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005    20181116042053.6 
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024 7  10.1007/978-3-642-53917-6|2doi 
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082 04 004 
111 2  ADMA (Conference)|n(9th :|d2013 :|cHangzhou Shi, China)
245 10 Advanced data mining and applications :|b9th International
       Conference, ADMA 2013, Hangzhou, China, December 14-16, 
       2013 : proceedings.|nPart II /|cHiroshi Motoda, Zhaohui Wu,
       Longbing Cao, Osmar Zaiane, Min Yao, Wei Wang (eds.). 
246 30 ADMA 2013 
264  1 Heidelberg :|bSpringer,|c[2013] 
264  4 |c2013 
300    1 online resource (xxi, 538 pages) :|billustrations. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
347    text file|2rdaft|0
490 1  Lecture notes in computer science. Lecture notes in 
       artificial intelligence 
490 1  Lecture notes in computer science,|x1611-3349 ;|v8346-8347
490 1  LNCS sublibrary. SL 7, Artificial intelligence 
504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |tClustering.|tSemi-supervised Clustering Ensemble Evolved
       by Genetic Algorithm for Web Video Categorization /|rAmjad
       Mahmood, Tianrui Li, Yan Yang, Hongjun Wang --|tA Scalable
       Approach for General Correlation Clustering /|rYubo Wang, 
       Linli Xu, Yucheng Chen, Hao Wang --|tA Fast Spectral 
       Clustering Method Based on Growing Vector Quantization for
       Large Data Sets /|rXiujun Wang, Xiao Zheng, Feng Qin, 
       Baohua Zhao --|tA Novel Deterministic Sampling Technique 
       to Speedup Clustering Algorithms /|rSanguthevar 
       Rajasekaran, Subrata Saha --|tSoftware Clustering Using 
       Automated Feature Subset Selection /|rZubair Shah, Rashid 
       Naseem, Mehmet A. Orgun, Abdun Mahmood, Sara Shahzad --
       |tThe Use of Transfer Algorithm for Clustering Categorical
       Data /|rZhengrong Xiang, Lichuan Ji --|teDARA: Ensembles 
       DARA /|rChung Seng Kheau, Rayner Alfred, HuiKeng Lau --
       |tEfficient Mining Maximal Variant and Low Usage Rate 
       Biclusters without Candidate Maintenance in Real Function-
       Resource Matrix: The DeCluster Algorithm /|rLihua Zhang, 
       Miao Wang, Zhengjun Zhai, Guoqing Wang. 
505 80 |tAssociation Rule Mining.|tMEIT: Memory Efficient Itemset
       Tree for Targeted Association Rule Mining /|rPhilippe 
       Fournier-Viger, Esperance Mwamikazi, Ted Gueniche, Usef 
       Faghihi --|tPattern Mining.|tMining Frequent Patterns in 
       Print Logs with Semantically Alternative Labels /|rXin Li,
       Lei Zhang, Enhong Chen, Yu Zong, Guandong Xu --
       |tMinimising K-Dominating Set in Arbitrary Network Graphs 
       /|rGuangyuan Wang, Hua Wang, Xiaohui Tao, Ji Zhang, Jinhua
       Zhang --|tRegression.|tLogistic Regression Bias Correction
       for Large Scale Data with Rare Events /|rZhen Qiu, Hongyan
       Li, Hanchen Su, Gaoyan Ou, Tengjiao Wang --|tAn 
       Automatical Moderating System for FML Using Hashing 
       Regression /|rPeichao Zhang, Minyi Guo --|tBatch-to-Batch 
       Iterative Learning Control Based on Kernel Independent 
       Component Regression Model /|rGanping Li, Jun Zhao, Fuyang
       Zhang, Zhizhen Ni --|tPrediction.|tDeep Architecture for 
       Traffic Flow Prediction /|rWenhao Huang, Haikun Hong, Man 
       Li, Weisong Hu, Guojie Song, Kunqing Xie. 
