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    Year Entries
Imf Staff Country Reports   44
Imf Staff Discussion Note   9
Imf Working Paper   130
Imf Working Paper Online   2
Imf Working Papers   91
Imf Working Papers Working Paper : Late to the game? Capital flows to the Western Balkans.  2017 1
Imf Working Reports : Taking stock : who benefited from the oil price shocks? / International Monetary Fund.  2017 1
Imiscoe Dissertations   18
Imiscoe Joint Studies : The dynamics of international migration and settlement in Europe : a state of the art / Rinus Penninx, Maria Berger, Karen Kraal (eds.).  2006 1
Imiscoe Reports   8
Imiscoe Research   42
Imiscoe Research Series   18
Imiscoe Research Series Springer Firm : Migration in the Southern Balkans : from Ottoman territory to globalized nation states / Hans Vermeulen, Martin Baldwin-Edwards, Riki van Boeschoten, editors.  2015 1
Imiscoe Textbooks   3
Imitatio Christi : Of the imitation of Christ / Thomas à Kempis.  1973 1
Imitatio Christi German : Vier Bücher / von der nachfolge Christi, von Thomas a Kempis, nach der Ubersetzung ins Deutsche von Johann Arndt ...  1906 1
Immanuel Kant English : Immanuel Kant. English  1994 1
Immersive Environments Series   2
Immigrant Fathers Responsible Fatherhood Spotlight : Immigrant fathers.  2008 1
Immigrant Heritage Of America : The German-Americans / by La Vern J. Rippley.  1976 1
Immigrant Upraised : Immigrant upraised  1999 1
Immigrants And Minorities Politics And Policy   7
Immigrants From Around The World Have Become Proud Americans Chinese : Lai zi shi jie ge di de yi min jie ao wei Meiguo gong min.  2012 1
Immigrants From Around The World Have Become Proud Americans Spanish : Inmigrantes de todas partes del mundo estan orgullosos de ser ciudadanos americanos.  2011 1
Immigrants From Around The World Have Become Proud Americans Vietnamese : Đ̀ông bào di cư đ́ên t̀ư kh́ăp nơi trên th́ê gíơi khi nĥạp tịch luôn hãnh dîẹn là công dân hoa kỳ.  2012 1
Immigration And Asylum Law And Policy In Europe   28
Immigration Detention 2013 November : Immigration detention (2013 November)  2013 1
Immigration In The 21st Century : The other side of Italy : immigration in a changing country / editor, Francesco Pittau (Centro Studi e Ricerche IDOS, Roma, Italy).  2014 1
Immigration In The 21st Century Political Social And Economic Issues   12
Immittet Angelus Domini : Choral music. Selections  2004 1
Immoraliste English   2
Immortal Memory : The song in the green thorn tree, a novel of the life and loves of Robert Burns.  1948 1
Immune Response To Parasitic Infection : Protozoa / editor, Emilio Jirillo ; co-editor, Olga Brandonisio.  2010 1
Immune Response To Parasitic Infections : Immunity to Helminths and novel therapeutic approaches. Volume 2. / edited by Emilio Jirillo, Thea Magrone & Giuseppe Miragliotta.  2014 1
Immunization Essentials French : Fondements de l'immunisation : guide pratique / [groupe technique de rédaction, Murray Trostle ... and others].  2006 1
Immunization Essentials Spanish : Acciones esenciales en inmunización : una guía práctica de campo / [grupo técnico de redacción, Murray Trostle ... and others].  2007 1
Immunological Basis Of Surgical Science And Practice : Essential immunology for surgeons / edited by Oleg Eremin and Herb Sewell.  2011 1
Immunology An International Series Of Monographs And Treatises : Antigens, lymphoid cells, and the immune response / G. J. V. Nossal and G. L. Ada.  1971 1
Immunology And Immune System Disorders   27
Immunomics Reviews   4
Immunotherapy Naing : Immunotherapy / Aung Naing, Joud Hajjar, editors.  2017 1
Impa Monographs   5
Impact Books : The Biblical meaning of man.  1967 1
Impact Of Adoption On Adopted Persons Spanish : El Impacto de la adopción en las personas que han sido adoptadas.  2013 1
Impact Of Adoption On Adoptive Parents Spanish : Impacto de la adopción sobre los padres adoptivos.  2016 1
Impact Of Adoption On Birth Parents Spanish : El Impacto de la adopción en los padres biológicos.  2013 1
Impact Of Change In Modern China   4
Impact Of Dynamic Storage Capacity Valuation In Capacity Expansion Models Conference Paper : Impact of dynamic storage capacity valuation in capacity expansion models (Conference paper)  2018 1
Impact Of Empire Roman Empire 27 B C A D 406 Series : The impact of the Roman army (200 BC-AD 476) : economic, social, political, religious, and cultural aspects : proceedings of the Sixth Workshop of the International Network Impact of Empire (Roman Empire, 200 B.C.-A.D. 476), Capri, March 29-April 2, 2005 / edited by Lukas de Bois & Elio Lo Cascio ; with the aid of Olivier Hekster & Gerda de Kleijn.  2007 1
Impact Of Empire Roman Empire C 200 B C A D 476 Series   14
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