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245 00 Branding and design /|cSpringer Nature Video ; Apress ; 
       Adam Sinicki. 
246 33 Branding and design :|bcreating a highly memorable brand 
       for the web 
264  1 New York, NY :|bApress,|c2019. 
300    1 online resource (18 minutes) 
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336    two-dimensional moving image|btdi|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
337    video|bv|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
347    video file|2rda 
500    Title from resource description page (viewed February 25, 
511 0  Presenter: Adam Sinicki. 
520    Create a brand online through the use of web design, 
       graphic design (Illustrator and Photoshop), outsourcing, 
       social media, and various other strategies. The objective 
       of this video is to help you create a coherent design that
       speaks to the mission statement of the brand, and that 
       will increase audience engagement and loyalty. The main 
       strategy is to create a brand design that is unique to the
       business and that has a specific buyer persona in mind 
       (not to try and 'appeal to everyone'). This will reference
       Simon Sinek's 'Golden Circle'. From there, a logo can be 
       designed or outsourced to reflect that mission statement. 
       This should be simple, re-useable, scalable, and non-
       cliched, and the design process may involve a mood board. 
       The design should be a vector file, and we will look at 
       the technical skills necessary to create such a design. 
       The same branding should then be used through a website, 
       and will help to inform design decisions, as well as 
       across social media. The aim here is 'be everywhere' and 
       'be consistent'. We will discuss how brand strategy can 
       even influence product design, using Apple as the perfect 
       example. We will also discuss branding in the context of 
       content marketing. What You Will Learn: Create a design 
       aesthetic that expresses your company's valuers and ethos.
       Choose a mission statement and find a buyer persona to 
       help you meet your goals. Study how you can create and 
       maintain a brand. Who This Video is For: New startups, 
       entrepreneurs, bloggers, and sole traders looking to 
       create a strong platform online. Businesses currently 
       operating with drab and uninspired branding that are 
       losing potential leads as a result. 
546    In English. 
650  0 Branding (Marketing) 
650  0 Web sites|xDesign. 
650  7 Branding (Marketing)|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01743755 
650  7 Web sites|xDesign.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01173252 
700 1  Sinicki, Adam,|eauthor,|espeaker. 
710 2  Springer Nature (Firm),|eproduction company. 
776 08 |iDVD version:|z9781484249581 
990    Alexander Street|bAcademic Video Online: Premium United 
       States|c2021-09-24|yCustom text change|5URC 
990    Alexander Street|bAcademic Video Online: Premium United 
       States|c2021-09-24|yCustom text change|5OXB 
990    O'Reilly|bO'Reilly Online Learning: Academic/Public 
       Library Edition|c2021-08-20|yKB provider name change|5OH1 
990    Alexander Street|bAcademic Video Online: Premium United 
       States|c2021-06-08|yNew collection alexanderpress.vastpus
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Online Learning: Academic/Public
       Library Edition|c2020-10-09|yKB collection name change
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Safari Learning Platform: 
       Academic edition|c2020-07-24|yAdded to collection 
990    Alexander Street|bAcademic Video Online: Premium United 
       States|c2020-03-27|yAdded to collection 
990    Alexander Street|bAcademic Video Online: Premium United 
       States|c2020-03-27|yAdded to collection 
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