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    Year Entries
Yellow Book London England : The Yellow book, quintessence of the nineties. / Edited with an introd. by Stanley Weintraub.  1964 1
Yellow Kid Weil : "Yellow Kid" Weil  1974 1
Yellowstone National Park Trip Planner United States National Park Service 2016 : Yellowstone National Park trip planner.  2016 1
Yeme Kur Ha Hitukh English : Yeme kur ha-hitukh. English  2002 1
Yen For A Dollar Doing Business In Asia : Insider and outsider / produced by Look Television and Glendale Productions in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.  2003 1
Yeomen Of The Guard Vocal Score English : Yeomen of the Guard. Vocal score. English  1954 1
Yerushalayim Ba Meah Ha Tesha Esreh Ha Ir Ha Atikah English : Yerushalayim ba-meʼah ha-teshaʻ-ʻeśreh, ha-ʻIr ha-ʻAtiḳah. English  1984 1
Yerushalayim Ben Hurban Le Hithadashut English : Yerushalayim ben ḥurban le-hitḥadashut. English  2005 1
Yes Bainbridge Island Wash : Sustainable happiness : live simply, live well, make a difference / edited by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of YES! Magazine.  2014 1
Yes Magazine : This changes everything : Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement / edited by Sarah van Gelder and the staff of YES! Magazine.  2011 1
Yeshiva University Graduate School Of Mathematical Sciences G S M S Y U : Geodesics and curvature in differential geometry in the large / by H. E. Rauch.  1959? 1
Yeshu Ha Notsri English : Yeshu ha-Notsri. English  1925 1
Yeux De La Foi English : Yeux de la foi. English  1990 1
Yi Bai Tian Xue Kai Zhong Yao Fang English : Yi bai tian xue kai Zhong yao fang. English  2013 1
Yi Jing English   2
Yi Zhou Shu Selections English : Conquer and govern : early Chinese military texts from the Yi Zhou shu / Robin McNeal.  2012 1
Yidn Fun A Gants Yor English : Yidn fun a gants yor. English  2011 1
Yin Hai Jing Wei English : Yin hai jing wei. English  1998 1
Yin Shan Cheng Yao English And Chinese : Yin shan cheng yao. English & Chinese  2010 1
Ying Dui Qi Hou Bian Hua Bao Gao 2012 Selections English : Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment. Special Volume : Annual Report on Actions to Address Climate Change (2012) / edited by Wang Weiguang, Zheng Guoguang, and Pan Jiahua.  2014 1
Ying Dui Tiao Zhan English : Ying dui tiao zhan. English.  2014 1
Ying Han Fan Yi Zhong De Han Yu Yi Wen Yu Liao Ku Yan Jiu English : Ying Han fan yi zhong de Han yu yi wen yu liao ku yan jiu. English  2015 1
Yis Series   2
Yisrael Al Ha Sapah English : Yiśraʼel ʻal ha-sapah. English  2003 1
Yisrael Neged Iran English : Yiśraʼel neged Iran. English  2012 1
Ymca Aquatic Literature Professional Series : Camp waterfront programs and management.  1960 1
Ynstrucion Del Ynga Don Diego De Castro Titu Cussi Ypangui English : Ynstrucion del ynga don Diego de Castro titu cussi Ypangui. English  2005 1
Yoakemae English : Yoakemae. English  1987 1
Yoga Auf Dem Stuhl English : Yoga auf dem Stuhl. English  2012 1
Yogasutra English : Yogasūtra. English  2009 1
Yogasutra English And Sanskrit : Yogasūtra. English & Sanskrit  1983 1
Yogavasistha : Dreams, illusion, and other realities / Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty.  1984 1
Yogavasistha English : Vasiṣṭha's yoga / Swami Venkatesananda.  1993 1
Yohan Classics : The book of tea / Okakura Kakuzo.  2006 1
Yorha Ilgi Selections English : Yŏrha ilgi. Selections. English  2010 1
York Library : The friend : a series of essays to aid in the formation of fixed principles in politics, morals, and religion. With literary amusements interspersed / by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  1904 1
York Medieval Texts   4
York Plays : York plays; the plays performed by the crafts or mysteries of York, on the day of Corpus Christi in the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries. / Edited with introd. and glossary by Lucy Toulmin Smith.  1963 1
York State Book   4
York Studies In Medieval Theology : Medieval theology and the natural body / edited by Peter Biller and A.J. Minnis.  1997 1
York University Toronto Ont Invitation Lecture Series : Imagination and the university / Jacob Bronowski [and others].  1964 1
Yotsuba To English : Yotsuba to!. English  2009 1
You And Your Child Series Karnac Books   2
You Can Make A Difference Spanish : Puedes hacer una diferencia : aprende sobre las carreras para el manejo de desechos.  2004 1
You Can Quit Smoking Spanish   3
You Can Quit Smoking Support And Advice From Your Clinician Spanish : Usted puede dejar de fumar. Apoyo y consejos de su profesional de salud.  2000? 1
You Can Quit Smoking Support And Advice From Your Prenatal Care Provider Spanish : Usted puede dejar de fumar. Recomendaciones y apoyo de su cuidados prenatales.  2000? 1
You Dont Know Js   6
You Dump It You Drink It Spanish : Si lo tira, se lo toma : recicle el aceite usado de motor.  2003 1
You Have A Right To A Safe And Healthful Workplace Spanish : Usted tiene el derecho a un lugar de trabajo seguro y saludable : lo establece la ley!.  2000? 1
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