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019    232302283|a316692644|a402526577|a427857270|a607264162
020    9780387740669 
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020    9780387716756 
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024 7  10.1007/978-0-387-74066-9|2doi 
035    (OCoLC)233971307|z(OCoLC)232302283|z(OCoLC)316692644
037    978-0-387-71675-6|bSpringer|n 
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082 04 629.454|222 
100 1  Woods, W. David.|0
245 10 How Apollo flew to the Moon /|cW. David Woods. 
264  1 New York :|bSpringer Verlag ;|aChichester, U.K. :
       |bPublished in association with Praxis Pub.,|c2008. 
300    1 online resource (xxvii, 412 pages, 16 unnumbered pages 
       of plates) :|billustrations (some color). 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
340    |gpolychrome|2rdacc|0
490 1  Springer-Praxis books in space exploration. 
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 389-391) and 
505 00 |tList of illustrations --|tAuthor's preface --
       |tAcknowledgements --|tForeword --|g1.|tApollo : an 
       extraordinary adventure --|tThe meaning of Apollo --
       |tDreaming of the Moon --|tThe Apollo spaceship --|tWhich 
       way? --|tLunar orbit rendezvous --|tEquipment --|tSwords 
       to ploughshares : von Braun's rockets --|g2.|tThe Apollo 
       flights : a brief history --|tAn alphabet of missions --
       |tFailure of imagination --|tBack in the saddle : Apollo 4
       --|tThe lunar module flies : Apollo 5 --|tThe Saturn balks
       : Apollo 6 --|tTesting block II : Apollo 7 --|tGutsy 
       decisions : Apollo 8 --|tA complete system test : Apollo 9
       --|tA dress rehearsal : Apollo 10 --|tTask accomplished : 
       Apollo 11 --|tLIghtning strikes : Apollo 12 --|tThe 
       successful failure : Apollo 13 --|tTry again : Apollo 14 -
       -|tExploration at its greatest : Apollo 15 --|tThe last 
       hurrah : Apollo 17 --|tGoodbye Apollo. 
505 00 |g3.|tLaunch : a fiery departure --|tPreparations for 
       launch --|tLift-off --|tGetting through the atmosphere --
       |tSecond stage --|tThird stage --|g4.|tEarth orbit and TLI
       --|tSettling into orbit --|tAround the world in 90 minutes
       --|tCoasting around Earth --|tThe route to the Moon --|g5.
       |tRetrieving the lander --|tLeaving Earth --
       |tTransposition, docking and extraction --|t"No latch, 
       Houston" --|tThe fate of the S-IVB --|g6.|tNavigating to 
       the Moon --|tCrossing cislunar space --|tGround-based 
       tracking --|tNavigation from the spacecraft --|tThe 
       guidance and navigation system --|g7.|tCoasting to the 
       Moon --|tThree men in a submarine --|tSustaining life --
       |tThe personal bit --|tCool air --|tPTC : spacecraft on a 
       spit --|tStirring the tanks : genesis of a failure --
       |tCommunications --|tTelly from the Moon --|tChecking the 
       lunar module --|g8.|tEntering lunar orbit : the LOI 
       manoeuvre --|tThe service module --|tHow not to crash into
       the Moon --|tLunar encounter --|tThe LOI PAD : it isn't 
       magic --|tThe black void --|tLuna close up : burning LOI. 
505 00 |g9.|tPreparations for landing --|tOverjoyed --|tThe 
       second arrival burn --|tHow not to crash into the Moon --
       |tThe joys of lunar orbit --|tIn the descent orbit --
       |tEntering the lunar module --|tContinuing preparations --
       |tUndocking --|g10.|tNext stop : the Moon --|t:Go for the 
       Pro" : the landing begins --|tSlowing down : P63 --|t"Hey,
       there it is!" : pitchover and P64 --|t"Picking up some 
       dust" : P66 --|g11.|tOrbital sojourn : looking at the Moon
       --|tLuna cognita --|tUnmanned probes --|tApollo reaches 
       the Moon --|tScience station in lunar orbit --|g12.
       |tRendezvous and docking --|tOrbital mechanics --|tWe have
       lift-off ... from the Moon! --|tRendezvous techniques --
       |tBraking and station-keeping --|tA long day --|tThe role 
       of mission control --|tEpitaph for the lunar module --
       |g13.|tHeading for home --|tMission accomplished ... 
       nearly --|tTrans-EArth injection --|tSubsatellite --|tThe 
       TEI PAD : a worked example --|tCounting down to the burn -
       -|tThe long fall to Earth --|tA walk outside : EVA. 
505 00 |g14.|tRe-entry --|tA fiery return --|tIN we come : entry 
       from start to finish --|tThe entry PAD : a worked example 
       --|tEntry REFSMMAT --|tFinal four hours --|tLast hour --
       |tHuman shooting star : P63 --|tEnsuring capture : P64 --
       |tAiming for the ships : P67 --|tSplashdown --|tEpilogue -
       -|tGlossary --|tFurther reading --|tIndex. 
520 1  "David Woods tells the exciting story of how the Apollo 
       flights were conducted by following a virtual flight to 
       the Moon and back. From launch to splashdown, he hitches a
       ride in the incredible spaceships that took men to another
       world, exploring each step of the journey and detailing 
       the enormous range of disciplines, techniques and 
       procedures the Apollo crews had to master. While 
       describing the tremendous technological accomplishment 
       involved, he adds the human dimension by calling on the 
       testimony of the people who were there at the time." "In 
       How Apollo Flew to the Moon there is wealth of accessible 
       material: the role of the powerful Saturn V, the reasoning
       behind trajectories, the day-to-day concerns of human and 
       spacecraft health between two worlds, and the sheer daring
       involved in traveling to the Moon in the mid-twentieth 
546    English. 
588 0  Print version record. 
610 20 Project Apollo (U.S.)|0
610 20 Project Apollo (U.S.)|0
650  0 Space flight to the moon.|0
650  0 Space flight.|0
655  0 History. 
655  4 Electronic books. 
655  7 History.|2fast|0 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aWoods, W. David.|tHow Apollo flew to the
       Moon.|dNew York : Springer Verlag ; Chichester, U.K. : 
       Published in association with Praxis Pub., 2008
       |z9780387716756|z0387716750|w(DLC)  2007932412
830  0 Springer-Praxis books in space exploration.|0http:// 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2008 -
       Full Set|c2018-11-02|yMaster record variable field(s) 
       change: 773|5OH1 
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2008 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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