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008    880719s1986    cau     obs   001 0 eng d 
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100 1  Walder, Andrew G.|q(Andrew George),|d1953-|0http:// 
245 10 Communist neo-traditionalism :|bwork and authority in 
       Chinese industry /|cAndrew G. Walder. 
264  1 [Berkeley] :|b[University of California Press],|c[1986] 
300    1 online resource (xxi, 302 pages) 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
340    |gpolychrome|2rdacc|0
504    Includes bibliographical references (pages 273-294) and 
505 00 |tCommunist Neo-Traditionalism: An Introductory Essay --
       |tThe Neo-Traditional Image of Communist Society --
       |tCommunist Neo-Traditionalism as a Type-Concept --
       |tSocial and Economic Dependence on the Enterprise --
       |tPolitical Dependence on Management --|tPersonal 
       Dependence on Superiors --|tThe Institutional Culture of 
       Authority --|tPrecis of the Analysis --|tThe Factory as an
       Institution: Life Chances in a Status Society --|tThe 
       Transition to a Communist Pattern --|tDemographic Problems
       and the Administrative Response --|tStatus Groups in the 
       Labor Force --|tThe Supply and Allocation of State Sector 
       Jobs --|tSocial and Economic Aspects of the Employment 
       Relationship --|tLabor Mobility and Dependence on the 
       Enterprise --|tMobility and Life Chances in the Enterprise
       --|tThe Structured Dependence of the Enterprise Community 
       --|tThe Party-State in the Factory --|tThe Party-State and
       the Working Class --|tThe Political Organization of the 
       Factory --|tThe "Foreman's Empire" on the Shop Floor --
       |tThe Chinese Work Group System --|tStalinist and Maoist 
       Mobilization: A Comparison --|tPrincipled Particularism: 
       Moral and Political Aspects of Authority --|tSocial Ties 
       in Ideological Groups --|tFrom Ideological Orientation to 
       Principled Particularism --|tBiaoxian and the Flexibility 
       of Rewards and Punishments --|tWorker Responses to Moral-
       Political Authority --|tThe Substantive Ambiguity of 
       Biaoxian --|tClientelist Bureaucracy: The Factory Social 
       Order --|tThe Divided Workforce as a Social Fact --|tThe 
       Official Patron-Client Network --|tCliques and Factions --
       |tInstrumental-Personal Ties. 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Industrial relations|zChina.|0
650  0 Communism|zChina.|0
650  0 Working class|zChina.|0
776 08 |iPrint version:|aWalder, Andrew G. (Andrew George), 1953-
       |tCommunist neo-traditionalism.|dBerkeley : University of 
       California Press, 1986|z0520054393|w(DLC)   85027093
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       |c2018-11-19|yNew collection ACLS.heb|5OH1 
990    ProQuest ebrary|bebrary Academic Complete|c2017-08-11
       |yRemoved from collection ebrary.ebooks|5MTU 
990    ProQuest ebrary|bebrary Academic Complete|c2017-04-20|5MTU
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