505 80 |tCompact Prediction Tree: A Lossless Model for Accurate 
       Sequence Prediction /|rTed Gueniche, Philippe Fournier-
       Viger, Vincent S. Tseng --|tGeneralization of Malaria 
       Incidence Prediction Models by Correcting Sample Selection
       Bias /|rOrlando P. Zacarias, Henrik Bostrom --|tProtein 
       Interaction Hot Spots Prediction Using LS-SVM within the 
       Bayesian Interpretation /|rJuhong Qi, Xiaolong Zhang, Bo 
       Li --|tPredicting the Survival Status of Cancer Patients 
       with Traditional Chinese Medicine Symptom Variation Using 
       Logistic Regression Model /|rMin Wan, Liying Fang, Mingwei
       Yu, Wenshuai Cheng, Pu Wang --|tFeature Extraction.
       |tExploiting Multiple Features for Learning to Rank in 
       Expert Finding /|rHai-Tao Zheng, Qi Li, Yong Jiang, Shu-
       Tao Xia, Lanshan Zhang --|tConvolution Neural Network for 
       Relation Extraction /|rChunYang Liu, WenBo Sun, WenHan 
       Chao, WanXiang Che --|tExtracting Fuzzy Rules from 
       Hierarchical Heterogeneous Neural Networks for 
       Cardiovascular Diseases Diagnosis /|rYuanLian Cui, 
       MingChui Dong. 
505 80 |tkDMI: A Novel Method for Missing Values Imputation Using
       Two Levels of Horizontal Partitioning in a Data set /|rMd.
       Geaur Rahman, Md Zahidul Islam --|tIdentification.
       |tTraffic Session Identification Based on Statistical 
       Language Model /|rXinyan Lou, Yang Liu, Xiaohui Yu --
       |tRole Identification Based on the Information Dependency 
       Complexity /|rWeidong Zhao, Haitao Liu, Xi Liu --
       |tDetecting Professional Spam Reviewers /|rJunlong Huang, 
       Tieyun Qian, Guoliang He, Ming Zhong, Qingxi Peng --
       |tChinese Comparative Sentence Identification Based on the
       Combination of Rules and Statistics /|rQuanchao Liu, Heyan
       Huang, Chen Zhang, Zhenzhao Chen, Jiajun Chen --|tPrivacy 
       Preservation.|tUtility Enhancement for Privacy Preserving 
       Health Data Publishing /|rLengdong Wu, Hua He, Osmar R. 
       Zaiane --|tOptimizing Placement of Mix Zones to Preserve 
       Users' Privacy for Continuous Query Services in Road 
       Networks /|rKamenyi Domenic M., Yong Wang, Fengli Zhang, 
       Yankson Gustav, Daniel Adu-Gyamfi ... 
505 80 |tApplications.|tComparison of Cutoff Strategies for 
       Geometrical Features in Machine Learning-Based Scoring 
       Functions /|rShirley W.I. Siu, Thomas K.F. Wong, Simon 
       Fong --|tBichromatic Reverse Ranking Query in Two 
       Dimensions /|rZhao Zhang, Qiangqiang Kang, Cheqing Jin, 
       Aoying Zhou --|tPassive Aggressive Algorithm for Online 
       Portfolio Selection with Piecewise Loss Function /|rLi Gao,
       Weiguo Zhang, Qiang Tang --|tMining Item Popularity for 
       Recommender Systems /|rJilian Zhang, Xiaofeng Zhu, 
       Xianxian Li, Shichao Zhang --|tExploring an 
       Ichthyoplankton Database from a Freshwater Reservoir in 
       Legal Amazon /|rMichel de A. Silva, Daniela Queiroz 
       Trevisan, David N. Prata, Elineide E. Marques [and others]
       --|tA Pre-initialization Stage of Population-Based Bio-
       inspired Metaheuristics for Handling Expensive 
       Optimization Problems /|rMuhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad --
       |tA Hybrid-Sorting Semantic Matching Method /|rKan Li, 
       Wensi Mu, Yong Luan, Shaohua An --|tImproving Few 
       Occurrence Feature Performance in Distant Supervision for 
       Relation Extraction /|rHui Zhang, Yuanhao Zhao. 
