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    Year Entries
Studies In Bilingualism   52
Studies In Bioethics   2
Studies In Biology   6
Studies In Book And Print Culture   27
Studies In Brain And Mind   11
Studies In British Art   8
Studies In British Art Unnumbered : The stained glass of William Morris and his circle : a catalogue / A. Charles Sewter.  1975 1
Studies In British History And Culture   2
Studies In Business Administration Chicago Ill : Common stocks and bonds as long-term investments / by Leo Spurrier.  1941 1
Studies In Business And Society   2
Studies In Business Cycles   20
Studies In Business Economics New York N Y   9
Studies In Business Financing : Business finance and banking.  1947 1
Studies In Business Policy   4
Studies In Business Policy No 125 : Corporate directorship practices; a research report from National Industrial Conference Board [and] American Society of Corporate Secretaries / [by Jeremy Bacon.  1967 1
Studies In Byzantine Sigillography : Studies in Byzantine sigillography 10 / edited by Jean-Claude Cheynet and Claudia Sode.  2010 1
Studies In Canadian Geography   5
Studies In Canadian Literature : E.J. Pratt : the evolutionary vision / Sandra Djwa.  1974 1
Studies In Canadian Military History   4
Studies In Canadian Public Policy : The politics of Canadian public policy / edited by Michael M. Atkinson and Marsha A. Chandler.  1983 1
Studies In Capital Formation And Financing   8
Studies In Central And Eastern European Music   2
Studies In Central European Histories   23
Studies In Child Development : From birth to seven; the second report of the National Child Development Study / Ronald Davie, Neville Butler [and] Harvey Goldstein with the assistance of Eva Alberman, Euan Ross [and] Peter Wedge.  1972 1
Studies In Childhood And Family In Canada   20
Studies In Childhood And Youth   12
Studies In Chinese And Related Civilizations : The literary inquisition of Chʼien-lung / by Luther Carrington Goodrich.  1935 1
Studies In Chinese Communist Terminology : The great proletarian cultural revolution; a terminological study / by H. C. Chuang.  1967 1
Studies In Chinese Government And Politics : Chinese Communist politics in action. / Edited by A. Doak Barnett.  1969 1
Studies In Chinese History And Civilization   2
Studies In Chinese Language And Discourse   7
Studies In Chinese Society   2
Studies In Choice And Welfare   16
Studies In Christian Democracy : The overall development of Chile. / Mario Zañartu and John J. Kennedy, editors. Contributors: Mario Artaza [and others]  1969 1
Studies In Christian Ethics Series : Karl Barth and the problem of war / John H. Yoder.  1970 1
Studies In Christian History And Thought : Bedford's Victorian pilgrim : William Hale White in context / Michael Brealey ; foreword by John Hale-White.  2012 1
Studies In Christian Mission   16
Studies In Christianity And Judaism   13
Studies In Christianity And Literature   2
Studies In Church And State   3
Studies In Church History   4
Studies In Church Music   4
Studies In Cinema   8
Studies In Classical Literature   2
Studies In Classics : "For salvation's sake" : provincial loyalty, personal religion, and epigraphic production in the Roman and late antique Near East / Jason Moralee.  2004 1
Studies In Classics Routledge Firm   3
Studies In Classics Routledge Firm Unnumbered : Sex and the second-best city : sex and society in the Laws of Plato / Kenneth Royce Moore.  2016 1
Studies In Classification Data Analysis And Knowledge Organization   29
Studies In Cognition : Attention / edited by Harold Pashler.  1998 1
Studies In Cognition Hove England : Connectionist models in cognitive psychology / edited by George Houghton.  2005 1
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