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    Year Entries
Dostoevskii : Dostoevskiĭ.  1968 1
Dostoevskii English   2
Dostoevskys Crime And Punishment Guay : Dostoevsky's Crime and punishment : philosophical perspectives / edited by Robert Guay.  2019 1
Dostoievski Et Les Juifs English : Dostoïevski et les juifs. English  1981 1
Dot Hs   43
Dou Peng Xian Hua English : Dou peng xian hua. English  2017 1
Double Bass Piano Music Selections : Double bass, piano music. Selections  2004 1
Double Falsehood : Double falshood : or, The distrest lovers. A play, as it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Drury-Lane / Written originally by W. Shakespeare; and now revised and adapted to the stage by Mr. Theobald, the author of Shakespeare restor'd ...  1728 1
Doubleday Anchor Book   9
Doubleday Anchor Book A 1007 : Reluctant reformers ; racism and social reform movements in the United States / by Robert L. Allen with the collaboration of Pamela P. Allen.  1975 1
Doubleday Anchor Book A479 : The late Mattia Pascal / by Luigi Pirandello; translated by William Weaver. --  1966 1
Doubleday Anchor Book A77 : Transformations; critical and speculative essays on art.  1956 1
Doubleday Anchor Book A82 : Medieval cities; their origins and the revival of trade. / Translated from the French by Frank D. Halsey.  1956 1
Doubleday Anchor Books   24
Doubleday Anchor Books A 129 : America's coming-of-age.  1958 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A1 : The charterhouse of Parma / by Marie - Henri Beyle (Stendhal) ; Translated from the French by C. K. Scott Moncrieff  1953 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A114a 114b : A documentary history of art.  1957- 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A116 : The American novel and its tradition / Richard Chase.  1957 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A122 : The splendid century; life in the France of Louis XIV / W. H. Lewis.  1957 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A125 : From ritual to romance.  1957 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A148 : The stoic philosophy of Seneca; essays and letters of Seneca. / Translated and with an introd. by Moses Hadas.  1958 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A166 : Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres.  1959 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A167a B : Augustine to Galileo  1959 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A23 : Magic, science and religion, and other essays. / With an introd. by Robert Redfield.  1954 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A25 : Teacher in America.  1954 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A48 A48b : The modern theatre. [Plays]  1955- 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A55 : The tale of Genji.  1955 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A59 : Meaning in the visual arts: papers in and on art history.  1955 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A591 : Equality by statute : the revolution in civil rights / Morroe Berger.  1968 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A7 : Caves du Vatican. English  1953 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A75 : Three ways of thought in ancient China.  1956 1
Doubleday Anchor Books A80 : The American Puritans, their prose and poetry.  1956 1
Doubleday Anchor Books Aa1 : The disasters of war; 85 aquatint etchings by Francisco de Goya. / With an essay on the artist's life and work by Xavier de Salas and an introd. to the etchings by Elie Faure.  1956 1
Doubleday Anchor Original   2
Doubleday Anchor Original A45 : Four stages of Renaissance style; transformations in art and literature, 1400-1700.  1955 1
Doubleday Anchor Original A585 : Phenomenology; the philosophy of Edmund Husserl and its interpretation / edited by Joseph J. Kockelmans.  1967 1
Doubleday Anchor Original A602 : The Puritan Revolution ; a documentary history / edited by Stuart E. Prall.  1968 1
Doubleday Basic History Of The United States : The bold and magnificent dream : America's founding years, 1492-1815 / by Bruce Catton and William B. Catton.  1978 1
Doubleday Dolphin Book C320 : Wieland; or, The transformation. An American tale.  1962 1
Doubleday Dolphin Master C47 : The dramatic works of Sheridan / by Richard Brinsley Sheridan.  1960? 1
Doubleday Doran Series In Philosophy : Jeremy Bentham. An introduction to the principles of morals and legislation. James Mills. Essays on government, jurisprudence, liberty of the press, and law of nations. John Stuart Mill. On liberty. Utilitarianism. / Edited by Philip Wheelwright.  1935 1
Doubleday Doran Series In Philosophy P Wheelwright General Editor : Aristotle ; from Natural science, Psychology, The Nicomachean ethics / translated and edited by Philip Wheelwright.  1935 1
Doubleday Headline Publications : Inflation and recession? Edited by Richard E. Mooney and Edwin L. Dale, Jr.  1958 1
Doubleday Image Book   2
Doubleday Image Book D134a B : A history of philosophy.  1962 1
Doubleday Image Book D56 : Histoire d'une âme  1957 1
Doubleday Nature Guides Series   2
Doubleday Projections Books : Dirty pictures from the prom / Earl M. Rauch.  1969 1
Doubleday Publications In Speech And Communication : Listening for speech sounds; stories for the speech clinician and the classroom teacher. / Illus. by John Frazer.  1955 1
Doubleday Science Fiction   16
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