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    Year Entries
California Series In Public Anthropology   35
California Series In Urban Development : Great planning disasters / Peter Hall ; [with a new introduction by the author].  1982 1
California Series On Social Choice And Political Economy   15
California Studies In 19th Century Music   8
California Studies In 20th Century Music   19
California Studies In Critical Human Geography   8
California Studies In Food And Culture   46
California Studies In The History Of Art   4
California Studies In The History Of Art Discovery Series   4
California Studies In The History Of Science   9
California Studies In Urbanization And Environmental Design   3
California Studies On Global Conflict And Cooperation : A shield in space? : technology, politics, and the strategic defense initiative : how the Reagan Administration set out to make nuclear weapons "impotent and o\ete" and succumbed to the fallacy of the last move / Sanford Lakoff and Herbert F. York.  1989 1
California University Institute Of Business And Economic Research Publications : Railroad mergers and abandonments.  1964 1
California University University Of Los Angeles Engineering And Physical Sciences Extension Series : Cryogenic technology. / The authors: M. Adelberg [and others] Editor: Robert W. Vance.  1963 1
California Volcano Observatory Spanish   2
California World History Library   21
California World History Library The World Hunt : The World Hunt : an Environmental History of the Commodification of Animals.  2014 1
Caligula English   2
Call Handbook : Disaster response staff officer's handbook : observations, insights, and lessons.  2010 1
Call Me By Your Name Motion Picture : Call me by your name / a Frenesy Film, la Cinefacture co-production ; produced by James Ivory, Howard Rosenman ; produced by Rodrigo Teixeira, Marco Morabito ; produced by Peter Spears, Luca Guadagnino, Emilie Georges ; screenplay by James Ivory ; directed by Luca Guadagnino.  2017 1
Callaloo African Diaspora Series   3
Callipaedia English : Callipaedia. English  1712 1
Callipaedia Seu De Pulchrae Prolis Habendae Ratione English : Callipaedia, seu, De pulchrae prolis habendae ratione. English  1710 1
Calpurnia Tate Series : The evolution of Calpurnia Tate / Jacqueline Kelly.  2009 1
Calvert Series   2
Calvin Institute Of Christian Worship Liturgical Studies Series   2
Calvin P Horn Lectures In Western History And Culture : An unsettled country : changing landscapes of the American West / Donald Worster.  1994 1
Calvinistic Family Library : The life and practical works of the Reverend Ralph Erskine.  1844 1
Cam Basics   3
Camadevivamsa English : Cāmadevīvaṃsa. English  1998 1
Cambasics : Diez aspectos que debe conocer al evaluar los recursos médicos en Internet.  2006 1
Cambria Sinophone World Series : Essays. Selections. English  2013 1
Cambridge Aerospace Series   3
Cambridge Air Surveys : The early development of Irish society: the evidence of aerial photography / by E. R. Norman & J. K. S. St. Joseph.  1969 1
Cambridge Ancient History : Athens, 478-401 B.C. / edited by J.B. Bury, S.A. Cook [and] F.E. Adcock.  1964 1
Cambridge Anthologies : Life in Shakespeare's England : a book of Elizabethan prose / compiled by John Dover Wilson.  1956 1
Cambridge Antitrust And Competition Law Series   5
Cambridge Applied Ethics   7
Cambridge Applied Linguistics Series   3
Cambridge Approaches To Language Contact   10
Cambridge Approaches To Linguistics   3
Cambridge Archaeological And Ethnological Series   2
Cambridge Asia Pacific Studies   2
Cambridge Astrobiology   7
Cambridge Astrophysics Series   16
Cambridge Atmospheric And Space Science Series   10
Cambridge Authors And Printers Guides : First principles of typography / By Stanley Morison.  1951 1
Cambridge Bible Commentary   27
Cambridge Bible Commentary New English Bible : The Gospel according to John. / Commentary by A. M. Hunter.  1965 1
Cambridge Bible Commentary New English Bible Acts : Acts of the Apostles : commentary / by J.W. Packer.  1966 1
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