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050 00 PR1109|b.B675 1964 
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100 1  Brooks, Cleanth,|d1906-1994,|0
245 13 An approach to literature /|cCleanth Brooks, John Thibaut 
       Purser [and] Robert Penn Warren. 
250    Fourth edition. 
264  1 New York :|bAppleton-Century-Crofts,|c[1964] 
300    xvi, 917 pages ;|c26 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
505 00 |gFiction : episode and fictional point.|tThe use of force
       /|rWilliam Carlos Williams --|tAn episode of war /
       |rStephen Crane. 
505 00 |gFiction : the tale, feeling and idea.|tThe fir tree /
       |rHans Christian Andersen --|tThe three strangers /
       |rThomas Hardy --|tFlight /|rJohn Steinbeck. 
505 00 |gFiction : personality, action and idea.|tClay /|rJames 
       Joyce --|tI'm a fool /|rSherwood Anderson --|tSpotted 
       horses /|rWilliam Faulkner. 
505 00 |gFiction : the simple turn.|tWet Saturday /|rJohn Collier
       --|tThe lottery ticket /|rAnton Chekhov --|tLegal aid /
       |rFrank O'Conner. 
505 00 |gFiction : plot and compexity of movement.|tThe jar /
       |rLuigi Pirandello --|tThe valiant woman /|rJ.F. Powers --
       |tKeela, the outhcast Indian maiden /|rEudora Welty. 
505 00 |gFiction : theme and method.|tThe horse dealer's daughter
       /|rD.H. Lawrence --|tAraby /|rJames Joyce --|tLe Mère 
       sauvage /|rGuy de Maupassant --|tIn another country ;|tThe
       killers /|rErnest Hemingway --|tThe gentleman from San 
       Francisco /|rIvan Bunin. 
505 00 |gFiction : scale, pace and time.|tNoon wine /|rKatherine 
       Anne Porter --|tThe rich boy /|rF. Scott Fitzgerald. 
505 00 |gFiction : stories.|tKronkin's prisoner /|rIsaac Babel --
       |tLa Lupa /|rGiovanni Verga --|tTomorrow and tomorrow and 
       so forth /|rJohn Updike --|tThe apostate /|rGeorge Milburn
       --|tDaddy wolf /|rJames Purdy --|tThe lagoon /|rJoseph 
       Conrad --|tJerico, Jerico, Jerico /|rAndrew Nelson Lytle -
       -|tO youth and beauty! /|rJohn Cheever --|tIn dreams begin
       responsibilities /|rDelmore Schwartz --|tDisorder and 
       early sorrow /|rThomas Mann --|tA wife of Nashville /
       |rPeter Taylor. 
505 00 |gPoetry.|tSir Patrick Spens ;|tFrankie and Johnny /
       |rAnonymous --|tThe star-splitter /|rRobert Frost --
       |tEdward ;|tLord Randall ;|tThe bonny Earl of Murray /
       |rAnonymous --|tDanny Deever /|rRudyard Kipling --|tMy 
       last duchess /|rRobert Browning --|tLucinda Matlock /
       |rEdgar Lee Masters --|tBredon Hill ;|tThe true lover /
       |rA.E. Housman --|tThe farmer's bride /|rCharlotte Mew --
       |tLove on the farm /|rD.H. Lawrence --|tThe eagle /
       |rAlfred, Lord Tennyson --|tSilver /|rWalter de la Mare --
       |tThe red wheelbarrow /|rWilliam Carlos Williams --
       |tInscription for a fountain /|rSamuel Taylor Coleridge --
       |tA complaint /|rWilliam Wordsworth --|tMonody /|rHerman 
       Melville --|tSonnet 18 ;|tSonnet 73 ;|tSonnet 97 /
       |rWilliam Shakespeare --|tTo Daffadills /|rRobert Herrick 
       --|tSong /|rEdmund Waller --|tThe bugle song ;|tThe lotos 
       eaters /|rAlfred, Lord Tennyson --|tThe tree of man /
       |rA.E. Housman --|tNulla fides /|rPatrick Carey --|tA 
       passer-by /|rRobert Bridges --|tThe wild swans at Coole /
       |rWilliam Butler Yeats --|tHymn to Diana /|rBen Johnson --
       |tThe night-piece to Julia /|rRobert Herrick --|tThe mower
       to the glow-worms /|rAndrew Marvell --|tGod's grandeur /
       |rGerard Manley Hopkins --|tThe lamb ;|tThe tiger /
       |rWilliam Blake --|tOde to the west wind /|rPercy Bysshe 
       Shelley --|tThat the night come /|rWilliam Butler Yeats. 
