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245 00 Conceptions of meaning /|ceditors, Shulamith Kreitler and 
       Tomás Urbánek. 
264  1 Hauppauge, New York :|bNova Science Publishers, Inc.,
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490 1  Psychology of emotions, motivations and actions 
500    Includes index. 
       Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data; Contents; 
       Introduction; Part I: General Conceptual and 
       Methodological Approaches; Chapter 1: Meaning and Its 
       Manifestations: The Meaning System; School of 
       Psychological Sciences,; Tel-Aviv University, Tel Aviv, 
       Israel; Abstract; By Way of Introduction; Some History; 
       What Is Meaning?; The Sets of Meaning Variables; Major 
       Properties of the Meaning System; The Static and Dynamic 
       Facets of Meaning; The Assessment of Meaning; The 
       Processes and Characteristics of Meaning Assignment. 
505 8  The Manifestations of Meaning in the Cognitive DomainThe 
       Manifestations of Meaning; in the Domain of Personality; 
       The Manifestations of Meaning in the Domain of Emotions; 
       Consciousness -- The Arena for the Manifestations and 
       Transformations of Meaning; Some Afterthoughts; Appendix 
       1; References; Chatper 2: A Psychosemantic Approach to the
       Study of Meanings; 1Moscow State University after M. 
       Lomonosov; 2Moscow State University of Psychology and 
       Education, Moscow, Russia; Abstract; Development of the 
       Problems of Meaning in Soviet. 
505 8  And Russian Psychology and Basic Concepts of the 
       Psychosemantic ApproachPsychosemantic Study of a Child's 
       Cognitive Ability; Psychosemantic Study of Altered States 
       of Consciousness; The Psychosemantic Study of Ethnic 
       Stereotypes; The Psychosemantic Approach for Studying 
       Meanings; in Political Sphere; References; Part II: 
       Meaning from the Perspective of Different Disciplines; 
       Chapter 3: The Other(s') Sense(s): Meaning, Sensorial 
       Experience and Anthropological Encounters; Abstract; 
       Experimental Sensory Prologue; Introduction; The Sensory 
       Turn in Social Sciences. 
505 8  Sensing, Feeling, Meaning: "Rasa" and "Seselelame"The 
       Smell of Bear and the Methodological Problem; Conclusion: 
       Do You See What I Mean?; References; Chapter 4: Meaning, 
       Self and Interaction from a Sociological Perspective: 
       Exploring the Relation in Two Studies on Prestige and 
       Solidarity in Greece; Abstract; Introduction; Meaning and 
       Understanding (Verstehen); The Meaning of Prestige to 
       Teachers; The Meaning of Mutual Help and Solidarity: 
       Preliminary Findings; Analytic Comments: Connecting 
       Meaning to Self and to Action; Conclusion; References. 
505 8  Chapter 5: Against Crowding Out the Meaning of 
       Meaning1Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria; 
       2Masaryk University, Faculty of Economics; and 
       Administration, Brno, Czech Republic; Abstract; 
       Introduction: "Meaning" As a Means; to Come to "Terms" 
       with Reality; The Future Is Now: A Critique of Criticising
       -- Understanding the Limits of the Application; of Our 
       Theories; Framework of Analysis: Shortcut of the Model-
       Theoretic Semantics Provided by the Scheme LIR+ (Language 
       -- Information -- Reality); What We See and What We Do:; 
       Description versus Explanation. 
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830  0 Psychology of emotions, motivations, and actions series.
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