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Routledge Focus On Accounting And Auditing : The boundaries in financial and non-financial reporting : a comparative analysis of their constitutive role / Laura Girella.  2018 1
Routledge Focus On Business And Management : Stories for management success : the power of talk in organizations.  2018 1
Routledge Frontiers Of Cognitive Science   2
Routledge Frontiers Of Criminal Justice : Epidemiological criminology : theory to practice / edited by Eve Waltermaurer and Timothy A. Akers.  2013 1
Routledge Frontiers Of Political Economy   42
Routledge Garnet Series Europe In The World : EU foreign policy in a globalized world : normative power and social preferences / edited by Zaki Laïdi.  2008 1
Routledge Giappichelli Studies In Business And Management : Strategic corporate responsibility : the social dimension of firms / Ulpiana Kocollari.  2018 1
Routledge Global Human Resource Management Series   2
Routledge Global Security Studies   4
Routledge Grammars   3
Routledge Guides To Literature   2
Routledge Guides To Using Historical Sources : History beyond the text : a student's guide to approaching alternative sources / edited by Sarah Barber and Corinna M. Peniston-Bird.  2009 1
Routledge Handbooks   4
Routledge Handbooks In Applied Linguistics   5
Routledge Harwood Anthropology : Jews of the Dutch Caribbean : exploring ethnic identity on Curac̦ao / Alan F. Benjamin.  2003 1
Routledge Harwood Polish And East European Theatre Archive : Encounters with Tadeusz Kantor / Krzysztof Miklaszewski ; edited and translated by George Hyde.  2002 1
Routledge Harwood Studies In Cultural Policy : The operatic state : cultural policy and the opera house / Ruth Bereson.  2002 1
Routledge Historical Americans : Woody Guthrie--Cohen.  2012 1
Routledge Historical Atlases : The Routledge Atlas of Russian History.  2013 1
Routledge Historical Biographies   3
Routledge Historical Perspectives In Accounting   2
Routledge Histories : The Routledge history of social protest in popular music / edited by Jonathan C. Friedman.  2013 1
Routledge History Of Economic Thought Series   3
Routledge History Of Linguistic Thought Series   2
Routledge History Of Philosophy   2
Routledge History Of World Philosophies : History of Jewish philosophy / edited by Daniel H. Frank and Oliver Leaman.  1997 1
Routledge Iaffe Advances In Feminist Economics   2
Routledge In Asia : Deng Xiaoping and the Chinese revolution : a political biography / David S.G. Goodman.  1994 1
Routledge Inem Advances In Economic Methodology   3
Routledge Information Systems Textbooks : Security and control in information systems : a guide for business and accounting / Andrew Hawker.  2000 1
Routledge Innovations In Political Theory   15
Routledge Interdisciplinary Perspectives On Literature   7
Routledge International Business In Asia Series : Corporate social responsibility in Asia / edited by Kyoko Fukukawa.  2010 1
Routledge International Handbook Series : The Routledge international handbook of innovation education / edited by Larisa V. Shavinina.  2013 1
Routledge International Handbooks   6
Routledge International Library Of Psychology : Social and cognitive development in the context of individual, social, and cultural processes / edited by Catherine Raeff and Janette B. Benson.  2003 1
Routledge International Studies In Business History   5
Routledge International Studies In Health Economics   2
Routledge International Studies In Money And Banking   18
Routledge International Studies In The Philosophy Of Education   8
Routledge International Studies Of Women And Place   4
Routledge Interpretive Marketing Research Series   3
Routledge Introductions To Applied Linguistics   6
Routledge Introductions To Development   5
Routledge Introductions To Environment Series   10
Routledge Introductions To Media And Communications   2
Routledge Islamic Studies   2
Routledge Jewish Studies Series : From Synagogue to Church : the traditional design : its beginning, its definition, its end / John Wilkinson.  2014 1
Routledge Key Guides   26
Routledge Key Ideas In Education Series   2
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