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Title Stand Up poetry : an expanded anthology / edited by Charles Harper Webb.
Imprint Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, [2002]

Subject American poetry -- California -- Los Angeles.
American poetry -- 20th century.
Alt Name Webb, Charles Harper.
Description xxiii, 322 pages ; 24 cm
Note Includes index.
ISBN 0877457956 (acid-free paper)
9780877457954 (acid-free paper)
OCLC # 48177094
Additional Format Online version: Stand Up poetry. Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, c2002 (OCoLC)606732321
Online version: Stand Up poetry. Iowa City : University of Iowa Press, c2002 (OCoLC)607741226
Table of Contents
 Stand Up Poetry: An Update / Charles Harper Webb 
 For Desire / Kim Addonizio1
 What the Dead Fear / Kim Addonizio2
 Going to Norway / Jack Anderson3
 The Housewife / Ginger Andrews5
 O That Summer / Ginger Andrews6
 Evidently, She Says / Ginger Andrews7
 Prayer / Ginger Andrews8
 At 4:00 A.M. Asleep / John Balaban9
 Words for My Daughter / John Balaban9
 Bad Joke / Dorothy Barresi12
 Glass Dress / Dorothy Barresi14
 Blazon / Dinah Berland16
 I Eat Lunch with a Schizophrenic / Laurel Ann Bogen17
 Pygmy Headhunters and Killer Apes, My Lover and Me / Laurel Ann Bogen18
 Havana / Laurel Ann Bogen19
 English Flavors / Laure-Anne Bosselaar22
 No Sorry / Catherine Bowman23
 Demographics / Catherine Bowman25
 Money As Water / Kurt Brown27
 Return of the Prodigals / Kurt Brown28
 Chapter One / Stephanie Brown30
 Allegory of the Supermarket / Stephanie Brown32
 Agape / Stephanie Brown34
 His Toys / Michael Dennis Browne36
 Knock Knock / Michael Dennis Browne36
 Sleep Walk / Christopher Buckley37
 the tragedy of the leaves / Charles Bukowski39
 trouble with spain / Charles Bukowski40
 Some Terms in Real Estate Defined / Richard Cecil42
 Miss Congeniality / Maxine Chernoff44
 The Dead Letter Office / Maxine Chernoff44
 Toothache / Maxine Chernoff45
 Vanity, Wisconsin / Maxine Chernoff45
 How Lies Grow / Maxine Chernoff46
 white lady / Lucille Clifton47
 wishes for sons / Lucille Clifton48
 I Live for My Car / Wanda Coleman49
 Chuck Man / Wanda Coleman50
 Embrace / Billy Collins51
 Another Reason Why I Don't Keep a Gun in the House / Billy Collins52
 The History Teacher / Billy Collins53
 Litany / Billy Collins54
 Nightclub / Billy Collins55
 Things My Grandfather Must Have Said / Mark Cox57
 The Garglers / Mark Cox59
 Style / Mark Cox60
 Form Rejection Letter / Philip Dacey61
 Coke / Philip Dacey63
 Squeak / Philip Dacey65
 The Rules / Philip Dacey67
 The Hoagie Scam / Jim Daniels68
 Blessing the House / Jim Daniels70
 Pony Express / Stephen Dobyns72
 Confession / Stephen Dobyns73
 How to Like It / Stephen Dobyns74
 Ego / Denise Duhamel76
 I'm Dealing with My Pain / Denise Duhamel77
 Why, on a Bad Day, I Can Relate to the Manatee / Denise Duhamel78
 Buddhist Barbie / Denise Duhamel79
 On Hearing the Airlines Will Use a Psychological Profile to Catch Potential Skyjackers / Stephen Dunn80
 At the Smithville Methodist Church / Stephen Dunn82
 The Shame Place / Stephen Dunn84
 The Retirement of the Elephant / Russell Edson85
 The Automobile / Russell Edson86
 Counting Sheep / Russell Edson87
 The Categories / Russell Edson87
 Good Son Jim / Russell Edson88
 Ape / Russell Edson89
 Elephant Tears / Russell Edson90
