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001    1027786801 
003    OCoLC 
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008    180307s2009    nyua    obd   000 0 eng d 
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050  4 ML3918.R63|bR66 2009 
072  7 MUS|x041000|2bisacsh 
082 04 781.66|222 
100 1  Rombes, Nicholas. 
245 12 A cultural dictionary of punk :|b1974-1982 /|cNicholas 
264  1 New York, N.Y. :|bContinuum,|c[2009] 
264  4 |c©2009 
300    1 online resource (320 pages) :|billustrations. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |tThe 400 Blows --|tAdolescents --|tAdverts --|tAgainst 
       Method --|tAgnew, Spiro --|tAlternative Ulster --|tAnarchy
       is Dead --|tAngry Young Men --|tArt and Fear --|tArt of 
       Noise --|tFuturist manifesto --|tArt Rock --|tAshbery, 
       John --|tAsk the Dust --|tAvengers --|tBad Brains --|tBad 
       Taste in 1974 --|tBalm, Trixie A --|tBangs, Lester --
       |tBiafra: 6,591 votes (3%)!! --|tBlank1 --|tBlank2 --
       |tBlank3 --|tBlank Generation --|tBlank Generation --
       |tBeat Generation --|tThe Bloody Chamber --|tBoredom --
       |tBrando, Marlon --|tBritish National Front --|tBuffalo, 
       New York --|tCallaghan, James: Prime Minister of Great 
       Britain --|tCarter, Jimmy --|tCarter, Jimmy-and the new 
       wave --|tCassidy and Bangs in 1977 --|tCindy --|tCities, 
       decay and beauty of --|tClash, the --|tClass --|tCleveland,
       Ohio --|tCompact audio cassette --|tCooper, Alice --|tCox,
       Alex --|tC.P.O. Sharkey --|tPunk Rock Sharkey --|tCramps: 
       Live at Napa State Mental Hospital --|tCriticism, rock --
       |tDancing --|tDeath of Punk --|tDead Boys --|tDemics, the 
       --|tDestroy All Monsters --|tDhalgren --|tDickies --
       |tDictators --|tDils --|tDiodes --|tDogs --|tJohn Rock n 
       Roll Sinclair --|tJohn Sinclair --|tDot Dash --|tDown-and-
       out during the punk era, the fun of being --|tEast Village
       Eye --|tEater --|tEjectors --|tElectric eels --
       |tEntertainment! --|tExperts Propose Study of Craze --
       |tFeelies --|tFifties, nostalgia for --|tThe Foreigner --
       |tFrankie Teardrop --|tFull Speed Ahead --|tFurther 
       Temptations --|tGeneration X --|tGerms --|tGerm Free 
       Adolescents --|tGibson, William --|tGlass, Philip --
       |tGoing Underground --|tGraham, Bill --|tGravitys Rainbow 
       --|tGreat Jones Street --|tGulcher --|tGunning for Sex 
       Pistols --|tThe Gun Rubber --|tHannah, Barry --|tHappy 
       Birthday, Stephanie --|tHeadlines, 1977 --|tHelen Keller -
       -|tHermans Hermits --|tHigh-Rise --|tHippies, Johnny 
       Rotten comments about --|tHorror Business --|tHorses --
       |tHow Could I --|tI Got You Babe --|tThe Ice Age --
       |tImplied velocity --|tI waste hours keeping my soul out 
       of the cauldron --|tI'm OK You're OK --|tJarmusch, Jim --
       |tJim Basnight and the Moberlys --|tJungle Rot --|tKeep 
       Yours Dreams --|tKentucky Fried Movie --|tL.A. Punk --
       |tLadies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains --|tLa Guardia,
       Fiorello Henry --|tLeon, Craig --|tLowell, Robert --|tMtv 
       --|tMad Magazine, punk and --|tMarbles --|tMeltzer, 
       Richard --|tThe Menace and Charm of Punk Rock --|tMilk n 
       Cookies --|tMinimalism --|tMistakism --|tMo-dettes --|tThe
       most absurd year in the history of rock n roll --|tNeat, 
       Neat, Neat --|tNervous Breakdown --|tNervus Rex --|tNew 
       Dark Ages --|tNew Music, The --|tThe New Wave --|tNew Wave
       Theatre --|tNew Way --|tNirvana --|tNixon, Richard --
       |tNobodys Heroes --|tNon Compos Mentis --|tNo Policy --
       |tNo Wave --|tNormals --|tNostalgia --|tNotes on the New 
       American Cinema --|tNot exactly what you would consider 
       melodic --|tNuns --|tOblique Strategies --|tOnly Ones --
       |tOttawa Today --|tOut of Vogue --|tOutsider, The --
