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    Year Entries
Columbia University Bicentennial Conference Series : National policies for education, health, and social services.  1961 1
Columbia University Contributions To Anthropology : The changing culture of an Indian tribe.  1966 1
Columbia University Contributions To Education Teachers College Series No 9 : The vocabulary of high school Latin; being the vocabulary of: Caesar's Gallic war, books I-V; Cicero Against Cataline, On Pompeys command, For the poet Archias; Vergil's AEneid, books I-VI, arranged alphabetically and in the order of occurrence / by Gonzalez Lodge.  1909 1
Columbia University Council For Research In The Social Sciences : The modern corporation and private property / by Adolf A. Berle, jr. ... and Gardiner C. Means ...  1937 1
Columbia University Germanic Studies   11
Columbia University Germanic Studies New Series No 10 : Nature in the German novel of the late eighteenth century, 1770-1800.  1966 1
Columbia University Germanic Studies V 8 : The history of the chorus in the German drama.  1966 1
Columbia University Lectures George Blumenthal Foundation : The Supreme court of the United States, its foundation, methods and achievements; an interpretation / by Charles Evans Hughes.  1936 1
Columbia University Lectures Julius Beer Foundation : Social evolution and political theory.  1928 1
Columbia University Lectures The Jesup Lectures 1916 1917 : Dynamic psychology / by Robert Sessions Woodworth.  1918 1
Columbia University Oriental Studies : Anthropos and Son of man : a study in the religious syncretism of the Hellenistic Orient.  1966 1
Columbia University Oriental Studies Vol X : The history of Tyre / by Wallace B. Fleming.  1915 1
Columbia University Press And Social Science Research Council Series On The Privatization Of Risk   3
Columbia University Press Collection : Bisogno di credere. English  2009 1
Columbia University Publication : Randall Jarrell on W.H. Auden / edited by Stephen Burt with Hannah Brooks-Motl.  2005 1
Columbia University Seminar Series : Changing structure of Mexico : political, social, and economic prospects / Laura Randall, editor.  2006 1
Columbia University Studies In Art History And Archaeology   5
Columbia University Studies In Classical Philology : Studies in magic from Latin literature / by Eugene Tavenner, PH. D.  1916 1
Columbia University Studies In Comparative Literature   2
Columbia University Studies In English   3
Columbia University Studies In English And Comparative Literature   16
Columbia University Studies In English And Comparative Literature No 129 : Wit and rhetoric in the renaissance; the formal basis of Elizabethan prose style / by William G. Crane.  1964 1
Columbia University Studies In English And Comparative Literature No 154 : The Saturday Review, 1855-1868; representative educated opinion in Victorian England, by Merle Mowbray Bevington.  1941 1
Columbia University Studies In International Organization   7
Columbia University Studies In Library Service   3
Columbia University Studies In Library Service No 2 : Living with books; the art of book selection / by Helen E. Haines.  1935 1
Columbia University Studies In Musicology : An outline of the history of music / by Karl Nef, translated by Carl F. Pfatteicher.  1935 1
Columbia University Studies In Musicology No 6 : Secret chromatic art in the Netherlands motet / by Edward E. Lowinsky; translated from the German by Carl Buchman.  1946 1
Columbia University Studies In Romance Philology And Literature : Stage decoration in France in the middle ages / by Donald Clive Stuart, Ph. D.  1910 1
Columbia University Studies In The History Of American Agriculture   2
Columbia Workshop Radio Program : Columbia workshop plays.  1939 1
Columbus Centre Series   3
Columbus Dispatch Columbus Ohio : Columbus dispatch.  1975- 1
Columbus Quincentenary Series   4
Columbus Selections : Columbus. Selections  1798 1
Colver Lectures : The rise of universities / by Charles Homer Haskins.  1965 1
Colver Lectures Brown University 1941 V 21 : Three tours through London in the years 1748, 1776, 1797 / by Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis.  1941 1
Colver Lectures In Brown University : Anthropology and the classics.  1961 1
Combat Methamphetamine Enhancement Act Of 2010 : Combat Methamphetamine Enhancement Act of 2010  2010 1
Combating Autism Reauthorization Act Of 2011 : Combating Autism Reauthorization Act of 2011  2011 1
Combating Knowledge Obsolescence V 2 : Employee tuition-aid plans / by J. Roger O'Meara.  1970 1
Combating Money Laundering And Other Forms Of Illicit Finance 2019 : Combating money laundering and other forms of illicit finance (2019)  2019 1
Combating Terrorism 2013 September : Combating terrorism (2013 September)  2013 1
Combating Terrorism 2014 June   2
Combating Terrorism U S Agencies Report Progress Countering Terrorism And Its Financing In Saudi Arabia But Continued Focus O : Combating terrorism: U.S. agencies report progress countering terrorism and its financing in Saudi Arabia, but continued focus on counter terrorism financing efforts needed. Arabic  2009 1
Combinatorial Optimization   4
Combinatorial Optimization French : Combinatorial optimization. French  2010 1
Combined Sewer Overflow O And M Fact Sheet Spanish : Folleto informativo de O/M del desborde de drenajes : métodos apropiados de operación y mantenimiento (O/M).  1999 1
Combnyaktores Kezelese Osteosynthesissel English : Internal fixation of femoral neck fractures : an atlas / Jeno Manninger [and others] (eds.) ; [translated from the Hungarian text to German by Dagmar Merkel ; translated from the German text by Hans K. Uhthoff with the assistance of Annegret Uhthoff].  2007 1
Combustion Treatise : Microgravity combustion : fire in free fall / edited by Howard D. Ross.  2001 1
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