505 00 |gPoetry : the mechanics of verse.|tCome down, O Maid /
       |rAlfred, Lord Tennyson. 
505 00 |gPoetry.|tNeutral tones /|rThomas Hardy --|tThe parting /
       |rMichael Drayton --|tRose Aylmer /|rWalter Savage Landor 
       --|tA slumber did my spirit seal /|rWilliam Wordsworth --
       |tOn the late massacre in Piedmont /|rJohn Milton --|tThe 
       day of judgment /|rJonathan Swift --|tTo Ianthe ;|tHymn of
       Apollo /|rPercy Bysshe Shelley --|tSonnet 87 /|rWilliam 
       Shakespeare --|tCome up from the fields, Father /|rWalt 
       Whitman --|tOn an invitation to the United States /
       |rThomas Hardy --|tHis books /|rRobert Southey --|tOn a 
       young heir's coming of age /|rSamuel Johnson --|tPhilomela
       /|rJohn Crowe Ransom --|tThe grasshopper /|rRichard 
       Lovelace --|tFidele's dirge /|rWilliam Shakespeare --
       |tBells for John Whiteside's daughter /|rJohn Crowe Ransom
       --|tAt her window /|rFrederick Locker-Lampson --
       |tCommemorative of a naval victory ;|tThe college colonel 
       /|rHerman Melville --|tThe need of being versed in country
       things /|rRobert Frost --|tSonnet 104 /|rWilliam 
       Shakespeare --|tIn memory of Major Robert Gregory /
       |rWilliam Butler Yeats --|tLay your sleeping head /|rW.H. 
       Auden --|tThey flee from me /|rSir Thomas Wyatt --|tOde on
       melancholy /|rJohn Keats --|tTo Marguerite /|rMatthew 
       Arnold --|tVery like a whale /|rOgden Nash --|tYou, Andrew
       Marvell /|rArchibald MacLeish --|tSpring and fall /
       |rGerard Manley Hopkins --|tSong /|rThomas Carew --|tDeath
       the leveler /|rJames Shirley --|tExperience of the west /
       |rJohn Peale Bishop --|tFor Rhoda /|rDelmore Schwartz --
       |tBurning the letters /|rRandall Jarrell --|tA prayer for 
       my daughter /|rWilliam Butler Yeats --|tHamlet 
       soliloquizes ;|tMacbeth thinks of murdering the king /
       |rWilliam Shakespeare --|tThe leg in the subway /|rOscar 
       Williams --|tThe good-morrow /|rWalter Savage Landor --|tA
       serenade at the villa /|rRobert Browning --|tKubla Khan, 
       or, a vision in a dream /|rSamuel Taylor Coleridge --|tA 
       valediction : forbidding mourning /|rJohn Donne --|tThe 
       Abyss /|rTheodore Roethke --|tThe force that through the 
       green fuse /|rDylan Thomas. 
