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    Year Entries
distribution and development of limulus egg clusters on intertidal beaches in delaware bay   2009 1
Distribution and Dispersion   2016 1
distribution and diversity of erect bryozoan assemblages along the pacific coast of japan erect bryozoan assemblages of japan   2013 1
Distribution and diversity of marine flora in coral reef ecosystems of Kadmat Island in Lakshadweep Archipelago, Arabian Sea, India   2003 1
Distribution and ecological preferences of European freshwater organisms ; 3.   2009 1
Distribution and ecological preferences of European freshwater organisms ; v. 2.   2009 1
Distribution and ecological preferences of European freshwater organisms. Volume 1, Trichoptera   2008 1
Distribution and ecological preferences of European freshwater organisms. volume 3, Ephemeroptera   2009 1
distribution and ecology of the most tropical of the high elevation montane colobines the ebony langur on java   2014 1
distribution and effects of chemicals in communities and ecosystems   2001 1
distribution and environment   1994 1
distribution and exhibition   2012 1
Distribution and extent of heavy metal accumulation in song sparrows (Melospiza melodia), Upper Santa Cruz River Watershed, Southern Arizona, 2011-12   2014 1
distribution and fatalities   2008 1
distribution and fractionation of isotopes in the environment   1993 1
distribution and functions of canadian engineers and scientists   1962 1
Distribution and genesis of authigenic silicate minerals in tuffs of Pleistocene Lake Tecopa, Inyo County, California   1968 1
Distribution and habitat of adult salmon in the Situk River, Alaska : potential impacts of flooding from Russell Fiord   1994 1
distribution and histogram graphs   2002 1
Distribution and historical change   2009 1
distribution and integration of pdm data across systems in the new product development process   2013 1
distribution and interannual variability of rainfall in brazil   1995 1
distribution and interpretation of hausa subjunctives an hpsg approach   2013 1
Distribution and joint fish-tag survival of juvenile Chinook salmon migrating through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, California, 2008   2009 1
Distribution and juxtaposition of Mesozoic lithotectonic elements in the basement of the Santa Maria Basin, California   2
distribution and localization of neuropeptides   1999 1
distribution and localization of neuropetides   1999 1
Distribution and mass of nitrate in the unconfined aquifer beneath the intensively cultivated area north of the Rio Grande, San Luis Valley, Colorado,   2005 1
Distribution and migration of ordnance-related compounds and oxygen and hydrogen stable isotopes in ground water near Snake Pond, Sandwich, Massachuse   2008 1
distribution and mobility of wealth of nations   2008 1
Distribution and movement of trichloroethylene in ground water in the Tucson area, Arizona   1987 1
Distribution and movement of zinc and other heavy metals in South San Francisco Bay, California   1976 1
Distribution and movement patterns of chinook salmon returning to the Yukon River Basin in 2000-2002   2004 1
Distribution and occurrence of total coliform bacteria in Floridan aquifer wells, western Lake County, Florida   1984 1
Distribution and optical purity of methamphetamine found in toxic concentration in a civil aviation accident pilot fatality   2003 1
Distribution and origin of salinity in the surficial and intermediate aquifer systems, southwestern Florida   2001 1
The distribution and patterns of the major arteries of the Iguanids and comments on the intergeneric relationships of Iguanids (Reptilia: Lacertilia)   1971 1
Distribution and phenotype of proliferating cells in the forebrain of adult macaque monkeys after transient global cerebral ischemia   2007 1
distribution and political economy   1998 1
Distribution and potential for adverse biological effects of inorganic elements and organic compounds in bottom sediment, lower Charles River, Massach   2000 1
distribution and present status of long tailed macaques macaca fascicularis in laos and their ecological relationship with rh   2011 1
Distribution and probable origin of water-soluble organic material in shallow subsurface sands of the Florida panhandle   1965 1
distribution and processing of highly siderophile elements in cratonic mantle lithosphere   2016 1
Distribution and properties of clinoptilolite-bearing tuffs in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation on the Ute Mountain Ute Reservation, southwestern   2
Distribution and properties of variance estimators for complex multistage probability samples : an empirical distribution   1975 1
distribution and provenance   2010 1
distribution and quantification of pesticides in processed wheat grain fractions   2013 1
distribution and rarity of rhizophoraceae in peninsular malaysia   2014 1
distribution and regulation of aromatase in the mammalian brain from mice to monkeys   2013 1
The distribution and relationships of grade and tonnage among some nickel deposits   1980 1
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