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100 1  Gough, Barry M.,|0
245 14 The war against the pirates :|bBritish and American 
       suppression of Caribbean piracy in the early nineteenth 
       century /|cBarry Gough, Charles Borras. 
264  1 London, United Kingdom :|bPalgrave Macmillan,|c[2018] 
264  4 |c2018 
300    1 online resource :|bmaps. 
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490 1  Britain and the world 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 0  Intro; Preface and Acknowledgements; Contents; List of 
       Abbreviations; Chapter 1: Prologue: Piracy in the 
       Historical Literature; Cuba and Puerto Rico as Focal 
       Points; The Historiographical Legacy; The Political 
       Economy of Piracy; Chapter 2: Cockpit of Empires; Chapter 
       3: The Law of Piracy; Chapter 4: Crossroads of the 
       American Seas: Gulf, Cuba, and Puerto Rico; The Gulf; 
       Cuba; Puerto Rico; Chapter 5: Royal Navy at Work; Chapter 
       6: US Navy Operations; Chapter 7: Commodore Porter and the
       Fajardo Affair; Chapter 8: Common Cause: Royal Navy and US
       Navy Operations 
505 8  The Piratical Seizure of the Mexican and the Capture of 
       the PandaAnglo-American Cooperation at Sea-and Tensions; 
       Chapter 9: Conclusion: The Emergent Alliance; Appendix A: 
       Chronology of Invasions of Cuba, 1812-1850; Appendix B: 
       Chronology of Invasions of Puerto Rico, 1800-1850; 
       Appendix C: Sailing Orders to Commodore Porter 1 February 
       1823; Bibliography; Index 
520    Based on hitherto unused sources in English and Spanish in
       British and American archives, in this book naval 
       historian Barry Gough and legal authority Charles Borras 
       investigate a secret Anglo-American coercive war against 
       Spain, 1815-1835. Described as a war against piracy at the
       time, the authors explore how British and American 
       interests – diplomatic and military – 
       aligned to contain Spanish power to the critically 
       influential islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico, facilitating 
       the forging of an enduring but unproclaimed Anglo-American
       alliance which endures to this day. Due attention is given
       to United States Navy actions under Commodore David Porter,
       to this day a subject of controversy.  More significantly 
       though, through the juxtaposition of British, American and
       Spanish sources, this book uncovers the roots of piracy &
       #x2013; and suppression– that laid the foundation 
       for the tortured decline of the Spanish empire in the 
       Americas and the subsequent rise of British and American 
       empires, instrumental in stamping out Caribbean piracy for
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Pirates|0
       |zCaribbean Area|0
       sh85020279|xHistory|y19th century.|0
650  0 Piracy|xPrevention|0
       /sh2012001972|xHistory|y19th century.|0
651  0 Spain|xHistory, Naval|y19th century.|0
651  0 Great Britain|xHistory, Naval|y19th century.|0http:// 
651  0 United States|xHistory, Naval|0
       authorities/subjects/sh85140344|y19th century.|0http:// 
651  0 United States|xForeign relations|zGreat Britain|0http://|xHistory
       |y19th century.|0
651  0 Great Britain|xForeign relations|zUnited States|0http://|xHistory
       |y19th century.|0
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 History.|2fast|0 
655  7 Naval history.|2fast|0 
700 1  Borras, Charles,|eauthor. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aGough, Barry M.|tWar against the 
       pirates.|dLondon, United Kingdom : Palgrave Macmillan, 
       [2018]|z0230354815|w(DLC)  2017964611|w(OCoLC)1016047184 
830  0 Britain and the world.|0
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2018 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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