505 00 |gPoetry.|tThe convergence of the Twain /|rThomas Hardy --
       |tSonnet 55 /|rWilliam Shakespeare --|tElegy /|rThomas 
       Gray --|tI walked out to the graveyard /|rRichard Eberhart
       --|tDover Beach /|rMatthew Arnold --|tThe secular masque /
       |rJohn Dryden --|tLondon /|rWilliam Blake --|tLondon, 1802
       ;|tComposed upon Westminster Bridge /|rWilliam Wordsworth 
       --|tWest London /|rMatthew Arnold --|tAn elementary school
       classroom in a slum /|rStephen Spender --|tA refusal to 
       mourn /|rDylan Thomas --|tThe lie /|rSir Walter Raleigh --
       |tTo his coy mistress /|rAndrew Marvell --|tSonnet 129 ;
       |tSonnet 146 /|rWilliam Shakespeare --|tSonnets at 
       Christmas /|rAllen Tate --|tChristmas Eve under Hooker's 
       statue /|rRobert Lowell --|tA psalm of life /|rHenry 
       Wadsworth Longfellow --|tThe funeral /|rJohn Donne --
       |tEighth Air Force /|rRandall Jarrell --|tHollywood /
       |rKarl Shapiro --|tColonel Shaw and the Massachusetts' 
       54th /|rRobert Lowell --|tThe little black boy /|rWilliam 
       Blake --|tFrom Song of myself /|rWalt Whitman --|tThe idea
       of order at Key West /|rWallace Stevens --|tLines /
       |rWilliam Wordsworth --|tOde to a nightingale ;|tWhat the 
       thrush said ;|tWhy did I laugh tonight? ;|tOde on a 
       grecian urn ;|tTo autumn /|rJohn Keats --|tThe wood-pile ;
       |tA leaf treader ;|tTo earthward ;|tCome in ;|tThe oven 
       bird /|rRobert Frost --|tThese are the days when birds 
       come back ;|tThe sky is low, the clouds are mean ;|tThe 
       mountains stood in haze ;|tI could not prove the years had
       feet ;|tHope is the thing with feathers ;|tSuccess is 
       counted sweetest ;|tOur journey had advanced ;|tI years 
       had been from home ;|tHer final summer was it ;|tBecause I
       could not stop for death ;|tI heard a fly buzz when I died
       /|rEmily Dickinson. 
505 00 |gDiscursive prose : the personal essay.|tDream children /
       |rCharles Lamb --|tFarewell, my lovely /|rLee Strout White
       --|tWild Bird Hickok and his friends /|rJames Thurber --
       |tLet's see who salutes /|rArt Buchwald --|tEn route to 
       Chicago /|rJim Brosnan --|tThe stars /|rGeorge Santayana. 
505 00 |gDiscursive prose : the essay of idea and opinion.
       |tPulvis et Umbra /|rRobert Louis Stevenson --|tFreedom 
       and the control of men /|rB.F. Skinner --|tOn Walden two /
       |rJoseph Wood Krutch --|tCulture and anarchy /|rMatthew 
       Arnold --|tLiterature and the modern world /|rT.S. Eliot -
       -|tFrom hero to celebrity /|rDaniel Boorstin --|tThe 
       meaning of treason /|rRebecca West --|tThe death-in-life 
       of Benjamin Reid /|rWilliam Styron --|tIn favor of capital
       punishment /|rJacques Barzun --|tArtists in uniform /
       |rMary McCarthy --|tThe deliverance of Dunkirk /|rWinston 
505 00 |gDiscursive prose : the critical essay.|tHomage to 
       Hemingway /|rJohn Peale Bishop --|tErnest Hemingway /
       |rDwight Macdonald --|tSome lines from Whitman /|rRandall 
       Jarrell --|tRobert Frost /|rW.H. Auden --|tWhy do we read 
       fiction? /|rRobert Penn Warren. 
505 00 |gDiscursive prose : biography.|tLady Olga /|rJoseph 
       Mitchell --|tThe young man Washington /|rSamuel Eliot 
       Morison --|tThe life of Samuel Johnson /|rJames Boswell --
       |tThe life of Marcus Antonius /|rPlutarch. 
505 00 |gDrama.|tHedda Gabler /|rHenrik Ibsen --|tOedipus Rex /
       |rSophocles --|tAntony and Cleopatra /|rWilliam 
       Shakespeare --|tSaint Joan /|rGeorge Bernard Shaw --
       |tMurder in the cathedral /|rThomas Stearns Eliot --|tThe 
       circle /|rW. Somerset Maugham --|tThe skin of our teeth /
       |rThornton Wilder. 
650  0 College readers.|0
655  7 College readers.|2lcgft 
700 1  Purser, John Thibaut,|0
700 1  Warren, Robert Penn,|d1905-1989,|0