505 80 |tCluster Labeling Extraction and Ranking Feature 
       Selection for High Quality XML Pseudo Relevance Feedback 
       Fragments Set /|rMinjuan Zhong, Changxuan Wan, Dexi Liu, 
       Shumei Liao, Siwen Luo --|tInformed Weighted Random 
       Projection for Dimension Reduction /|rJaydeep Sen, Harish 
       Karnick --|tProtocol Specification Inference Based on 
       Keywords Identification /|rYong Wang, Nan Zhang, Yan-mei 
       Wu, Bin-bin Su --|tAn Adaptive Collaborative Filtering 
       Algorithm Based on Multiple Features /|rYan-Qiu Zhang, Hai
       -Tao Zheng, Lan-Shan Zhang --|tMachine Learning.|tEnsemble
       of Unsupervised and Supervised Models with Different Label
       Spaces /|rYueyun Jin, Weilin Zeng, Hankz Hankui Zhuo, Lei 
       Li --|tCost-Sensitive Extreme Learning Machine /|rEnhui 
       Zheng, Cong Zhang, Xueyi Liu, Huijuan Lu, Jian Sun --
       |tMulti-Objective Optimization for Overlapping Community 
       Detection /|rJingfei Du, Jianyang Lai, Chuan Shi --
       |tEndmember Extraction by Exemplar Finder /|rYi Guo, 
       Junbin Gao, Yanfeng Sun --|tEEG-Based User Authentication 
       in Multilevel Security Systems /|rTien Pham, Wanli Ma, Dat
       Tran, Phuoc Nguyen, Dinh Phung --|tA New Fuzzy Extreme 
       Learning Machine for Regression Problems with Outliers or 
       Noises /|rEnhui Zheng, Jinyong Liu, Huijuan Lu, Ling Wang,
       Le Chen. 
520    The two-volume set LNCS 8346 and 8347 constitutes the 
       thoroughly refereed proceedings of the 9th International 
       Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications, ADMA 
       2013, held in Hangzhou, China, in December 2013. The 32 
       regular papers and 64 short papers presented in this 
       volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 222 
       submissions. The papers included in these two volumes 
       cover the following topics: opinion mining, behavior 
       mining, data stream mining, sequential data mining, web 
       mining, image mining, text mining, social network mining, 
       classification, clustering, association rule mining, 
       pattern mining, regression, predication, feature 
       extraction, identification, privacy preservation, 
       applications, and machine learning. 
546    English. 
650  0 Computer science|vCongresses.|0
650  0 Data mining|vCongresses.|0
650  0 Information storage and retrieval systems|vCongresses.
650  0 Artificial intelligence|vCongresses.|0
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast|0http:// 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
700 1  Motoda, Hiroshi,|0
700 1  Wang, Wei|c(Editor),|0
700 1  Yao, Min,|eeditor. 
700 1  Zaïane, Osmar,|0
700 1  Cao, Longbing,|d1969-|0
700 1  Wu, Zhaohui,|d1966-|0
773 08 |i(MP)|tAdvanced data mining and applications|w(NL-
776 08 |iPrint version:|aADMA (Conference) (9th : 2013 : Hangzhou
       Shi, China).|tAdvanced data mining and applications.
       |dHeidelberg : Springer, [2013]|z9783642539138
830  0 LNCS sublibrary.|nSL 7,|pArtificial intelligence.|0http:// 
830  0 Lecture notes in computer science.|pLecture notes in 
       artificial intelligence.|0
830  0 Lecture notes in computer science ;|0
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2013 -
       Full Set|c2018-11-16|yMaster record variable field(s) 
       change: 650|5OH1 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2013 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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