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    Year Entries
Transaction Society Reader : Marriages & families. / Edited by Helena Z. Lopata.  1973 1
Transactions Institut Fiziki Atmosfery Akademiia Nauk Sssr : The stability of slopes.  1963 1
Transactions New Series V 27 : The anatomy of the rat / By Eunice Chase Green.  1955 1
Transactions Of Nonlinear Science And Complexity : Nonlinear science and complexity / edited by Albert C.J. Luo, Liming Dai, Hamid R. Hamidzadeh.  2007 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society   248
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser   3
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser V 49 Pt 2 : Edward T. Cardwell: Peelite.  1959 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser V 50 Pt 8 : The forming of the charitable institutions of the west of England; a study of the changing pattern of social aspirations in Bristol and Somerset, 1480-1660.  1960 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser V 51 Pt 1 : The tobacco adventure to Russia ; enterprise, politics, and diplomacy in the quest for a northern market for English colonial tobacco, 1676-1722.  1961 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser V 54 Pt 5 : The formative cultures of the Carolina Piedmont.  1964 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser V 55 Pt 4 : Selections from his writings. / Edited with introd. and notes by Robert L. Brunhouse.  1965 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser V 55 Pt 7 : Open-field husbandry and the village community : a study of agrarian by-laws in medieval England / Warren O. Ault.  1965 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser V 56 Pt 6 : Roland de la Platière; a public servant in the eighteenth century / Charles A. Le Guin.  1966 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser V 58 Pt 5 : The basic values in law ; a study of the ethico-legal implications of psychology and anthropology / Thomas E. Davitt.  1968 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Ser V 61 Pt 7 : Lewis Evans and his maps.  1971 1
Transactions Of The American Philosophical Society New Series : Plant colonization studies on black wastes from anthracite mining in Pennsylvania / J.R. Schramm.  1966 1
Transactions Of The Connecticut Academy Of Arts And Sciences   2
Transactions On Aspect Oriented Software Development : Transactions on aspect-oriented software development. VIII / Shmuel Katz [and others], (eds.).  2011 1
Transactions On Computational Collective Intelligence   3
Transactions On Computational Science And Computational Intelligence   3
Transactions On Edutainment : Transactions on edutainment. V / Zhigeng Pan [and others] (eds.).  2011 1
Transactions On Intelligent Welding Manufacturing   7
Transactions On Large Scale Data And Knowledge Centered Systems : Transactions on large-scale data- and knowledge-centered systems XVII : selected papers from DaWaK 2013 / Abdelkader Hameurlain, Josef Kung, Roland Wagner, Ladjel Bellatreche, Mukesh Mohania (eds.).  2015 1
Transactions On Rough Sets   2
Transactions Svenska Forskningsinstitutet I Istanbul : Autonomy and dependence in the family : Turkey and Sweden in critical perspective / editors, Rita Liljeström and Elisabeth Özdalga.  2002 1
Transactions Trudy Of The Geophysics Institute Of The Academy Of Sciences Of The Ussr : Isostasy and isostatic hypotheses / E.N. Lyustikh.  1960 1
Transactions Wagner Free Institute Of Science : Explorations on the west coast of Florida; and in the Okeechobee wilderness, with special reference to the geology and zoology of the Floridian Peninsula. / A narrative of researches undertaken under the auspices of the Wagner Free Institute of Science of Philadelphia, by Angelo Heilprin. Philadelphia, Wagner Free Institute of Science, 1887.  1972 1
Transarea English : TransArea. English.  2016 1
Transasia Screen Cultures   11
Transatlantic Current   7
Transatlantic Perspectives National Defense University Institute For National Strategic Studies Center For Transatlantic Secu   2
Transatlantic Relations Series   6
Transatlantic Series In Linguistics   4
Transatlantische Bereicherungen English : Transatlantische Bereicherungen. English.  2011 1
Transcanada Series   6
Transcendance De Lego English : Transcendance de l'égo. English  1957 1
Transcendentalism New England : An essay on transcendentalism (1842). / With an introd. by Walter Harding.  1970 1
Transcending Boundaries In Philosophy And Theology   5
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Bermudes : Transcranial magnetic stimulation : clinical applications for psychiatric practice / edited by Richard A. Bermudes, Karl I. Lanocha, Philip G. Janicak.  2018 1
Transcriptions And Editions For The Piano By Harold Bauer : Kartinki s vystavki  1922 1
Transcultural Research Heidelberg Studies On Asia And Europe In A Global Context   22
Transculturalisms 1400 1700   7
Transdisciplinary Studies   4
Transfer Of Technology For Successful Integration Into The Global Economy : Taxation and technology transfer : key issues.  2005 1
Transfer Paper : Designing evaluations / United States General Accounting Office, Program Evaluation and Methodology Division.  1991 1
Transformacion Y Desarrollo La Gran Tarea De America Latina English : Transformación y desarrollo, la gran tarea de América Latina. English  1971 1
Transformation And Innovation : Inclusive organizational transformation : an African perspective on human niches and diversity of thought / Rica Viljoen.  2014 1
Transformation And Innovation Series   8
Transformation Audit : From inequality to inclusive growth : South Africa's pursuit of shared prosperity in extraordinary times / edited by Jan Hofmeyr.  2011? 1
Transformation Of Chinas Banking System From The Late Qing Era To The 1930s : Zhongguo jin dai yin hang zhi du bian qian ji qi ji xiao yan jiu. English.  2016 1
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