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Transformations Of The State   6
Transformative Leadership In Postsecondary Education : Ethical Leadership and the Community College : Paradigms, Decision-Making, and Praxis / Carlos Nevarez, J. Luke Wood.  2014 1
Transformative Politics Series : Imprisoned intellectuals : America's political prisoners write on life, liberation, and rebellion / edited by Joy James.  2003 1
Transforming American Politics   8
Transforming American Politics Series   2
Transforming American Politics Series 2002   2
Transforming Communications   2
Transforming Communications Studies In Cross Media Research : Communicative figurations : transforming communications in times of deep mediatization / edited by Andreas Hepp, Andreas Breiter, Uwe Hasebrink.  2018 1
Transforming Education For The Future : Toward a spiritual research paradigm : exploring new ways of knowing, researching and being / edited by Jing Lin, Rebecca L. Oxford, Tom Culham.  2016 1
Transforming Education For The Future Series : Transformative eco-education for human and planetary survival / edited by Rebecca L. Oxford, Jing Lin.  2012 1
Transforming Environmental Politics And Policy   3
Transforming Learning Communities   13
Transforming War   4
Transgressing Boundaries   13
Transgressing Boundaries Studies In Black Politics And Black Communities : Race and real estate / Adrienne Brown and Valerie Smith.  2015 1
Transgressions Rotterdam Netherlands   58
Transit English : Transit. English  2012 1
Transition And Development   3
Transition Guidance United States Environmental Protection Agency : Transition guidance.  1994 1
Transition Series   2
Transitions Asia And Asian America   2
Transitions In American Thought Series : From self to society, 1919-1941 Robert M. Crunden.  1972 1
Transitions St Martins Press : New historicism and cultural materialism / John Brannigan.  1998 1
Transits Bucknell University   10
Transitus Mariae Coptic Version German And Coptic : Transitus Mariae : Beiträge zur koptischen Überlieferung mit einer Edition von P. Vindob. K 7589, Cambridge Add 1876 8 und Paris BN Copte 129¹⁷ ff. 28 und 29 / herausgegeben von Hans Förster.  2006 1
Transkulturalitat Translation Transfer : Going east : discovering new and alternative traditions in translation studies / Larisa Schippel, Cornelia Zwischenberger (eds.).  2017 1
Translated Texts For Historians   4
Translated Texts For Historians Greek Series : The Emperor Julian : panegyric and polemic / Claudius Mamertinus, John Chrysostom, Ephrem the Syrian ; edited by Samuel N.C. Lieu.  1986 1
Translating Europe   4
Translation And Humour : Translation, humour and literature / edited by Delia Chiaro.  2010 1
Translation History : What is translation history? : a trust-based approach / Andrea Rizzi, Birgit Lang, Anthony Pym.  2019 1
Translation Of Guide Pour Laccompagnement Professionnel Dun Changement English : Translation of: Guide pour l'accompagnement professionnel d'un changement. English  2009 1
Translation Practices Explained : A handbook for translator trainers : a guide to reflective practice / Dorothy Kelly.  2005 1
Translation Series Cornell University Southeast Asia Program   3
Translation Series Koninklijk Instituut Voor Taal Land En Volkenkunde Netherlands : Java in the 14th century : a study in cultural history : the Nagara-Kertagama by Rakawi Prapanca of Majapahit, 1365 A.D. / by Theodore G. Th. Pigeaud ; illustrated with drawings by Professor Th. P. Galestin.  1963 1
Translation Studies   2
Translation Studies London England   3
Translation Theories Explained : Translation and gender : translating in the "era of feminism" / Luise von Flotow.  1997 1
Translation Theories Explored : Can Theory Help Translators? : a Dialogue Between the Ivory Tower and the Wordface.  2014 1
Translation Transnation   19
Translational Bioinformatics   15
Translational Medicine Research   5
Translational Oncology Series   4
Translational Perspectives In Auditory Neuroscience   2
Translational Systems Sciences   17
Translations And Reprints From The Original Sources Of History : Feudal institutions as revealed in the Assizes of Romania, the law code of Frankish Greece : translation of the text of the Assizes with a commentary on feudal institutions in Greece and medieval Europe / by Peter W. Topping.  1949 1
Translations From Latin America Series   2
Translations From The Asian Classics   45
Translations Of Christian Literature Ser I Greek Texts 1 : Dionysius, the Areopagite, on the Divine names and Mystical theology / by C. E. Rolt.  1940 1
Translations Of Christian Literature Series I Greek Texts : The ascetic works of Saint Basil / translated into English, with introduction and notes, by W. K. L. Clarke.  1925 1
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