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245 00 In the limelight and under the microscope :|bforms and 
       functions of female celebrity /|cedited by Su Holmes and 
       Diane Negra. 
264  1 London :|bContinuum International Pub.,|c2011. 
300    1 online resource (659 pages) 
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338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
500    14: We Love This Trainwreck! 
505 00 |t"Mrs. Langtry seems to be on the way to a fortune" : the
       Jersey lily and models of late nineteenth-century fame /
       |rCatherine Hindson --|tHelen Keller, Hollywood and 
       political celebrity /|rAbigail Salerno --|tBloody blondes 
       and bobbed-haired bandits : the execution of justice and 
       the construction of the celebrity criminal in the 1920s 
       popular press /|rApril Miller --|tRocket scientist! : the 
       posthumous celebrity of Hedy Lamarr /|rRuth Barton --
       |tGrotesquerie as marker of success in aging female stars 
       /|rAnne Morey --|t"I'm like a kaleidoscope" : Mia Farrow 
       and the shifting prismatics of modern femininity in the 
       1960s /|rLeslie H. Abramson --|tGirls imagining careers in
       the limelight : social class, gender and fantasies of 
       "success" /|rKim Allen --|tCool postfeminism : the stardom
       of Sofia Coppola /|rCaitlin Yunuen Lewis --|tThe insanity 
       plea : female celebrities, reality media and the 
       psychopathology of British pop-feminism /|rEmma Bell --
       |tThe horror of something to see : celebrity "vaginas" as 
       prostheses /|rMargaret Schwartz --|tStrengthening as they 
       undermine : Rachel Maddow and Suze Orman's homonormative 
       lesbian identities /|rJoselyn Leimbach --|tLiving The 
       hills life : Lauren Conrad as reality star, soap opera 
       heroine, and brand /|rAlice Leppert and Julie Wilson --
       |tImmigration, authorship, censorship, and terrorism : the
       politics of M.I.A.'s US crossover /|rCandice Haddad --|tWe
       love this trainwreck! : sacrificing Britney to save 
       America /|rAnna Watkins Fisher. 
520    A timely collection exploring the politics of female 
       celebrity across a range of contemporary, historical, 
       media and national contexts. 
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650  0 Celebrities in mass media.|0
650  0 Women in mass media.|0
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       sh85021618|xPolitical activity.|0
650  0 Women in popular culture.|0
655  4 Electronic books. 
700 1  Negra, Diane,|d1966-|0
700 1  Holmes, Su.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|aNegra, Diane.|tIn the Limelight and 
       Under the Microscope : Forms and Functions of Female 
       Celebrity.|dLondon : Continuum International Publishing, 
956 40 |u
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