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Title Special operations forces medical handbook.
Imprint [Washington D.C.] : [U.S. Special Operations Command] : For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S. G.P.O., [2008]
Edition Second edition.

Subject Medicine, Military -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.
Alt Name U.S. Special Operations Command.
Description 1 volume (various pagings) : illustrations (some color) ; 22 x 15 cm
Edition Second edition.
Note Flip chart format.
"November 2008."
Shipping list no.: 2009-0104-P.
Includes index.
ISBN 9780160808968
OCLC # 294907378
Table of Contents
PART 1Operational Issues 
 Tactical Combat Casualty Care1
 Counter-Insurgency Medical Operations1
 Unconventional Warfare and Guemilla Hospitals3
 Triage in MASCAL4
 Prepare a Patient for Evacuation Using Special Equipment7
 SKEDCO Personnel Placement for Evacuation Using Special Equipment9
 Patient Evacuation Considerations11
 9 Line MEDEVAC Request13
 Helicopter Landing Zones14
 Casevac with Fixed Winged Aircraft18
 Air Evacuation Phone List19
 Aircraft Patient Loads20
 Considerations for the Treatment of Enemy Prisoners of War, Detained Personnel and Civilians20
PART 2Clinical Process 
 Medical History and Phsysical Examination1
PART 3General Symptoms 
 Acute Abominal Pain1
 Back Pain, Low4
 Breast Problems 
 Clinical Breast Examination5
 Breast Pain5
 Nipple Discharge6
 Breast Lump7
 Breast Abscess Incision and Drainage Procedure9
 Chest Pain10
 Depression and Mania15
 Diarrhea, Acute17
 ENT Problems 
 Ear Pain19
 Hearing Loss22
 Neck Masses25
 Control of Persistent Nosebleed (Epistaxis)27
 Pharyngitis, Adult29
 Peritonsillar Abscess Needla Aspiration31
 Salivary Gland Disease33
 Eye Problems 
 Acute Red Eye Without Trauma36
 Acute Vision Loss Without Trauma37
 Eye Injury39
 Pain and Poor Vision After Refractive Surgery40
 Laser Eye Injuries41
 Orbital/Periorbital Inflammation43
 Lateral Canthotomy and Cantholysis44
 Gynecologic Problems 
 Female Pelvic Examination51
 Abnormal Uterine Bleeding54
 Pelvic Pain, Acute55
 Pelvic Pain, Chronic56
 Bacterial Vaginosis59
 Candida Vaginitis/Vulvitis59
 Vaginitis Chart60
 Vaginal Trichomonas61
 Pelvic Inflammatory Disease61
 Bartholin's Duct Cyst/Abscess62
 Incision and Drainage of Bartholin's Gland Mass63
 Joint Pain69
 Joint Dislocations72
 Shoulder Pain76
 Hip Pain77
 Knee Pain79
 Ankle Pain80
 Finger Problems81
 Male Genital Problems 
 Genital Inflammation82
 Testis/Scrotal Mass84
 Torsion of the Testicle86
 Memory Loss88
 Obstetric Problems 
 Induction of Labor90
 Vaginal Delivery90
 Preterm Labor94
 Relief of Shoulder Dystocia95
 Breech Birth96
 Cesarean Delivery101
 Episiotomy and Repair102
 Postpartum Hemorrhage105
 Intraamniotic Infection and Endometritis107
 Rash With a Fever111
 Pruntus (Itching)112
 Shortness of Breath (Dyspnea)113
 Syncope (Fainting)115
PART 4Organ Systems 
Chapter 1Cardiac/Circulatory 
 Acute Coronary Syndrome (Acute Myocardial Infarction and Unstable Angina)1
 Congestive Heart Failure (Pulmonary Edema)3
 Hyperlensive Emergencies4
 Cardiac Resuscitation6
Chapter 2Blood 
Chapter 3Respiratory 
 Common Cold (Upper Respiratory Tract Infections)8
 Pleural Effusion17
 Procedure: Thoracentesis18
 Inhalation Injury Due to Smoke and Toxic Chemicals21
 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis22
 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease25
 Deep Vain Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism26
 Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome28
 Chronic Obstructive Sleep Apnea29
Chapter 4Endocrine 
 Adrenal Insufficiency30
 Diabetes Mellitus31
 Thyroid Disorders33
Chapter 5Neurologic 
 Seizure Disorders and Epilepsy35
 Trigeminal Neuralgia37
 Bell's Palsy (Idiopathic Facial Nerve Palsy)39
Chapter 6Skin 
 Introduction to Dermatology39
 Bacterial Infections 
 Staphylococcal Infections40
 Disseminated Gonococcal Infection42
