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age and origin of the chilka anorthosites eastern ghats india implications for massif anorthosite petrogenesis and break up o   2010 1
age and oxidative stress in the germ line   2012 1
age and partisanship 1952 1992   1997 1
age and productivity   2010 1
Age and quality of ground water and sources of nitrogen in the surficial aquifers in Pumpkin Creek Valley, Western Nebraska, 2000   2005 1
age and racial variation in the prevalence of open angle glaucoma in the usa   2008 1
age and regional dependence of collagen crimp in heart valves   2013? 1
Age and sex composition, 2010   2011 1
age and sex differences in cerebral blood flow and autoregulation after pediatric traumatic brain injury   2013 1
age and sex differences in hemodynamics in a large animal model of brain trauma   2014 1
age and sex differences in subjective well being across cultures   2000 1
age and sex differences in the locomotor skeleton of australopithecus   2013 1
age and sex related differences and their implications for resistance exercise   2000 1
age and sla research highways and bye ways   2012 1
Age and source of water in springs associated with the Jacksonville Thrust Fault Complex, Calhoun County, Alabama   2
age and sponsorship in nationalization   1968 1
age and stage structured models   2003 1
Age and stem origin of Appalachian hardwood reproduction following a clearcut and herbicide treatment   1986 1
Age and structural significance of ophiolite and adjoining rocks in the upper Chulitna district, south-central Alaska   1980 1
Age and tectonic inferences from a condensed(?) succession of Upper Cretaceous, Paleocene, and Eocene strata, Big Pine Mountain area, Santa Barbara Co   2
Age and tectonic significance of volcanic rocks in the northern Los Angeles Basin, California   2
Age and the acquisition of English as a foreign language   2003 1
age and the classroom learning of additional languages   2014 1
Age and the rate of foreign language learning   2006 1
age and time correlation of sediments   2012 1
age and working capacity   2010 1
age appropriate   2013 1
Age appropriate activities for adults with profound mental retardation : a collaborative design by music therapy, occupational therapy, and speech pat   2005 1
age appropriate development interventions   2010 1
age as adventure   1993 1
Age as an equality issue : [legal and policy perspectives]   2003 1
Age as disease : anti-aging technologies, sites and practices.   2021 1
age associated alterations of pleiotropic stem cell and the therapeutic implication of stem cell therapy in aging   2014 1
age associated conditions affecting cognition   1998 1
age associated differences in memory for odors   1995 1
age associated general pharmacological aspects   2013 1
age at death current approaches and methods   2013 1
age at first breeding   2002 1
age at first marriage   1972- 1
Age at first marriage in the United States, 2002   2009 1
age at first reproduction   2006 1
Age at menarche, United States   1973 1
Age at menopause, United States - 1960-1962   1973 1
age at which volunteers gained an idea of death   2001 1
age based perceptions of conversational skills among younger and older adults   1994 1
age based rationing of life sustaining health care   2012 1
Age becomes us : bodies and gender in time   2015 1
age before beauty johnson and newport revisited   1995 1
Age cannot wither; the story of Duse and d'Annunzio.   1947 1
age class area matrix approach   2002 1
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