 The Crumble-Knees / Russell Edson91
 The White Dress / Lynn Emanuel92
 The Politics of Narrative: Why I Am a Poet / Lynn Emanuel93
 Body and Soul / B. H. Fairchild96
 The Bride of Frankenstein / Edward Field99
 The Dirty Floor / Edward Field101
 Open Sesame / Edward Field102
 Graffiti / Edward Field102
 Marvel Mystery Oil / Elliot Fried103
 Why I Want to Be the Next Poet Laureate / Elliot Fried104
 Wordsworth's Socks / Elliot Fried105
 Chain Mail / Elliot Fried106
 Deb at the Ham Slicer / Cynthia Gallaher107
 Why I Left the Church / Richard Garcia109
 Chickens Everywhere / Richard Garcia110
 Vernon / Richard Garcia111
 Mi Mama, the Playgirl / Richard Garcia112
 Dear Boy George / Amy Gerstler113
 Slowly I Open My Eyes (gangster soliloquy) / Amy Gerstler114
 An Unexpected Adventure / Amy Gerstler115
 Ars Poetica / John Gilgun116
 Talking about Boys / Lisa Glatt118
 The World in My Mother's Hair / Lisa Glatt119
 Leash / Lisa Glatt120
 Life Is Happy / Albert Goldbarth121
 The Sciences Sing a Lullabye / Albert Goldbarth122
 My Rodeo / Jack Grapes123
 Listen / Jack Grapes124
 I Like My Own Poems / Jack Grapes127
 The Case against Mist / Mark Halliday129
 Credentials / Mark Halliday131
 My Moral Life / Mark Halliday132
 Invention / Barbara Hamby134
 Mr. Pillow / Barbara Hamby136
 Beriberi / Barbara Hamby138
 The Intelligence Quotient / Deborah Harding140
 Don't Cheapen Yourself / Jana Harris141
 Beneath the Pole of Proud Raven / Jana Harris143
 The Pope at 7:00 P.M. / Eloise Klein Healy146
 Toltecs / Eloise Klein Healy148
 Advice Like That / Eloise Klein Healy149
 just squeeze / Terry Hertzler150
 Memory / Bob Hicok151
 Man of the House / Bob Hicok152
 Song against Natural Selection / Edward Hirsch153
 For the Sleepwalkers / Edward Hirsch154
 Oh Mercy / Tony Hoagland155
 My Country / Tony Hoagland156
 Lawrence / Tony Hoagland157
 The Collaboration / Tony Hoagland159
 The Kiss / Paul Hoover161
 Sweep / Rodney Jones162
 Traitor / Allison Joseph164
 Good Humor / Allison Joseph167
 Soul Train / Allison Joseph169
 The Children's Book of Knowledge / Jesse Lee Kercheval171
 Your Wife, a Widow, Waits for You / Jesse Lee Kercheval172
 Things That Have Escaped Me / Jesse Lee Kercheval173
 Acceptance Speech / Elizabeth Kerlikowske176
 I Think I Am Going to Call My Wife Paraguay / David Kirby179
 Amazed by Chekhov / David Kirby181
 The Dance of Husbands in Bathrobes / David Kirby182
 Nosebleed, Gold Digger, KGB, Henry James, Handshake / David Kirby183
 Coloring / Ron Koertge185
 All Suffering Comes from Attachment / Ron Koertge186
 What She Wanted / Ron Koertge187
 Foolish Earthlings / Ron Koertge188
 The Seven Dwarfs, Each on His Deathbed, Remember Snow White / Ron Koertge189
 Dear Superman / Ron Koertge191
 Lurid Confessions / Steve Kowit192
 I Attend a Poetry Reading / Steve Kowit193
 Hell / Steve Kowit194
 A Trick / Steve Kowit195
 The Laundromat / Dorianne Laux197
 Dust / Dorianne Laux198
 Fast Gas / Dorianne Laux199
 2 A.M. / Dorianne Laux200
 Tracy and Joe / Lisa Lewis202
 Beer / Gerald Locklin204
 Tap Dancing Lessons / Gerald Locklin206
 The Leader of the Pack / Gerald Locklin207
 Learning to See Crooked / Gerald Locklin208
 Do you remember the scene in The Godfather where James Caan says, "Now make sure that the gun gets stashed in the rest room - I don't want my kid brother walking out of there with nothing but his dick in his hand"? / Gerald Locklin209
