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    Year Entries
Language Arts Trends United States : Multisensory teaching of basic language skills / edited by Judith R. Birsh, Ed. D., Independent Literacy Consultant, Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT), Qualified Instructor (QI), New York, New York, and Suzanne Carreker, Ph. D., CALT-QI, Principal Educational Content Lead, Lexia Learning Systems, Concord, Massachusetts, with invited contributors.  2018 1
  Language Comprehension Tests -- See Language Tests
Tests designed to assess language behavior and abilities. They include tests of vocabulary, comprehension, grammar and functional use of language, e.g., Development Sentence Scoring, Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Scale, Parsons Language Sample, Utah Test of Language Development, Michigan Language Inventory and Verbal Language Development Scale, Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities, Northwestern Syntax Screening Test, Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test, Ammons Full-Range Picture Vocabulary Test, and Assessment of Children's Language Comprehension.
Language Congresses : Behavior analysis of language and cognition : the fourth International Institute on Verbal Relations / editors, Steven C. Hayes [and others].  1994 1
  Language Delay -- See Language Development Disorders
Conditions characterized by language abilities (comprehension and expression of speech and writing) that are below the expected level for a given age, generally in the absence of an intellectual impairment. These conditions may be associated with DEAFNESS; BRAIN DISEASES; MENTAL DISORDERS; or environmental factors.
  Language Development -- See Also Speech
Communication through a system of conventional vocal symbols.
Language Development   50
Language Development Disorders   9
Language Development Disorders Complications : Nonverbal perceptual and cognitive processes in children with language disorders : toward a new framework for clinical intervention / Felicie Affolter, Walter Bischofberger ; with commentary by Ida J. Stockman.  2000 1
Language Development Disorders Diagnosis   5
Language Development Disorders Etiology : Developmental language disorders : learning, language, and the brain / Diane L. Williams.  2010 1
Language Development Disorders Physiopathology : Research in clinical pragmatics / Louise Cummings, editor.  2017 1
Language Development Disorders Rehabilitation   2
Language Development Disorders Therapy   3
  Language Disorders -- See Also Speech Disorders
Acquired or developmental conditions marked by an impaired ability to comprehend or generate spoken forms of language.
Language Disorders   24
Language Disorders Complications   2
Language Disorders Congresses : Child language disability. Vol. 1 / edited by Kay Mogford-Bevan and Jane Sadler.  1989 1
Language Disorders Diagnosis   7
Language Disorders Ethnology   2
Language Disorders Etiology   3
Language Disorders Physiopathology   3
Language Disorders Psychology   2
Language Disorders Rehabilitation   2
Language Disorders Therapy   14
Language History : Fearful asymmetry : Bouillaud, Dax, Broca, and the localization of language, Paris 1825-1879 / Richard Leblanc.  2017 1
  Language Pathology -- See Speech-Language Pathology
The study of speech or language disorders and their diagnosis and correction.
Language Physiology : Neural bases of speech, hearing, and language / edited by David P. Kuehn, Margaret L. Lemme, John M. Baumgartner ; foreword by Ronald W. Netsell.  1989 1
Language Tests   2
Language Therapy   4
Language Therapy Education : Scholarship of teaching and learning in speech-language pathology and audiology : evidence-based education / Sarah M. Ginsberg, Jennifer C. Friberg, and Colleen F. Visconti.  2012 1
Language Therapy Methods   6
  Language Training -- See Language Therapy
Rehabilitation of persons with language disorders or training of children with language development disorders.
  Lansing Virus -- See Poliovirus
A species of ENTEROVIRUS which is the causal agent of POLIOMYELITIS in humans. Three serotypes (strains) exist. Transmission is by the fecal-oral route, pharyngeal secretions, or mechanical vector (flies). Vaccines with both inactivated and live attenuated virus have proven effective in immunizing against the infection.
Lanthanum : Biomedical applications of lanthanum / Harriet Nilsson, Anca Dragomir, and Godfried M. Roomans.  c2010 1
  Lantibiotic -- See Bacteriocins
Substances elaborated by specific strains of bacteria that are lethal against other strains of the same or related species. They are protein or lipopolysaccharide-protein complexes used in taxonomy studies of bacteria.
  Lanugo -- See Hair
A filament-like structure consisting of a shaft which projects to the surface of the SKIN from a root which is softer than the shaft and lodges in the cavity of a HAIR FOLLICLE. It is found on most surfaces of the body.
Laos   2
  Laparoscopes -- See Also Laparoscopy
A procedure in which a laparoscope (LAPAROSCOPES) is inserted through a small incision near the navel to examine the abdominal and pelvic organs in the PERITONEAL CAVITY. If appropriate, biopsy or surgery can be performed during laparoscopy.
Laparoscopes : Essential urologic laparoscopy : the complete clinical guide. / edited by Stephen Y. Nakada, Sean P. Hedican.  2010 1
Laparoscopes Veterinary : Small animal laparoscopy and thoracoscopy / edited by Boel A. Fransson, Philipp D. Mayhew.  2015 1
  Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures -- See Laparoscopy
A procedure in which a laparoscope (LAPAROSCOPES) is inserted through a small incision near the navel to examine the abdominal and pelvic organs in the PERITONEAL CAVITY. If appropriate, biopsy or surgery can be performed during laparoscopy.
  Laparoscopy -- See Also Laparoscopes
ENDOSCOPES for examining the abdominal and pelvic organs in the peritoneal cavity.
Laparoscopy   15
Laparoscopy Adverse Effects   2
Laparoscopy Education : Simulation training in laparoscopy and robotic surgery / Hitendra R.H. Patel, Jean V. Joseph, editors.  2012 1
Laparoscopy Methods   32
Laparoscopy Standards : The SAGES manual of quality, outcomes and patient safety / David S. Tichansky, John Morton, Daniel B. Jones, editors.  2012 1
Laparoscopy Surgery : Advances in laparoscopy of the abdominal wall hernia / Juan Manuel Suarez Grau, Juan Antonio Bellido Luque, editors.  2014 1
Laparoscopy Trends : Endourooncology : new horizons in endourology / H. Kumon, M. Murai, S. Baba (eds.).  2005 1
Laparoscopy Veterinary   2
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