Karsten Rink, Thomas Fischer, Beidou Xi, Christof Beyer, Sebastian Bauer, Marc Walther, Yuanyuan Sun, Yonghui Song.  2017 1
Hydrology -- Computer simulation.   2
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