 Letter to My Assailant / Suzanne Lummis210
 Fish I Remember / Suzanne Lummis212
 Why Life Is Worth Living / Suzanne Lummis213
 The People of the Other Village / Thomas Lux215
 Upon Seeing an Ultrasound Photo of an Unborn Child / Thomas Lux216
 So You Put the Dog to Sleep / Thomas Lux217
 Men with Small Heads / Thomas Lux218
 "I Love You Sweatheart" / Thomas Lux219
 Uncle Eggplant / Jeffrey McDaniel220
 The Bad Pilgrim Room / Jeffrey McDaniel220
 The Quiet World / Jeffrey McDaniel221
 Play It Again, Salmonella / Jeffrey McDaniel222
 Hazel Tells LaVerne / Katharyn Howd Machan223
 In Line at Pancho's Tacos / Bill Mohr224
 Why the Heart Never Develops Cancer / Bill Mohr225
 Fortune Cookies / Fred Moramarco226
 Novel / Fred Moramarco228
 Perfect Recall / Jack Myers230
 Lightweight / Jack Myers232
 Jake Addresses the World from the Garden / Jack Myers233
 The Anti-Foucault Poem / Sandra Nelson234
 My Philosophy / Dan Nielsen236
 Saturday Morning Ultimatum / Dan Nielsen236
 A Paranoid Egotist / Dan Nielsen236
 Working at the Wholesale Curtain Showroom / Ed Ochester237
 Thanksgiving / Ed Ochester238
 Pocahontas / Ed Ochester239
 In Line at the Supermarket / Greg Pape240
 The Bad Muse / Lawrence Raab242
 The Sudden Appearance of a Monster at a Window / Lawrence Raab243
 Justification of the Horned Lizard / Pattiann Rogers244
 The Dead Never Fight against Anything / Pattiann Rogers246
 Geocentric / Pattiann Rogers248
 To Raise the Blind on Purpose / Stephanie Sallaska249
 Fiddleheads / Maureen Seaton250
 Furious Cooking / Maureen Seaton252
 Monkey House / Betsy Sholl254
 Four Crows at Dusk / Betsy Sholl256
 Honeybee upon the Tundra / Joan Jobe Smith258
 A Philodendron Named Joan / Joan Jobe Smith260
 What I Learned from the Movies / Joan Jobe Smith262
 Drugstore Trolls / Maura Stanton264
 Revolt / Maura Stanton265
 All-Purpose Apology Poem / Austin Straus266
 I Am a Finn / James Tate268
 Aunt Sophie's Morning / James Tate269
 How the Pope Is Chosen / James Tate270
 Remedy for Backache / Judith Taylor272
 Natural Woman / Judith Taylor272
 Mistakes / Judith Taylor273
 Instructions to Her Next Husband / Judith Taylor273
 Naola Beauty Academy, New Orleans, 1945 / Natasha Trethewey274
 History Lesson / Natasha Trethewey275
 Yvette Mimieux in Hit Lady / David Trinidad276
 Double Trouble / David Trinidad277
 What We Could Do / William Trowbridge279
 O Paradise / William Trowbridge280
 Curtain Call / William Trowbridge281
 Termination / Fred Voss282
 The Stud / Fred Voss283
 Sun Worshiper / Fred Voss284
 At the St. Louis Institute of Music / Ronald Wallace285
 A Hot Property / Ronald Wallace286
 In a Pig's Eye / Ronald Wallace287
 Constipation / Ronald Wallace288
 The Singer / Chocolate Waters289
 Marrying / Charles Harper Webb290
 Biblical Also-Rans / Charles Harper Webb291
 Amplified Dog / Charles Harper Webb293
 You Don't Want to Hear a Poem, Do You? / Don Weinstock295
 Black Slip / Terry Wolverton296
 The Business of Love Is Cruelty / Dean Young298
 Chapped Lips / Dean Young300
 The Wreckers / Rafael Zepeda301
 The Philosophical Emancipation / Rafael Zepeda303
 Living with Others / Al Zolynas304
 The Way He'd Like It / Al Zolynas305
 The Same Air / Al Zolynas306
 Pastorale for Spring / Al Zolynas308
 Acknowledgments / Al Zolynas309
 Title Index / Al Zolynas319