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100 1  Peeters, Steven. 
245 10 Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst :|bthe new workflow /
       |cSteven Peeters. 
246 14 Essential guide to Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst 
264  1 New York :|bFriends of ED :|bDistributed to the Book trade
       worldwide by Springer-Verlag,|c2010. 
300    1 online resource (xvi, 343 pages) :|billustrations 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
340    |gpolychrome|2rdacc|0
505 00 |gNote continued:|tBuilding applications using Flash 
       Catalyst --|tBuilding applications from scratch --
       |tIntegration with Creative Suite 5 --|tRound tripping 
       between Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst --|ttool for the 
       "devigner" --|tBuilding AIR applications with Flash 
       Catalyst? --|tSummary --|gch. 5|tChoosing the Best 
       Workflow --|tSimple Design, Simple Functionality --
       |tProduct Manual Application --|tConclusion --|tSimple 
       Design, Complex Functionality --|tPhoto Resizer --
       |tConclusion --|tSimple Design, Connected to a Back End --
       |tTwitter Search Client --|tConclusion --|tComplex Design,
       Simple Functionality --|tStatic Website --|tConclusion --
       |tComplex Design, Complex Functionality --|tSimulator --
       |tConclusion --|tComplex Design, Connected to a Back End -
       -|tSolar Panel Monitor --|tInteraction Designer 
       Perspective --|tDeveloper Perspective --|tConclusion --
       |tSummary --|gch. 6|tCase Study: An E-Commerce Site --
       |tUnderstanding the Project --|tAnalyzing the Project --
       |tFunctional Analysis --|tTeam Composition --|tDesigning 
       the Application --|tCreating the Application's Layout 
       Structure --|tCreating the Tabs to Log In --|tAdding 
       Design Elements --|tAdding the Navigation Bar --|tAdding 
       the Content --|tContact Page --|tLogin Page --
       |tRegistration Page --|tBringing the Application to Life -
       -|tComponents --|tPages --|tHooking Up the Application to 
       the Back End --|tCreating the Database --|tWriting the 
       Back-End API --|tAdding Dynamic Data to the Application --
       |tSummary --|gch. 7|tManaging RIA Projects --|tProjects 
       and Complexity --|tProject Team --|tTeam Compositions --
       |tCollaboration has Changed --|tAgile Development --
       |tMethodologies --|tIterative Development --|tFlexPMD: A 
       Useful Tool --|tSummary --|gch. 8|tFrameworks --|tExample 
       Application --|tMate --|tCode --|tConclusion --|tPureMVC -
       -|tCode --|tConclusion --|tSwiz --|tCode --|tConclusion --
505 00 |gNote continued:|gch. 9|tBest Practices --|tProject Setup
       --|tUse Workspaces --|tDetermine the Target Platform --
       |tDetermine the Back End Technology --|tDeploy Release 
       Builds --|tPlace External Libraries in the libs Folder --
       |tUse Runtime Shared Libraries --|tExternalize the Flex 
       framework --|tOrganize Code into Packages --|tSynchronize 
       with Back End Packages --|tPlan the Illustrator/Photoshop 
       File Structure --|tUse an Assets Directory --|tOrganize 
       Your Assets --|tUse an XML File for the Parameters --
       |tCoding and Naming Conventions --|tDon't Link to External
       Image Files --|tName All Design Layers --|tDesign Only One
       Item for a Data List Component --|tCreate Flash Catalyst 
       Components Before Defining View States --|tRename Flash 
       Catalyst Components in the Library Panel --|tReverse 
       Engineer the Application's URL as a Package Structure --
       |tUse Plural Names for Packages --|tUse Appropriate 
       Package Names --|tUse Singular Names for Classes --|tUse 
       Titlecase or Camelcase for Class Names --|tAppend the 
       Class Type to the Class Name --|tConsider Appending "Base"
       to Base Class Names --|tConsider Appending "Abstract" to 
       Abstract Class Names --|tMaintain Order in Your Classes --
       |tUse Uppercase for Constants --|tUse Camelcase/Tltlecase 
       for Variables --|tGive Variables Proper Names --|tPut an 
       Underscore in Front of Private Variables --|tUse Implicit 
       Getters and Setters --|tName Implicit Getters and Setters 
       according to the Property --|tUse Implicit Getters and 
       Setters Internally --|tSet Argument Types and Return Types
       Strictly --|tAlways Name the Argument of Event Handlers 
       "Event" --|tUse a Verb in the Method Name --|tOverride the
       Clone() Method for Custom Events --|tKeep Order in Your 
       MXML Files --|tUse Whitespace --|tFormat Your Code --
       |tEvery Visual Component Should Have an id Attribute --
       |tSet the id Attribute as the First One in an MXML Tag --
       |tGroup MXML Tag Attributes on One Line --|tUse an 
       External CSS File. 
505 00 |gNote continued:|tMaintain Order in Your CSS File --|tBe 
       Consistent in Naming Styles --|tLimit the Number of CSS 
       Files --|tDefine the CSS Files in the Main Application 
       File --|tCollaboration --|tTalk to Each Other --
       |tFormalize Decisions --|tUse a Source Versioning Tool --
       |tOnly Commit Code that Actually Works --|tMark Duplicate 
       Assets in Your Design --|tDesign on a Single Artboard --
       |tGive Design Layers Proper Names --|tDon't Define All 
       Components in Your Design --|tDon't Define All Component 
       States in Your Design --|tCreate Reusable "Black Box" 
       Components --|tConsider Using Code Generation --|tCreate 
       Library Projects --|tCreate a Manifest File for Your 
       Library --|tTest, Test, Test --|tUse Different Deployment 
       Levels --|tSet Up a Bug Reporting/Change Request 
       Environment --|tUse a Unit Testing Framework --|tUse an 
       Application Framework --|tKnow When Not to Use an 
       Application Framework --|tPerform Code Reviews --|tComment
       Your Code --|tValidate Input Before Sending It to the Back
       End --|tUse the Same Local Server Settings For Everyone --
       |tConfigure Your Application Externally --|tSummary. 
520    Provides information on using Flash Builder and Flash 
       Catalyst to design effective Rich Internet Applications. 
588 0  Print version record. 
630 00 Flash (Computer file)|0
630 00 Flex (Computer file)|0
650  0 Internet programming.|0
650  0 Application software|xDevelopment.|0
650  0 Web site development|xComputer programs.|0http:// 
655  4 Electronic books. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aPeeters, Steven.|tFlash Builder and 
       Flash Catalyst.|dNew York : Friends of ED : Distributed to
       the Book trade worldwide by Springer-Verlag, 2010
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2010 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Safari Learning Platform: 
       Academic edition|c2018-10-22|yNew collection 
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