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111 2  ADMA (Conference)|0
       nb2013006074|n(10th :|d2014 :|cGuilin, China) 
245 10 Advanced data mining and applications :|b10th 
       International Conference, ADMA 2014, Guilin, China, 
       December 19-21, 2014. Proceedings /|cXudong Luo, Jeffrey 
       Xu Yu, Zhi Li (eds.). 
246 3  ADMA 2014 
264  1 Cham :|bSpringer,|c2014. 
300    1 online resource (xvi, 741 pages) :|billustrations. 
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490 1  Lecture notes in artificial intelligence,|x0302-9743 ;
490 1  LNCS sublibrary. SL 7, Artificial intelligence 
500    International conference proceedings. 
500    Includes author index. 
505 0  Data Mining -- A New Improved Apriori Algorithm Based on 
       Compression Matrix -- FHN: Efficient Mining of High-
       Utility Itemsets with Negative Unit Profits -- Novel 
       Concise Representations of High Utility Itemsets Using 
       Generator Patterns -- Incrementally Updating High-Utility 
       Itemsets with Transaction Insertion -- Mining Frequent 
       Closed Sequential Patterns with Non-user-defined Gap 
       Constraints -- High Utility Episode Mining Made Practical 
       and Fast -- Social Network and Social Media -- Community 
       Dynamics: Event and Role Analysis in Social Network 
       Analysis -- Local Community Extraction for Non-overlapping
       and Overlapping Community Detection -- Discovery of 
       Tampered Image with Robust Hashing -- TweeProfiles: 
       Detection of Spatio-temporal Patterns on Twitter -- Real-
       Time Event Detection Based on Geo Extraction and Temporal 
       Analysis -- An Automatic Unsupervised Method Based on 
       Context-Sensitive Spectral Angle Mapper for Change 
       Detection of Remote Sensing Images -- Recommend System -- 
       A Personalized Travel System Based on Crowdsourcing Model 
       -- Difference Factor? KNN Collaborative Filtering 
       Recommendation Algorithm -- A Reputation-Enhanced 
       Recommender System -- An Empirical Methodology to Analyze 
       the Behavior of Bagging -- Context-Aware Recommendation 
       Using GPU Based Parallel Tensor Decomposition -- Location-
       Based Recommendation Using Incremental Tensor 
       Factorization Model -- Database Mining Continuous Activity
       Patterns from Animal Trajectory Data -- Personalized 
       Privacy Protection for Transactional Data -- A Hybrid 
       Algorithm for Privacy Preserving Social Network 
       Publication -- Achieving Absolute Privacy Preservation in 
       Continuous Query Road Network Services -- A C-DBSCAN 
       Algorithm for Determining Bus-Stop Locations Based on Taxi
       GPS Data -- A Secure and Efficient Privacy-Preserving 
       Attribute Matchmaking Protocol in Proximity-Based Mobile 
       Social Networks -- Dimensionality Reduction -- A New 
       Filter Approach Based on Generalized Data Field -- A 
       Stable Instance Based Filter for Feature Selection in 
       Small Sample Size Data Sets -- Multi-label Feature 
       Selection via Information Gain -- Efficient kNN Algorithm 
       Based on Graph Sparse Reconstruction -- On Dynamic 
       Selection of Subspace for Random Forest -- Dimensionally 
       Reduction: An Experimental Study -- Advance Machine 
       Learning Techniques -- Efficient Deep Learning Algorithm 
       with Accelerating Inference Strategy -- Multi-angle 
       Evaluations of Test Cases Based on Dynamic Analysis -- An 
       Interest-Based Clustering Method for Web Information 
       Visualization -- A Serial Sample Selection Framework for 
       Active Learning -- Map Matching for Taxi GPS Data with 
       Extreme Learning Machine -- A Segment-Wise Method for 
       Pseudo Periodic Time Series Prediction -- Classification -
       - Constructing Decision Trees for Unstructured Data -- 
       Attack Type Prediction Using Hybrid Classifier -- kNN 
       Algorithm with Data-Driven k Value -- Topology Potential-
       Based Parameter Selecting for Support Vector Machine -- 
       Active Multi-label Learning with Optimal Label Subset 
       Selection -- Merging Decision Trees: A Case Study in 
       Predicting Student Performance -- Big Data and 
       Applications -- Faster MaxScore Query Processing with 
       Essential List Skipping -- Selecting Representative 
       Objects from Large Database by Using K-Skyband and Top-k 
       Dominating Queries in MapReduce Environment -- Towards 
       Positive Unlabeled Learning for Parallel Data Mining: A 
       Random Forest Framework -- Program Verification by 
       Reachability Searching over Dynamic Call Tree -- CinHBa: A
       Secondary Index with Hotscore Caching Policy on Key-Value 
       Data Store -- Towards Ontology-Enhanced Cloud Services 
       Discovery -- Clustering Methods -- A Huffman Tree-Based 
       Algorithm for Clustering Documents.-Improved Spectral 
       Clustering Algorithm Based on Similarity Measure -- A 
       Partition Clustering Algorithm for Transaction Database 
       Based on FCM -- Machine Learning -- Discernibility Matrix 
       Enriching and Boolean-And Algorithm for Attributes 
       Reduction -- Smart Partitioning for Product DSM Model 
       Based on Improved Genetic Algorithm -- A New Method for 
       Image Understanding and Retrieval Using Text-Mined 
       Knowledge -- A Web Table Extraction Method Based on 
       Structure and Ontology -- Data Mining and Database -- 
       Block Nested Join and Sort Merge Join Algorithms: An 
       Empirical Evaluation -- The Design of Power Security 
       System in Smart Home Based on the Stream Data Mining -- 
       Agent-Based Privacy Aware Feedback System. 
520    This book constitutes the proceedings of the 10th 
       International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and 
       Applications, ADMA 2014, held in Guilin, China during 
       December 2014. The 48 regular papers and 10 workshop 
       papers presented in this volume were carefully reviewed 
       and selected from 90 submissions. They deal with the 
       following topics: data mining, social network and social 
       media, recommend systems, database, dimensionality 
       reduction, advance machine learning techniques, 
       classification, big data and applications, clustering 
       methods, machine learning, and data mining and database. 
588 0  Online resource; title from PDF title page (SpringerLink, 
       viewed January 8, 2015). 
650  0 Data mining|vCongresses.|0
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2fast|0http:// 
655  7 Conference papers and proceedings.|2lcgft|0http:// 
700 1  Luo, Xudong,|0
700 1  Yu, Jeffrey Xu,|0
700 1  Li, Zhi|c(Software engineer),|0
776 08 |iPrinted edition:|z9783319147161 
830  0 Lecture notes in computer science.|pLecture notes in 
       artificial intelligence ;|0
830  0 LNCS sublibrary.|nSL 7,|pArtificial intelligence.|0http:// 
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990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2014 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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