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100 1  Honey, Martha.|0
245 10 Hostile acts :|bU.S. policy in Costa Rica in the 1980s /
       |cMartha Honey. 
264  1 Gainesville :|bUniversity Press of Florida,|c[1994] 
264  4 |c©1994 
300    1 online resource (xiv, 640 pages) :|billustrations, map 
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504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 601-610) and 
505 0  Coming to Costa Rica -- The road from La Penca -- AID's 
       privatization solution -- Privatization of the banks -- 
       The parallel state -- Health care in the 1980s: making 
       chocolate with only a little cocoa -- Nontraditional 
       agricultural exports: an agriculture of desserts -- The 
       southern front: "Honduras south" -- The southern front: 
       its CIA network, surrogates, and collaborators -- 
       Militarizing Costa Rica -- Unconventional warfare: La 
       Penca, drugs, and other dirty tricks -- The Santa Elena 
       airstrip and the opening of the southern front -- The 
       success of Washington's "Project pastora" and the 
       dismantling of the southern front -- Arias: making peace. 
520    To Martha Honey, "hostile acts" is shorthand for the 
       nature of U.S. policies in Costa Rica during the last 
       decade. In this book she combines extensive academic 
       research with her firsthand experiences as a journalist 
       covering major portions of the Iran-contra scandal to 
       weave together the story of how the Reagan and Bush 
       administrations undermined Central America's model 
       democracy. Until 1980 Washington paid little attention 
       while Costa Rica quietly developed a benign, quasi-
       socialist form of government that combined respect for 
       human rights with the goal of achieving economic equality.
       Then, Honey writes, the new Reagan administration decided 
       that Costa Rica would be important in the war against the 
       Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Over the next few years, the 
       United States poured huge quantities of economic aid into 
       the country and also covertly trained and equipped contra 
       rebel forces to wage war against the Sandinistas from 
       bases in northern Costa Rica. 
520 8  Honey explores the interaction between politics and 
       economic aid during the Reagan/Bush years, describing 
       illegal military activities, payoffs to Costa Rica 
       officials, misappropriation of funds, and President Oscar 
       Arias's pursuit of his Central American Peace Plan in 
       1986. She recounts her life at the time with her husband, 
       cameraman and journalist Tony Avirgan, writing that "it 
       never occurred to us that by pursuing a journalistic 
       investigation we would end up being accused of drug 
       trafficking, of murder, of bribing witnesses, of 
       espionage; that we would be twice sued for libel; that our
       media clients would be pressured to stop hiring us and our
       colleagues would be told we were Communist agents." 
       Honey's account ends in 1989, the year the Costa Rican 
       government charged CIA operative John Hull with committing
       "hostile acts" for his involvement in contra operations. 
588 0  Print version record. 
651  0 United States|xForeign relations|0
       authorities/subjects/sh85140058|zCosta Rica.|0http:// 
651  0 Costa Rica|xForeign relations|0
       authorities/subjects/sh90006090|zUnited States.|0http:// 
655  4 Electronic books. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aHoney, Martha.|tHostile acts.
       |dGainesville : University Press of Florida, ©1994
       |z081301249X|w(DLC)   93031188|w(OCoLC)28677421 
956 40 |u
       db=nlebk&AN=40247|zView online 
970 01 |tTables 
970 01 |tPreface 
970 11 |l1|tComing to Costa Rica|p1 
970 11 |l2|tThe Road from La Penca|p21 
970 11 |l3|tAID's Privatization Solution|p51 
970 11 |l4|tPrivatization of the Banks|p77 
970 11 |l5|tThe Parallel State|p97 
970 11 |l6|tHealth Care in the 1980s: Making Chocolate with Only 
       a Little Cocoa|p133 
970 11 |l7|tNontraditional Agricultural Exports: An Agriculture 
       of Desserts|p157 
970 11 |l8|tThe Southern Front: "Honduras South"|p197 
970 11 |l9|tThe Southern Front: Its CIA Network, Surrogates, and 
970 11 |l10|tMilitarizing Costa Rica|p291 
970 11 |l11|tUnconventional Warfare: La Penca, Drugs, and Other 
       Dirty Tricks|p339 
970 11 |l12|tThe Santa Elena Airstrip and the Opening of the 
       Southern Front|p401 
970 11 |l13|tThe Success of Washington's "Project Pastora" and 
       the Dismantling of the Southern Front|p427 
970 11 |l14|tArias: Making Peace|p457 
970 01 |tAppendix 1. Acronyms and Abbreviations|p505 
970 01 |tAppendix 2. Principal Figures|p509 
970 01 |tAppendix 3. Chronology of Events|p517 
970 01 |tNotes|p529 
970 01 |tSelected Bibliography|p601 
970 01 |tIndex|p611 
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