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100 1  David, Matthew,|d1971-|0
245 10 Designing apps for success :|bdeveloping consistent app 
       design practices /|cMatthew David, Chris Murman. 
264  1 Burlington, MA :|bFocal Press,|c2014. 
300    1 online resource 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gMachine generated contents note:|gSection One|tDesigning
       Apps to Work --|gch. 1|tPutting Apps to Work --|tDefining 
       How Mobility Drives Additional Business --|tMobility for 
       the Sole Owner --|tSmall-Business Mobility Business 
       Opportunities --|tLarge-Scale Mobility Solutions for 
       Enterprises --|tJust Get Started --|tMobilize Your 
       Business --|tGetting Started with Commercial Apps --
       |tCreating Your Mobile Strategy --|tMobility for the Sole 
       Owner --|tSmall-Business Mobility Opportunities --|tLarge-
       Scale Mobility Solutions for Enterprises --|tPlan to 
       Measure Success --|gch. 2|tDesigning Your App --
       |tSketching Your App --|tThe Value of Sketching --
       |tSketching Tools to Use --|gTool #1|tPen and Paper --
       |gTool #2|tiPad Apps --|gTool #3|tDesktop Software --
       |gTool #4|tWebsites --|tApplying Human Interface 
       Guidelines to Your Work --|tThe Apple Way --|tThe Google 
       Way --|tThe Microsoft Way --|tHow to Design with Images --
       |tChoosing the Right Image Format --|tWorking with 
       Resolution --|tApplying Responsive Design Layout --|tFrom 
       App Planning to Team Creation --|gch. 3|tDefining Your App
       Creation Team --|tThe Role of the Client --|tChoosing 
       among Off-Shore, On-Site, and Near-Shore --|tThe Common 
       Element: People --|tThe Business Engagement Team --|tThe 
       Delivery Team --|tWhy Waterfall Works for the Purse Holder
       but Not for the Team --|tChoosing Agile to Keep on Target 
       and Deliver on Budget --|tIterative Releases for Visual 
       Signs of Progress --|tThe Roles --|tBusiness Leaders --
       |tDesigners --|tArchitects --|tClient Development --
       |tQuality Management --|tChanging the World --|gSection 
       Two|tBuilding Apps --|gch. 4|tCreating Apps with Adobe 
       PhoneGap --|tBuilding Apps with PhoneGap --|tOne 
       Technology to Rule Them All -- HTML5 --|tThe Problem 
       PhoneGap Is Solving -- Cross-Platform App Publication --
       |tWorking with Cordova --|tDeveloping with HTML5 --
       |tBuilding for iOS with Cordova --|tGetting Started with 
       Cordova for iOS --|tCreating Your First App --|tUsing 
       Objective-C Plugins --|tWhen HTML5 Is Not Enough -- 
       Extending Your Xcode Project with Objective-C --|tUsing 
       Cordova to Create Apps for Other Platforms --|tLeveraging 
       PhoneGapBuild --|tYour Build Server in the Cloud --
       |tGetting Started with PhoneGapBuild --|tWhat PhoneGap 
       Cannot Do --|gch. 5|tLeveraging ActionScript to Build 
       Native Apps --|tBuilding Your First Application Using 
       Flash CC --|tDesigning Apps for the Android OS --
       |tInteracting with Your Mobile Phone --|tWorking with 
       Gestures and Multitouch --|tControlling the Use of Fonts -
       -|tWorking with Image Files in Your Apps --|tLeveraging 
       Custom Device Hardware Calls with ActionScript --|tUsing 
       Gestures in Your Apps --|tUsing a Single Finger to 
       Interact with Content --|tDragging Objects across the 
       Stage --|tAdding a Long-Press Event to Your Code --
       |tWorking with Gestures --|tAdding Two-Finger Tap Control 
       --|tAdding Pinch and Zoom --|tRotating a Movie Clip on the
       Stage --|tSwiping Objects on the Screen --|tAdding Two or 
       More Gestures Together --|tWhich Way Is Up? Controlling 
       Orientation with the Android Accelerometer --|tAdding the 
       Accelerometer to Your Apps with ActionScript --|tKnowing 
       Where You Are Using Geolocation --|tLoading RSS Data into 
       Flash --|tAdding Permissions to Your Apps --|tLoading Web 
       Pages into the StageWebView --|tControlling the Use of the
       Microphone --|tControlling the Camera --|tPreparing Your 
       Application for Deployment into the World --|gch. 6
       |tDeveloping Apps with Zero-Code Tools --
       | --|tRapid App Creation --|tDevelopment
       for All Platforms --|tBenefits and Restrictions of 
       TheAppBuilder --|tGameSalad --|tGames, Games, Games --
       |tLeveraging Templates and an Active Community --
       |tPublishing Your Games --|tBenefits and Restrictions of 
       GameSalad --| --|tBuilding Apps in the Cloud --
       |tExtending Apps with Plugins --|tBootstrapping your App with HTML5 --|tBenefits and Restrictions of --|tCreating Interactive Books --|tDigital Books
       as Alternatives to Apps --|tiBook Author --|tHTML5 and iAd
       Producer --|tPublishing Your iBook --|tBenefits and 
       Restrictions of Interactive Books --|tWhat You Can and 
       Cannot Do with Zero-Code Tools --|gch. 7|tChallenges and 
       Successes of Native iOS Development --|tNow That We Have 
       That Out of the Way --|tWhat Is Native Coding? --|tThe 
       Rewards of Native Coding --|tIt's a Wild Jungle Out There 
       --|tManaging Your App Using Xcode --|tManaging Source 
       Control --|tImproving Performance --|tRunning Your App 
