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    Year Entries
Harvard Business School Casebooks : Cases in commercial bank management / Leonard Marks, Jr., Alan B. Coleman.  1962 1
Harvard Classics : The voyage of the Beagle.  1909 1
Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series   4
Harvard Contemporary China Series   3
Harvard East Asian Monographs   27
Harvard East Asian Series   32
Harvard East Asian Series 63 : The Mississippi Chinese; between Black and white / James W. Loewen.  1971 1
Harvard East Asian Studies : China's early industrialization; Sheng Hsuan-huai (1844-1916) and Mandarin enterprise.  1958 1
Harvard East Asian Studies 5 : China's entrance into the family of nations: the diplomatic phase, 1858-1880 Immanuel C. Y. Hsü. Forword by William L. Langer.  1960 1
Harvard Economic Studies   33
Harvard Economic Studies Pub Under The Direction Of The Department Of Economics : Social adaptation; a study in the development of the doctrine of adaptation as a theory of social progress / by Lucius Moody Bristol ... with a preface by Thomas Nixon Carver ...  1915 1
Harvard Economic Studies V Xlv : Wages in eighteenth century England / by Elizabeth W. Gilboy.  1934 1
Harvard Economic Studies Vol Lviii : Market control in the aluminum industry / by Donald H. Wallace ...  1937 1
Harvard Economic Studies Vol Lxxix : The fiscal impact of federalism in the United States / by James A. Maxwell.  1946 1
Harvard Economic Studies Vol Xlii : The Illinois central railroad and its colonization work / by Paul Wallace Gates ...  1934 1
Harvard Educational Review   2
Harvard English Studies : Uses of literature. / Edited by Monroe Engel.  1973 1
Harvard Film Studies : Making meaning : inference and rhetoric in the interpretation of cinema / David Bordwell.  1989 1
Harvard Germanic Studies   2
Harvard Hallym Series On Korean Studies : Colonial modernity in Korea / Gi-Wook Shin and Michael Robinson, editors.  1999 1
Harvard Historical Monographs   24
Harvard Historical Monographs Vii : Bernadotte and the fall of Napoleon / by Franklin D. Scott.  1935 1
Harvard Historical Studies   66
Harvard Historical Studies Published Under The Direction Of The Department Of History And Government From The Income Of The H : The frankpledge system / by William Alfred Morris ...  1910 1
Harvard Historical Studies V 32 : The Schleswig-Holstein question / by Lawrence D. Steefel.  1932 1
Harvard Historical Studies V 33 : The Presbyterian churches and the federal Union, 1861-1869 / by Lewis G. Vander Velde.  1932 1
Harvard Historical Studies Vol Xli : The genesis of Napoleonic imperialism / by Harold C. Deutsch.  1938 1
Harvard Historical Studies Vol Xxvi : Bismarck's diplomacy at its zenith / by Joseph Vincent Fuller ...  1922 1
Harvard Historical Studies Vol Xxxix : The Fronde / by Paul Rice Doolin...  1935 1
Harvard Historical Studies Vol Xxxv : The National workshops; a study in the French revolution of 1848 / by Donald Cope McKay ...  1933 1
Harvard Medicine Preservation Microfilm Project Part 4 : The chemistry of penicillin : report on a collaborative investigation by American and British chemists under the joint sponsorship of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, Washington, D.C., and the Medical Research Council, London / compiled under the auspices of the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, D.C., pursuant to a contract with the Office of Scientific Research and Development ; editorial board, Hans T. Clarke, John R. Johnson, Sir Robert Robinson.  1949 1
Harvard Middle Eastern Monographs : The economy of the Israeli kibbutz.  1966 1
Harvard Middle Eastern Studies   4
Harvard Monographs In Applied Science   3
Harvard Monographs In Applied Science No 4 : Magnetic cooling.  1954 1
Harvard Multinational Enterprise Series : Sovereignty at bay; the multinational spread of U.S. enterprises.  1971 1
Harvard Paperback : Varieties of police behavior : the management of law and order in eight communities / by James Q. Wilson.  1978 1
Harvard Papers In Ukrainian Studies : The great Soviet Peasant War : Bolsheviks and peasants, 1917-1933 / Andrea Graziosi.  1996 1
Harvard Plays : Plays of the 47 workshop. Third series. / The crowsnest, by Wm. F. Manley; The hard heart, by M. A. Kister, jr.; Mis' Mercy, by Louise Whitefield Bray; The other one, by Arthur Ketchum.  1922 1
Harvard Plays 2d Ser Ed By G B Baker : Plays of the 47 workshop. / Second series. Torches, by Kenneth Raisbeck; Cooks and cardinals, by Norman C. Lindau; A flitch of bacon, by Eleanor Holmes Hindley; The playroom, by Doris F. Halman.  1920 1
Harvard Political Classics   2
Harvard Political Studies   8
Harvard Problem Books : Problems in marketing / by Malcolm P. McNair and Harry L. Hansen.  1949 1
Harvard Publications In Music   2
Harvard Sociological Studies : Time-budgets of human behavior / by Pitirim A. Sorokin and Clarence Q. Berger.  1939 1
Harvard Sociological Studies Vol I : The essential factors of social evolution / by Thomas Nixon Carver...  1935 1
Harvard Studies In American East Asian Relations   3
Harvard Studies In Business History   6
Harvard Studies In Classical Philology Supplementary Volume 1 : Athenian studies presented to William Scott Ferguson ...  1940 1
Harvard Studies In Comparative Literature   14
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