 Erysipelas and Cellulitis43
 Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome44
 Impetigo Contagiosa45
 Mycobacterial Infections 
 Buruli Ulcer45
 Cutaneous Tuberculosis46
 Leprosy (Hansen's Disease)47
 Viral Infections 
 Ecthyma Contagiosum48
 Herpes Zoster (Shingles)48
 Moiluscum Contagiosum49
 Warts (Including Venereal Warts/Condyloma)50
 Superficial Fungal Infections 
 Dermatophyte (Tinea) Infections51
 Tinea (Pityriasis) Versicolor52
 Parasitic Infections 
 Onchocerciasis (River Blindness)54
 Swimming Dermatitis (Sea Bather's Eruption (Salt Water), Swimmer's Itch (fresh and salt water)55
 Bug Bites and Stings 
 Bed Bugs56
 Centipede Bites56
 Millipede Exposure57
 Hymenoptera (Bee, Fire Ant, Homet, Yellow Jacket, Ant) Stings58
 Spider (Black Widow, Brown Recluse) Bites60
 Flea Bites62
 Pediculosis (Crab Lice, Head Lice, Body Lice)63
 Spirochetal Diseases 
 Skin Disorders 
 Pseudofolliculitis Barbae66
 Skin Cancer (Basal and Squamous Cell, Malignant Melanoma)66
 Seborrheic Keratosis68
 Contact Dermatitis69
Chapter 7Gastrointestinal 
 Emergency Field Appendectomy72
 Acute Cholecystitis77
 Acute Bacterial Food Poisoning78
 Acute Gastritis80
 Acute Pancreatitis80
 Acute Pentonitis82
 Acute Peptic Ulcer83
 Acute Intestinal Obstruction84
 Anorectal Disorders 
 Anal Fissures85
 Hemorrhoidal Disease86
 Peri-rectal Abscess88
 Pilonidal Sinus Disorders89
Chapter 8Genitourinary 
 Urinary Tract Problems90
 Urinary Incontinence92
 Urolithiasis (Kidney or Ureteral Stones)94
 Urinary Tract Infection95
PART 5Specialty Areas 
Chapter 9Podiatry 
 Heel Spur Syndrome (heel spur, heel bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis)1
 Ingrown Toenail2
 Plantar Warts2
 Bunion (Hallus Abductor Valgus)3
 Corns and Calluses4
 Stress Fractures of the Foot5
 Friction Foot Blisters5
Chapter 10Dentistry 
 General Information7
 Dental Kit for the Field10
 Oral and Dental Problems 
 Calculus (Tatar)11
 Periodontal Abscess11
 Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis11
 Dental Caries12
 Acute Periapical Abscess12
 Untreated Acute Periapical Abscess13
 Tooth/Crown Fractures14
 Luxated (Dislocated) Tooth14
 Avulsed Tooth14
 Localized Osteitis ("Dry Socket")15
 Herpetic Lesions (Cold Sores, Fever Blisters)15
 Aphthous Ulcers ("Canker" Sores)16
 Dislocation of the Temporomandibular Joint(s)17
 Dental Procedures 
 Thermal Test for Pulpitis18
 Dental Anesthesia Anesthetics18
 Infraorbital Block18
 Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve Injection20
 Greater Palatine Injection21
 Incisal Nerve Injection22
 Inferior Alveolar Block23
 Long Buccal Injection24
 Temporary Restorations25
 Tooth Extraction25
 Draining a Tooth Abscess25
 Civil Action Planning26
Chapter 11Sexually Transmitted Diseases 
 Introduction to STDs27
 Urethral Discharge27
 Genital Ulcers28
Chapter 12Infectious Diseases 
 Ascariasis (Roundworm)31
 Clonorchiasis (Chinese Liver Fluke)32
 Dracunculiasis (Guinea Worm Disease)33
 Enterobiasis (Pinworms)34
 Filariasis (Elephantiasis)36
 Hookworm and Cutaneous Larva Migrans38
 Strongyloidiasis (Cutaneous Larva Currens)42
 Taeniasis (Tapeworm Infections)43
 Trichuriasis (Whipworm)45
 Trypanosomiasis, African (Sleeping Sickness)45
 Trypanosomiasis, American (Changas' Disease)46
 Non-tuberculosis Mycobacterial Infections47
 Fungal Infeclions 
 Introduction to Fungal Infections (Mycoses)49
 Blastomycosis (North American Blastomycosis, Gilchrist Disease)49
 Candidiasis (Thrush)50
 Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever, Desert Rheumatism)51
 Histoplasmosis (Darling's Disease)52
 Paracoccidioidomycosis (South American Blastomycosis)53
 Introduction to Viral Infections53
 Arboviral Encephalitis (TBE, JE, WN, ST. Louis)54
 Dengue Fever(Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever/Dengue Shock Syndrome)55
 Hepatitis A57
 Hepatitis B (and Hepatitis D)58
 Hepatitis C59
 Hepatitis E59
 Hepatitis Chart60
 Human Immunodeficiency Virus61
