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245 00 Rules for the transfer of movables :|ba candidate for 
       European harmonisation or national reform? /|cedited by 
       Wolfgang Faber, Brigitta Lurger. 
264  1 Munich :|bSellier. European Law Publishers,|c[2008] 
264  4 |c©2008 
300    1 online resource (xi, 268 pages). 
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490 1  Schriften zur europäischen Rechtswissenschaft ;|vBd. 6 =
       |aEuropean legal studies ;|vv. 6 =|aEtudes jurídiques 
       européennes ;|vv. 6 
500    Contributions to an international conference held in 
       Salzburg, Germany on Feb. 15-16, 2007. 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |tIntroduction to the project 'Transfer of movables' : 
       organisational framework, basic issues and goals /
       |rBrigitta Lurger --|tConsensual versus delivery systems 
       in European private law--consensus about tradition? /
       |rVincent Sagaert --|tPrivate autonomy in property law : 
       can the parties 'design' their transfer? /|rKai Kullerkupp
       --|tAn abstract or a causal system /|rSteven Bartels --
       |tHow Swedish lawyers think about 'ownership' and 
       'transfer of ownership'--are we just peculiar or actually 
       ahead? /|rClaes Martinson --|tScepticism about the 
       functional approach from a unitary perspective /|rWolfgang
       Faber --|tThe relationship between transfer rules and 
       rules on creditors' avoidance of debtor's transactions /
       |rCarloine Cauffman --|tHow to draft new rules on the bona
       fide acquisition of movables for Europe? : some remarks on
       method and content /|rArthur F. Salomons --|tGood faith 
       acquisition--why at all? /|rJosé Caramelo-Gomes --
       |tFiduciary transfer and ownership /|rSelma de Groot --
       |tObligatory and proprietary rights : where to draw the 
       dividing line--if at all? /|rEleanor Cashin Ritaine --
       |tThe german property law and its principles--some lessons
       for a European property law /|rJens Thomas Füller --
       |tIntellectual property rights : 'property' or 'right'? : 
       the application of the transfer rules to intellectual 
       property /|rMary-Rose McGuire --|tUnification in the field
       of property law from the perspective of European law /
       |rJosé Caramelo-Gomes --|tTransfer of ownership in recent 
       reform projects : Estonia /|rKai Kullerkupp --|tProtection
       and transfer of possession /|rLuboš Tichý. 
520    HauptbeschreibungComparative research in the area of 
       property law is gaining importance. Against the background
       of the current discussion of developing model rules, aimed
       at facilitating European private law harmonisation, and of
       ongoing law reform projects in a number of EU Member 
       States, this volume addresses key issues in the field of 
       the transfer of corporeal movable property. Authors from 
       various European countries discuss classical issues of 
       property law, such as the dichotomies of "consensual" 
       versus "delivery" and "causal" versus "abstract" transfer 
       systems, good faith acquisition and t. 
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700 1  Lurger, Brigitta.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|tRules for the transfer of movables.
       |dMunich : Sellier. European Law Publishers, ©2008
       |z9783866530607|z3866530609|w(DLC)  2008481254
830  0 European legal studies ;|0
       names/nr2006003287|vv. 6. 
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