       |tPagans --|tPaint it Black --|tPara Punk Cinema --|tPatti
       --|tPenetrators --|tPere Ubu --|tPettibon, Raymond --
       |tPolice State --|tPunk, alternate meanings of --|tPunk, 
       as honored --|tPunk is inconceivable without the bleak 
       failure of the Sixties --|tPunk, its influence on 
       something other than music or fashion --|tPunk rock is a 
       put on --|tPunk Rock: the arrogant underbelly of Sixties 
       pop --|tPunk Rock Rises Again!!, Creem headline --|tPunk 
       Root --|tQuestion of Degree, A --|tRadio On --|tRadio 
       Wunderbar --|tRaincoats --|tRamones (1974- ) --|tRamone, 
       Joey (and Joey Miserable and the Worms) --|tRamones, the 
       first album in ten tracks --|tRamones, as trivial --|tAs 
       great --|tRamones, first lines of songs on first three 
       albums --|tReagan, Ronald --|tRead About Seymour --|tReal 
       Life --|tRebel Without a Cause --|tReceiving End --|tRent 
       Act --|tRimbaud, Arthur --|tRoad Warrior, The --|tRocket 
       from the Tombs, four sentences about --|tRocket from the 
       Tombs, two songs by --|tRockwell, John --|tRombes, Kori 
       Ann --|tSaints --|tScreamers --|tSCUM Manifesto --|tSecond
       Extermination Nite --|tSee No Evil --|tSelf-referential, 
       punk as --|tSeventeen --|tShirkers --|tShivvers --|tShort-
       lived fad, a --|tSingles reviewed --|tSister Ray --
       |tSixties, punk as a rejection of --|tSixties, punk as an 
       affirmation of --|tSix Million Dollar Man, The --|tSkunks 
       --|tSleepers --|tSlits --|tSlouching Towards Bethlehem --
       |tSo Cold --|tSocial threat of punk, the --|tSomethings 
       happening --|tSonic Reducer --|tSonic Youth --|tSpeedies -
       -|tSpheeris, Penelope --|tSpock, Benjamin --|tStarburn: 
       The Story of Jenni Love --|tStatic Disposal --|tSterling, 
       Linder --|tStill bewildered by the death machine --
       |tStooges --|tStrange --|tStudent Teachers --|tSuicide --
       |tSurvival Research Laboratories (SRL) --|tSymbionese 
       Liberation Army (SLA) --|tTarget Video --|tTeen Idles --
       |tThats Entertainment --|tThe music is primal, mindless, 
       without climaxes --|tThe ongoing force of me --
       |tTheoretical Girls --|tTheory, punk as a form of --
       |tThere are Only Three Rock Groups in America --|tThere is
       nothing inherently wonderful about starkness --|tThe 
       Worlds a Mess --|tIts In My Kiss --|tTroggs --|tTruth 
       about punk, the --|tTV Babies --|tUndertones --|tVast 
       Majority --|tVertigo --|tVibrators --|tVietnam War --
       |tViletones --|tVinyl --|tWallace and Ladmo Show, the --
       |tWarhol, Andy --|tWeirdos --|tWhen Youre Young --
       |tWhistle Punk --|tWho Killed Bambi? --|tWhy? --|tWrite 
       Down Your Number --|tXerox Days --|tZeros. 
520    "A Cultural Dictionary of Punk is organized around scores 
       of distinct entries, on everything from Lester Bangs to 
       The Slits, from Jimmy Carter to Minimalism, from 'Dot 
       Dash' to Bad Brains."--Back cover. 
588 0  Print version record. 
648  7 1971-1990|2fast 
650  0 Punk rock music|xSocial aspects. 
650  0 Punk rock music|xHistory and criticism. 
650  0 Punk rock music|vDictionaries. 
650  0 Rock music|y1971-1980. 
650  0 Rock music|y1981-1990. 
650  7 Rock & Pop music.|2bicssc 
650  7 Individual composers & musicians, specific bands & groups.
650  7 MUSIC / Instruction & Study / Theory.|2bisacsh 
650  7 Punk rock music.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01084153 
650  7 Rock music.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01099204 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aRombes, Nicholas.|tCultural dictionary 
       of punk.|dNew York, N.Y. : Continuum, ©2009|z9780826427793
       |w(DLC)  2008045223|w(OCoLC)263605434 
956 40 |u
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