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Title On the third hand : humor in the dismal science, an anthology / [edited by] Caroline Postelle Clotfelter.
Imprint Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, [1996]

Subject Economics -- Humor.
Alt Name Clotfelter, Caroline Postelle.
Description xxvii, 324 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0472095293 (cloth : acid-free paper)
0472065297 (pbk. : acid-free paper)
OCLC # 35593708
Table of Contents
 Foreword / Herbert Stein 
 Preface and Acknowledgments / Caroline Postelle Clotfelter 
Pt. 1Economists End-to-End - As Ithers See Them1
  How to Introduce an Economist / Herbert Stein4
  The Dismal Science (excerpt) / H. L. Mencken8
  Jeremy Bentham (verse) / Helen Bevington12
  John Stuart Mill (verse) / Edmund Cleribew Bentley13
  Quiet Bar ... Damn Economists ... (cartoon) / Duane Powell14
  Jokes, Quips, and Definitions15
  A Dozen Peccadilloes (excerpt) / Martin Bronfenbrenner17
  Why Economists Disagree (excerpt) / Myron E. Sharpe19
  Why Is Economics Not an Evolutionary Science? (excerpt) / Thorstein Veblen20
  Bluffing the Value Theory (excerpt) / George Bernard Shaw21
  Life among the Econ / Axel Leijonbufvud24
Pt. 2The Language and Methods of Economics37
  The Soporiferous Economics Teacher (cartoon) Mad Magazine42
  A Gall Street Journal Advertisement National Lampoon43
  Sliced History and Green Geography (excerpt) / Stephen B. Leacock44
  The Language of Economics (excerpt) / John Kenneth Galbraith46
  Verbal Windfall / Herbert Stein48
  Burn the Mathematics (excerpt) / Alfred Marshall52
  Through a Glass Darkly / Stephen B. Leacock53
  Letters Yes, Figures No (excerpt) / Oliver Wendell Holmes61
  A Plausible Boy (excerpt) / George Bernard Shaw62
  The Stochastic Variable (cartoon and verse) / Kenneth E. Boulding63
  X Cantos (verse) / Kenneth E. Boulding64
  The Non-econometrician's Lament (verse) / Dennis H. Robertson67
  Let's Take the Con Out of Econometrics (excerpt) / Edward E. Leamer68
  Lies, Damn Lies, and Crystal Balls70
  Oh, Hell ... Just Tell Them "This, Too, Shall Pass" (cartoon) / Tony Auth72
  On Economic Forecasting (excerpt) / Paul A. Samuelson73
  Don't Laugh ... She's Called the Last Five Dow Jones Turnarounds Right on the Nose (cartoon) The Wall Street Journal74
  On Extrapolation (excerpt) / Darrell Huff75
  The Fable of the Cat Morgan Guaranty Trust Company76
  Extrapolating: The Lower Mississippi in 742 Years (excerpt) / Mark Twain80
  The Secret Sits (verse) / Robert Frost82
  A First Lesson in Econometrics / John J. Siegfried83
Pt. 3Economics 101 - The Invisible Hand85
  Success and Self-Admiration (excerpt) / Adam Smith90
  A Certain Propensity in Human Nature (excerpt) / Adam Smith91
  Invisible Hand (excerpt) / Adam Smith91
  Stigler's First Law of Sympathy / George J. Stigler92
  Contentment (verse) / Oliver Wendell Holmes96
  The Rich Man (verse) / Franklin P. Adams99
  Political Economy (verse) / Ambrose Bierce100
  The Belly and the Other Members Aesop101
  The Fable of the Bees (excerpt) / Bernard de Mandeville102
  Poor Avarice: The Blessings of Prodigality (verse excerpt) / Alexander Pope105
  The Diamond-Raisin Paradox of Value (cartoon) / Johnny Hart106
  Three Observations on Desire107
  The Market Price / Emily Dickinson110
  Does Every Man Have a Price? / Terry Southern111
  The Hardship of Accounting (verse) / Robert Frost115
  The Farm Budget / Colonel Stoopnagle (Frederick Chase Taylor)116
  Nature's Mighty Feast (excerpt) / Thomas Malthus119
  On Malthus (verse) / William Wordsworth120
  The Economics of the Afterlife / Scott Gordon121
  On the Diminishing Marginal Utility of Prayer (excerpt) / Philip H. Wicksteed123
  Posthumous Humor and Other "After" Thoughts124
  A Resurrection of Adam Smith (verse) / Stephen B. Leacock125
Pt. 4Principles of Microeconomics I - A Nation of Shopkeepers127
  Trade for the Public Good (excerpts) / Adam Smith131
