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    Year Entries
Edexcel Chemistry : Edexcel Chemistry Student Guide 1.  2015 1
Edgar Allan Poe The Principal Works   3
Edgar Degas English : Edgar Degas. English  1997 1
Edgar Libretto English And Italian : Edgar. Libretto. English & Italian  2003 1
Edge Books : Cool salsa : bilingual poems on growing up Latino in the United States / edited by Lori M. Carlson ; introduction by Oscar Hijuelos.  2013 1
Edge Of The Sea 3 Rocky Shores : Edge of the sea. 3. Rocky shores  1971 1
Edi Development Policy Case Series Analytical Case Studies : The dynamics of education policymaking : case studies of Burkina Faso, Jordan, Peru, and Thailand / Wadi D. Haddad with the assistance of Terri Demsky.  1994 1
Edi Development Studies   2
Edi Learning Resources Series   6
Edi Policy Seminar Report : Access to basic infrastructure by the urban poor / Aurelio Menéndez.  1991 1
Edi Technical Materials : Irrigation training in the public sector : guidelines for preparing strategies and programs / The World Bank and the United States Agency for International Development.  1989 1
Edible Medicinal And Non Medicinal Plants   4
Edible Oil Regulatory Reform Act : Edible Oil Regulatory Reform Act  1995 1
Edible Plants Used By Siberian Yupik Eskimos Of Southeastern Chukotka Peninsula Russia Russian : Edible plants used by Siberian Yupik Eskimos of southeastern Chukotka Peninsula, Russia. Russian  2014 1
Edice Limes : Grammophon, Film, Typewriter. Czech.  2017 1
Edicion Nacional De Las Obras Completas De Menendez Pelayo : Historía de la poesía hispano-americana / edición preparada por Enrique Sanchez Reyes.  1948 1
Ediciones De Bellas Artes 1 Estudios Literarios : El arte de Juan Rulfo ; historias de vivos y difuntos.  1965 1
Ediciones De Iberoamericana   4
Ediciones Especiales Inter American Indian Institute   2
Ediciones Filosofia Y Letras 15 : La Celestina y Otelo; estudio di literatura dramática comparada.  1957 1
Edicni Rada Monografie   3
Edictum Theoderici Regis : Law and society in the age of Theoderic the Great : a study of the Edictum Theoderici / Sean D.W. Lafferty.  2013 1
Edinburgh Advanced Textbooks In Linguistics   4
Edinburgh Bilingual Library   3
Edinburgh Companions : The Edinburgh companion to the critical medical humanities / general editors, Anne Whitehead and Angela Woods ; associate editors, Sarah Atkinson, Jane Macnaughton and Jennifer Richards.  2016 1
Edinburgh Companions To Literature : The Edinburgh companion to nineteenth-century American letters and letter-writing / edited by Celeste-Marie Bernier, Judie Newman, and Matthew Pethers.  2016 1
Edinburgh Companions To Literature Ser : The Edinburgh companion to the First World War and the arts / edited by Ann-Marie Einhaus and Katherine Isobel Baxter.  2017 1
Edinburgh Companions To Scottish Literature   15
Edinburgh Companions To The Gothic   4
Edinburgh Critical Edition Of The Major Works Of Samuel Taylor Coleridge : Biographia literaria / by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  2014 1
Edinburgh Critical Editions Of Nineteenth Century Texts : Richard Jefferies After London; or Wild England / edited and with an introduction by Mark Frost ; including additional writings by Richard Jefferies.  2017 1
Edinburgh Critical Guides To Literature   19
Edinburgh Critical History Of Philosophy : The Edinburgh critical history of nineteenth-century philosophy / edited by Alison Stone.  2011 1
Edinburgh Critical Studies In Literary Translation   2
Edinburgh Critical Studies In Modernism Drama And Performance   2
Edinburgh Critical Studies In Modernist Culture   5
Edinburgh Critical Studies In Renaissance Culture   11
Edinburgh Critical Studies In Romanticism   3
Edinburgh Critical Studies In Shakespeare And Philosophy   4
Edinburgh Critical Studies In Shakespeare And Philosophy Eup : Rethinking Shakespeare's political philosophy : from Lear to Leviathan / Alex Schulman.  2014 1
Edinburgh Critical Studies In Victorian Culture   17
Edinburgh Critical Studies In War And Culture : Our Nazis : representations of fascism in contemporary literature and film / Petra Rau.  2013 1
Edinburgh East Asian Studies Series   2
Edinburgh Edition Of Thomas Reid : Thomas Reid on mathematics and natural philosophy / edited by Paul Wood.  2017 1
Edinburgh Glasgow Law And Society Series : Integration through law revisited : the making of the European polity / edited by Daniel Augenstein.  2011 1
Edinburgh Guides To Islamic Finance   3
Edinburgh Historical Linguistics : Analogy and morphological change / David Fertig.  2013 1
Edinburgh History Of Scotland   2
Edinburgh History Of Scotland V 3 : Scotland: James V to James VII.  1966 1
Edinburgh History Of Scotland V 4 : Scotland: 1689 to the present.  1968 1
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