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    Year Entries
Suny Series In Teacher Preparation And Development   25
Suny Series In The Anthropology Of Work   23
Suny Series In The Constitution And Economic Rights   4
Suny Series In The Foundations Of The Democratic State : Globalizing justice : critical perspectives on transnational law and the cross-border migration of legal norms / edited by Donald W. Jackson, Michael C. Tolley and Mary L. Volcansek.  2010 1
Suny Series In The Jewish Writings Of Strauss   3
Suny Series In The Making Of Foreign Policy   3
Suny Series In The New Cultural History : The positive image : women photographers in turn of the century America / C. Jane Gover.  1988 1
Suny Series In The Philosophy Of Psychology   7
Suny Series In The Philosophy Of The Social Sciences   36
Suny Series In The Presidency   16
Suny Series In The Psychology Of Women   7
Suny Series In The Shaiva Traditions Of Kashmir   4
Suny Series In The Social And Economic History Of The Middle East   16
Suny Series In The Sociology Of Culture   8
Suny Series In The Sociology Of Emotions   4
Suny Series In The Sociology Of Work   13
Suny Series In The Sociology Of Work And Organizations   3
Suny Series In The Thought And Legacy Of Leo Strauss   6
Suny Series In The Trajectory Of Terror   2
Suny Series In The Voices Of Immigrant Women : A woman wanders through life and science / Irena Koprowska.  1997 1
Suny Series In Theology And Continental Thought   11
Suny Series In Transpersonal And Humanistic Psychology   39
Suny Series In Transpersonal Psychology : Dream life, wake life : the human condition through dreams / Gordon G. Globus.  1987 1
Suny Series In Violence   3
Suny Series In Western Esoteric Traditions   47
Suny Series In Women Crime And Criminology   8
Suny Series In Women In Education   7
Suny Series Innovations In Curriculum   2
Suny Series Insinuations   17
Suny Series Insinuations Philosophy Psychoanalysis Literature : Being, time, bios : capitalism and ontology / A. Kiarina Kordela.  2013 1
Suny Series Interruptions Border Testimony Ies And Critical Discourse S   16
Suny Series Issues In The Study Of Religion   3
Suny Series James N Rosenau Series In Global Politics   5
Suny Series Literacy Culture And Learning   16
Suny Series Literarcy Culture And Learning : The resistant writer : rhetoric as immunity, 1850 to the present / Charles Paine.  1999 1
Suny Series Literature In Theory   6
Suny Series Negotiating Identity   2
Suny Series On Administrative Systems : Assessing organizational effectiveness : systems change, adaptation, and strategy / Raymond F. Zammuto.  1982 1
Suny Series On Aging : Enabling the elderly : religious institutions within the community service system / Sheldon S. Tobin, James W. Ellor, and Susan M. Anderson-Ray.  1986 1
Suny Series On Critical Issues In Criminal Justice   2
Suny Series On European Social History   4
Suny Series On Interdisciplinary Perspectives In Social History   2
Suny Series On Modern Jewish Literature And Culture   3
Suny Series On Organizations : Entrepreneurs in Red : structure and organizational innovation in the centrally planned economy / Kalman Rupp.  1983 1
Suny Series On Religion And The Environment   7
Suny Series On Sport Culture And Social Relations   23
Suny Series On The Presidency   5
Suny Series On The Sublime   4
Suny Series On Urban Public Policy   26
Suny Series On Women And Work   7
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