 Infections Mononucleosis62
 Yellow Fever68
 Rickettsial Infections 
 Rickettsial Infections (Murine, Rickettsiaplox, RMSF, Scrub Typhus, Louse-Bome Typhus, Boutonneuse Fever)70
 Rickettsial Infection Chart72
 Q Fever75
 Spirochetal Infections 
 Lyme Disease76
 Relapsing Fever77
 Acinetobacter Infections78
 Bartonella Infections (Cat Scratch Disease, Oroya Fever, Trench Fever)81
 Rat Bite Fever89
 Acute Rheumatic Fever89
 Streptococcal Infections, Life-Threatening90
 Typhoid Fever94
Chapter 13Preventive Medicine 
 Immunization Chart95
 Surveillance for Illness and Injury97
 Malaria Prevention and Control98
 Field Sanitation98
 Waste Disposal101
 Field Water Purification107
 Pest Control108
 Rabies Control108
 Landfill Management109
 Hearing Protection109
Chapter 14Veterinary Medicine 
 Antemortem Exam109
 Humane Slaughter and Field Dressing110
 Postmortem Exam113
 Food Storage and Preservation113
 Physical Exam and Restraint114
 Large Animal Obstetrics117
 IV Fluid Infusion118
 Animal Diseases 
 Bloat in Bovine118
 Milk Fever/Parturient Paresis (bovine/caprine/ovine)118
 Foot Rot in Carprine119
 Lameness in Equine119
 Skin Diseases in Swine120
 Acute Mastitis120
 Diarrhea in Porcine121
 Conjunctivitis (Pinkeye)121
 Equine Procedures 
 Castrate a Stallion121
 Colic in Equine123
 Float Equine Teeth123
 Pack Animal Harnessing124
 Introduction to the Care of Military Working Dogs125
 Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus125
 Heat Injury126
 Administer a Subcutaneous or Intramuscular Injuction127
 Placement of an IV Catheter128
Chapter 15Pediatrics 
 Newborn Resuscitation130
 Infant and Child Assessment and Resuscitation132
 Common Pediatric Symptoms 
 Diarrhea and Dehydration139
 Cough and Respiratory Infection140
 Pain in the Child141
 Most Common Pediatric Diseases 
 Red Eye Without Trauma143
 Tearing/Nasofacrimal Duct Obstruction144
 Ear Problems 
 Otitis Media146
 Mouth Problems 
 Mouth Problems148
 Throat Problems 
 Genital Problems 
 Diaper Rash152
 Skin Problems 
 Viral Exanthems152
 Serious Pediatric Diseases 
 Acute Abdominal Pain157
Chapter 16Human Nutritional Disorders 
 Vitamin & Mineral Facts163
Chapter 17Toxicology 
 Introduction to General Poisoning166
 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning169
 Venomous Snake Bites170
Chapter 18Mental Health 
 Operational Stress173
 Acute Suicide Prevention175
 Substance Abuse176
 Psychosis versus Delirium177
 Recovery of Human Remains: How to Prepare Yourself, Your Buddies, and the Unit178
Chapter 19Anesthesia 
 Drawover Method180
 Total Intravenous Anesthesia181
 Local/Regional Anesthesia 
 Digital Block of the Finger or Toe185
 Standard Approach to Blocks189
 Nerve Blockade of the Hand and Wrist189
 Ulnar Nerve Block at Wrist190
 Median Nerve Block at Wrist191
 Radial Nerve Block at Wrist191
 Nerve Blockade of the Foot and Ankle192
 Superficial Peroneal and Saphenous Nerve Blocks193
 Sural Nerve Block194
 Deep Peroneal Nerve Block195
 Tibial Nerve Block195
 Axiliary Blockade197
 Intravenous Regional Anesthesia (Bier Block)198
PART 6Operational Environment 
Chapter 20Dive Medicine 
 Submersion Induced Pulmonary Edema1
 Barotrauma to Ears1
 Other (Dental, Sinus, Gl, Skin, and Face Mask)3
 Decompression Injuries 
 Decompression Sickness (Calsson Disease, the "Bends")4
 Pulmonary Over Inflation Syndrome (Including Arterial Gas Embolism)7
 Treatment Algorithm for Unconscious Divers9
 Gas Problems 
 Hypoxia, Including Shallow Water Blackout10
 Oxygen Toxicity11
 Carbon Dioxide Poisoning12
 Marine Hazards 
 Dangerous Marine Life: Venomous Animals12
 Dangerous Marine Life: Biting Animals15
 Underwater Blast/Explosion/Sound Injury16
 "Caustic Cocktail" Chemical Burn17
 Dive Treatment Table 5 Depth/Time Profile18
 Dive Treatment Table 6 Depth/Time Profile19
 Dive Treatment Table 6A Depth/Time Profile20
Chapter 21Aerospace Medicine 
 Cerebral Hypoxia21
 Decompression Sickness24
Chapter 22High Altitude Illnesses