  An Inscription upon a Punch-Bowl / Alexander Pope132
  On Corruption, Av'rice ... (verse excerpt) / Alexander Pope132
  Annual Report Wisconsin Securities Company133
  Test of Stock Market Stamina (cartoon) / Rube Goldberg140
  Let Animals Run the Machines (excerpt) / Clarence Day141
  The Alarming Cost of Model Changes: A Case Study / George J. Stigler144
  The Permanent Traffic Solution / Harland Manchester147
  Compulsory Laissez-Faire, Subsidized Competition, and Japanese Sales Charts (cartoons) / Hector Breeze150
  A Negative Railroad / Frederic Bastiat153
  Petition of the Candlemakers (excerpt) / Frederic Bastiat155
  Use Less, Pay More / Art Buchwald158
  The Humble Petition of the Colliers, et al / Jonathan Swift160
  Petition of the Upholders / John Arbuthnot164
Pt. 5Microeconomics II - Work and Play167
  Working Definitions - Dawn and Day / Ambrose Bierce172
  On the Question of Choice (verse) / Ambrose Bierce173
  On the Diminishing Marginal Utility of Guilt (excerpt) / Philip H. Wicksteed174
  Maxims for Action176
  The First Advertisement of Poor Richard's Almanac Pennsylvania Gazette178
  The Economics of Brushing Teeth / Alan S. Blinder179
  Parkinson's Law (excerpt) / C. Northcote Parkinson185
  Why Everything Takes 2.71828... Times as Long as Expected / Philip Musgrove190
  We Who Work at Night / Brooks Atkinson195
  A Note on the Opportunity Cost of Marriage / Gary North201
  Marriage Customs and Opportunity Costs / Madelyn L. Kafoglis204
  Toward a Deeper Economics of Sleeping / T. C. Bergstrom208
  The Oldest Profession: Unequal Pay, Equal Work (excerpt) / Millicent G. Fawcett210
  Sex and the Democrats: Liberalism's New Frontier (excerpt) / Arthur S. Levine211
Pt. 6Principles of Macroeconomics I - Fiscal Foolishness, Monetary Madness217
  Economic Imaginaries (excerpt) / Hilaire Belloc220
  The Balance of Trade in Impressions (excerpt) / Stephen B. Leacock221
  Comme Sisyphe (lithograph) / Honore-Victorin Daumier223
  Death and Taxes: Head-Money (verse) / G. J. (Ambrose Bierce)224
  The Introduction of Bullion (excerpt) Punch226
  Board of Inland Revenue v. Haddock; Rex v. Haddock: The Negotiable Cow / A. P. Herbert227
  On the Demand for Gold (verse excerpt) / Alexander Pope232
  Blest Paper-Credit! (verse excerpt) / Alexander Pope233
  Bankers Are Just Like Anybody Else, except Richer (verse) / Ogden Nash234
  Money / Gertrude Stein236
  Reflections on Money238
  Biological Analogies for Money: A Crucial Breakthrough / Alfred Martial239
Pt. 7Macroeconomics II - Policy Folly243
  First I Was a Keynesian ... (cartoon) / Bill Schorr248
  A Crypto-Liberal Takes the Cure / Herbert Stein249
  The Birth of Stagflation: A Fable / Christopher U. Light252
  The Inflationary Spiral (cartoon and verse) / Kenneth E. Boulding257
  Unemployment Explained ... (cartoon) / Walt Kelly258
  How to Raise Taxes without Grieving the Subject (excerpt) / Jonathan Swift259
  House Rent, Taxes, and Profarity (excerpt) / Mark Twain261
  Rex v. Pratt and Merry: The Tax on Virtue / A. P. Herbert262
  A Painless Tax (excerpt) / Stephen B. Leacock266
  An Economical Project / Benjamin Franklin268
  ... And This Is Our Working Model ... (cartoon) / John Trever273
  Prologue (excerpt) / William A. Paton274
  Only a Suggestion (verse) / Evoe (Edmund George Valpy Knox)276
  A Modest Proposal / Linhart Stearns278
  Rubik's Fiscal Policy The Wall Street Journal283
  Confronting the Cheese Crisis Morgan Guaranty Trust Company286
  The Laffer Curve / Martin Gardner291
  Edible Workers (excerpt) / Clarence Day302
  Modest Proposals on Health Costs / Joan Beck303
  A Modest Proposal (excerpt) / Jonathan Swift306
  The Green Stamp Plan (excerpt) / Kenneth E. Boulding308
  'Twas a Night in the Sixties (verse) / Martin S. Feldstein310
  Christmas, Revisited (verse) / Alan S. Blinder314
  Recovery, Recovery, Recovery Now! (cartoon) / Larry Johnson316
  Economic Advisers - Do Not Feed - Ever (cartoon) / Pat Oliphant317