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    Year Entries
Half Title The Civilization Of The American Indian : A political history of the Cherokee nation, 1838-1907, by Morris L. Wardell.  1938 1
Half Title The Home University Library Of Modern Knowledge : Dr. Johnson and his circle / by John Bailey ...  1913? 1
Half Title The Institute Of Politics Publications Williams College Williamstown Massachusetts : The recent aims and political development of Japan / by Rikitaro Fujisawa, PH. D.  1923 1
Half Title The Library Of Economics P N Rosenstein Rodan : An outline of the science of political economy / by Nassau William Senior, with appendices.  1938 1
Half Title The Loeb Classical Library : Aeneas Tacticus, Asclepiodotus, Onasander / with an English translation by members of the Illinois Greek club.  1962 1
Half Title The Loeb Classical Library Greek Authors : Aristides, in four volumes. / Text and translation by C. A. Behr.  1973- 1
Half Title The Loeb Classical Library Greek Authors No 299 : Demosthenes against Meidias, Androtion, Aristocrates, Timocrates, Aristogeiton / with an English translation by J.H. Vince.  1935 1
Half Title The Modern Library Of The Worlds Best Books : History of the great American fortunes / by Gustavus Myers.  1936 1
Half Title The Modern Students Library Philosophy Series : Selections / edited by Charles W. Hendel, jr.  1927 1
Half Title The Paul Carus Lectures : An analysis of knowledge and valuation / Clarence Irving Lewis.  1962 1
Half Title The Prime Ministers Of Queen Victoria : Lord Beaconsfield / by J.A. Froude.  1890 1
Half Title The Terry Lectures : The furtherance of medical research / by Alan Gregg ...  1941 1
Half Title The University Of Chicago Publications In Religious Education Ed By E D Burton S Mathews T G Soares Handbooks Of E : Principles of Christian living : a handbook of Christian ethics... / Gerald Birney Smith.  1924 1
Half Title The Wentieth Century Library Edited By V K Krishna Menon : The theatre and a changing civilization, by Theodore Komisarjevsky.  1935 1
Half Title The Wiley Technical Series Ed By J M Jameson : Printing; a textbook for printers' apprentices, continuation classes, and for general use in schools / by Frank S. Henry...  1917 1
Half Title The Works Of Charles And Mary Lamb I : Miscellaneous prose / by Charles and Mary Lamb, edited by E.V. Lucas.  1912 1
Half Title Wheeler Economic And Historical Reprints : Letters to Thomas Robert Malthus on political economy and stagnation of commerce / by Jean Baptiste Say. Translated. London, 1821. With an historical preface by Harold J. Laski.  1936 1
Half Ttile Sammium Klasterberg Europaische Reihe Hrsg Von H U Von Balthasar : --Die sultansrose, und andere erzählungen.  1946 1
Halieutica English : Halieutica. English  1722 1
Halieutica English And Greek : Cynegetica. English & Greek  1928 1
Hall Of Fame Books : John Adams ; reluctant patriot of the Revolution. / Illustrated by Jerry Contreras.  1969 1
Hall Robert A Robert Anderson 1911 1997 Comparative Romance Grammar : Proto-romance morphology / Robert A. Hall, Jr.  1983 1
Hall Tony 1951 Bowl With One Spoon : Earth into property : colonization, decolonization, and capitalism / Anthony J. Hall.  2010 1
Hallams Works : The constitutional history of England, from the accession of Henry VII. to the death of George II. / By Henry Hallam ...  1897 1
Halle Lectures : One discipline, four ways : British, German, French, and American anthropology / Fredrik Barth [and others] ; with a foreword by Chris Hann.  2005 1
Hallesche Beitrage Zur Europaischen Aufklarung   3
Hallesche Schriften Zur Betriebswirtschaft : The taxation of permanent establishments : a critical analysis of the authorised OECD approach and its implementation in German tax law under specific consideration of the challenges imposed to the PE concept by the digitalisation of the economy / Sven Hentschel.  2021 1
Halley Stewart Lectures : Equality.  1931 1
Halley Stewart Publications : The social teaching of the Christian churches / by Ernst Troeltsch. Translated by Olive Wyon, with an introductory note by Charles Gore ...  1931 1
Halliday M A K Michael Alexander Kirkwood 1925 2018 Works 2002   3
Halliday M A K Michael Alexander Kirkwood 1925 Works 2002   5
Hallmark Hall Of Fame Dvd Videodiscs   3
Halmazeimelet English : Halmazeimélet. English  1999 1
Halom O Metsiut English : Ḥalom o metsiʼut. English  2011 1
Hals English : Hals. English  1968 1
Halsted Press Book   3
Halte A La Mort Des Langues English : Halte à la mort des langues. English  2009 1
Halws Abwdah Maslemah English : Ḥalwṣ, ʻabwdah, maṣlemah. English  c2012 1
Hamartigenia English : Hamartigenia. English  2011 1
Hamburg Studies On Linguistic Diversity   8
Hamburg Studies On Maritime Affairs   31
Hamburg Studies On Multilingualism   15
Hamish Hamilton Monograph : Women's dress in the Jazz Age.  1964 1
Hamlet English : Hamlet. English  1984 1
Hamlet Motion Picture 1948 : Hamlet / Janus Films, a J. Arthur Rank Enterprise, a Two Cities Films ; produced & directed by Laurence Olivier.  2000 1
Hamlyn Lectures   7
Hammacher Klaus 1930 Kritik Und Leben : Die Philosophie Friedrich Heinrich Jacobis.  1969 1
Hammering : Hammering.  1968 1
Hammersmith Series   2
Hampshire College Working Paper : The making of a college; plans for a new departure in higher education. / By Franklin Patterson and Charles R. Longsworth.  1966 1
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