       with Simulator versus an Actual Device --|tiOS Development
       with Objective-C: Speed, Speed, Speed --|tNative Kits for 
       Rapid iOS Development --|tAppKit versus UIKit --|tMapKit -
       -|tGameKit --|tSubmitting your App --|tGetting Your 
       Developer License --|tNew App Data --|tHow Can You Make 
       Your iOS App Stand Out? --|gch. 8|tDeveloping for Android 
       --|tMyths and Facts about Android --|tKnow Your Design 
       Elements --|tUtilizing Android's Simple Workflow --|tSetup
       --|tUse of Physical and Virtual Android Devices --
       |tDevelopment in Eclipse --|tThe Activity Life Cycle --
       |tSelecting the Right Code Templates --|tDebugging and 
       Testing --|tDevelopment with Android Studio --|tPublishing
       --|tGoogle Play Distribution --|tE-mail Distribution --
       |tWebsite Distribution --|gch. 9|tThe Dark Horse -- 
       Windows 8 --|tWindows 8 -- Phone or Tablet? --
       |tMicrosoft's Post-PC Strategy --|tDesktop versus Mobile -
       -|tCode Is Code --|tThe Tools You Need --|tIntroduction to
       Visual Studio 2013 --|tRapidly Creating Apps --|tDeciding 
       Which Code Platform to Choose -- C#, VB.Net, or HTML --
       |tWorking with Windows Phone App Studio --|tInternet 
       Explorer for Web Apps --|tBeyond the Dark Horse --
       |gSection Three|tMarketing Your Apps --|gch. 10
       |tPublishing to App Stores --|tWhich Store Do You Publish 
       To? --|tThe Value of Icons --|tApple App Store --|tWhy 
       Developers Sell More on the iPhone --|tBusiness Tools for 
       Developers --|tControl of App Release --|tManaging the App
       Approval Process --|tThe Importance of Price, Reviews, and
       Features --|tRelease Often --|tGoogle Play --|tAttracting 
       the 1.5 Million New Android Daily Activations --|tA 
       Business Approach to Selling on Google Play --|tBuild for 
       Tablets --|tOther App Stores --|tWorking with Amazon's App
       Store --|tUsing the Barnes and Noble NOOK App Store --
       |tMicrosoft Marketplace --|tThe Enterprise App Store --
       |tBuilding Apps for Your Own Company --|tManaging App 
       Policy --|tA New Store for Every Day Ending in "Y" --|gch.
       11|tMaking Money from Apps --|tSelling Apps --|tFree Apps 
       --|tAdvertising --|tOne-Time Charge --|tValue-based 
       Pricing --|tUsage-based Pricing --|tSubscription --|tRule 
       of 17 --|tFreemium --|tWhich Is the Best Option? --|tApp 
       Discovery --|tSEO Your App --|tNon-Metadata Marketing --
       |tUtilize Your Users --|tMarketing Is a Job for a Reason -
       -|tAdvertising Options --|tFinal Thoughts --|gch. 12
       |tPromoting Your Apps --|tUsing Apps as a New Way to Drive
       Sales in Your Company --|tDeveloping Your App Marketing 
       Plan --|tWorking with Local Press to Build Awareness --
       |tBecoming a PR Powerhouse --|tContact Radio Shows --
       |tPublic Speaking --|tGuest Blogs --|tGet Reviews for Apps
       You Create --|tCost-Effective Marketing --|tWorking Social
       Media --|tFacebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Google+ All 
       Matter --|tJoin Debates, Ask Questions of Specific People,
       and Don't Be Shy --|tCross-Promoting Your Apps --
       |tAdvertise Your Own Apps in Your Apps --|tThe Angry Birds
       Approach to Advertising, Merchandising, and Selling --
       |tDon't Forget Billboards, TV, and Traditional Advertising
       --|gch. 13|tFuture-Proofing Your Apps -- It's Going to Be 
       a Bumpy Ride --|tHow Can You Iterate upon What You Just 
       Built? --|tRemember Your Canvas --|tThe Great Talking 
       Disorder --|tThink Beyond Today's Devices --|tWhich Device
       Is Your App Right For? --|tPerception Is Everything --
       |tBeware of Future Regulation --|tIn the End, Act First. 
520    "Because mobile apps drive sales, efficiencies, and 
       communication between people, you understand that your 
       business or client needs an app designed. It's important 
       to your client's success or your business's growth. But, 
       there are few best practices out there, and the guidelines
       to designing a successful app are even fewer. Designing 
       Apps for Success is here to help, covering application 
       lifecycle management used by designers and developers when
       creating successful, capable apps. From the early 
       discussions with a client about what kind of product 
       they're looking for, to storyboarding, cross-platform 
       developing, troubleshooting, and publishing, Designing 
       Apps for Success provides a taut, concise, and pragmatic 
       roadmap. This guide shows you how to develop apps for iOS,
       Android, and Windows. And, for those who don't program, 
       zero-code tools are covered as well"--|cProvided by 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Mobile computing.|0
650  0 Smartphones|0
650  0 Application software|xDevelopment.|0
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Murman, Chris,|eauthor. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aDavid, Matthew, 1971-|tDesigning apps 
       for success|z9780415834414|w(DLC)  2013040550
990    ProQuest Safari|bO'Reilly Safari Learning Platform: 
       Academic edition|c2018-10-22|yNew collection 
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