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020    0691009988 (v. 1) 
020    0691009996 (v. 1 : pbk.) 
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050 00 BL2525|b.R4688 2001 
082 00 200/.973|221 
245 00 Religions of the United States in practice /|cColleen 
       McDannell, editor. 
264  1 Princeton, N.J. :|bPrinceton University Press,|c[2001] 
264  4 |c©2001 
300    2 volumes :|billustrations, music ;|c24 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 1  Princeton readings in religions 
504    Includes bibliographical references and indexes. 
505 2  vol. 1. Praying-individual and communal worship. The 
       Amidah in colonial American synagogues / Dianne Ashton. 
       Seventeenth century Puritan conversion narratives / 
       Elizabeth Reis... The Green Corn Ceremony of the Muskogees
       / Joel W. Martin... -- Singing-songs of devotion, praise, 
       and protest...  African American spirituals / Paul Harvey.
       Ojibwe funerary hymn singing / Michael D. McNally... -- 
       Teaching-learning how to live correctly... The visions of 
       Plenty-coups / Joel W. Martin... John Humphrey Noyes, the 
       Oneida community, and male continence / Michael J. 
       McClymond... -- Healing-health, happiness, and the 
       miraculous -- Imagining-the unseen world... Possession, 
       witchcraft, and the demonic in Puritan religious culture /
       Kenneth P. Minkema. Speech of Sos̀e-H-̀W ̃and the code of 
       Handsome Lake / Matthew Dennis... African-American vision 
       stories / Elizabeth Reis -- Persuading-witnessing, 
       controversies, and polemics.  Native American visionary 
       experience and Christian missions / Michael D. McNally. 
       American anti-Catholic pornography / Peter Gardella. 
       Christian doctrine of slavery / Paul Harvey. Trance 
       lectures in antebellum America / Anne Braude. ... vol. 2. 
       Praying-individual and communal worship. Lucy Smith and 
       Pentecostal worship in Chicago / Wallace Best... The daily
       prayer (Duʻa) of Shiʻa Ismaʻili Muslims / Tazim R. 
       Kassam... -- Singing-songs of devotion, praise, and 
       protest... Freedom songs and the civil rights movement / 
       Paul Harvey. Folk music in the Catholic mass / Mark 
       Oppenheimer. Buddhist chanting in Soka Gakkai 
       International / Richard Hughes Seager... Teaching morality
       in race movies / Judith Weisenfeld... An Apache girl's 
       initiation feast / Michael D. McNally.  Taking or 
       receiving the Buddhist precepts / Richard Hughes Seager --
       Healing-health, happiness, and the miraculous.  Tongues 
       and healing at the Azusa street revival / Gastn̤ Espinosa. 
       Navajo healing ceremonies / Amanda Porterfield... -- 
       Imagining-the unseen world.  Early Christian radio and 
       religious nostalgia / Phyllis Goff.  Martin Luther King 
       Jr. and the making of an American myth / Craig R. 
       Prentiss... Charismatic renewal among Latino Catholics / 
       Manuel A. Vs̀quez.  Visualizing chenrezi in American 
       Tibetan Buddhism / Richard Hughes Seager.  The rite of 
       baptism in Haitian voodou / Elizabeth McAlister -- 
       Persuading-witnessing, controversies, and polemics... 
       Ordaining women rabbis / Pamela S. Nadell.  Mother India's
       scandalous swamis / Stephen Prothero... 
651  0 United States|xReligious life and customs.|0http:// 
700 1  McDannell, Colleen.|0
830  0 Princeton readings in religions.|0
912    .b13808163WITT 
912    .b13619494HIRAM 
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