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    Year Entries
Late Paleocene mammals of the Tongue River Formation, western North Dakota   1978 1
Late Paleoindian occupation of the southern Rocky Mountains : early Holocene projectile points and land use in the high country   2003 1
Late Paleozoic and Mesozoic continental sedimentation, northeastern North America.   1968 1
late paleozoic atmosphere and the ecological and evolutionary physiology of tetrapods   1997 1
Late paleozoic depositional trends in the Central Appalachian Basin.   2
late paleozoic expansion of herbivore functional feeding groups   2018 1
Late Paleozoic Foraminifera from southern Chile   1976 1
Late Paleozoic gastropoda from northern Alaska   1960 1
Late Paleozoic ostracode species from the conterminous United States   1972 1
late paleozoic post glacial inland sea filled by finegrained turbidites mackellar formation central transantarctic mountains   1994 1
Late Paleozoic rocks exposed in the Duchesne River area, Duchesne County, Utah   1947 1
Late Paleozoic stratigraphy of central Cochise County, Arizona   1954 1
Late Paleozoic structure of the southern part of the Uinta Basin, Utah, from seismic reflection data   2
Late payment of interest on bonds   2007 1
Late Pennsylvanian and early Permian vertebrates of the Pittsburgh-West Virginia region. / Romer, Alfred Sherwood, 1894-1973.  1952 1
Late period   2006 1
late period bible fragments   1995 1
late period the royal bible   1995 1
late permian mass extinction event and recovery biological catastrophe in a greenhouse world   2007 1
Late Permian terrestrial vertebrates, U.S.A. and U.S.S.R.   1962 1
late phases of stellar evolution   2013 1
Late philosophical writings   2015 1
  Late piano works -- See Liszt Franz 1811 1886 Piano music. Selections
late pitch accents in hat and dip intonation patterns   2013 1
Late planet love. / Stratta, Ettore.  2004 1
Late Pleistocene and Holocene environmental change on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington   2015 1
Late Pleistocene archaeology and ecology in the far Northeast   2012 1
Late pleistocene climate of Europe : a review   1961 1
Late Pleistocene diatoms from the Trempealeau Valley, Wisconsin   1966 1
late pleistocene holocene and present day ice load evolution in the antarctic peninsula   2002 1
late pleistocene human subsistence in northern africa the state of our knowledge and placement in a continental context   2012 1
Late Pleistocene marine paleoecology and zoogeography in central California   1966 1
late pleistocene of arabia in relation to the levant   2009 1
late pleistocene peopling of alaska   1999 1
late pleistocene prehistory of the northwestern plains the adjacent mountains and intermontane basins   1999 1
Late Pleistocene (Rancholabrean) mammalian assemblage from Paw Paw Cove, Tilghman Island, Maryland   2018 1
Late Pleistocene (Rancholabrean) mammalian assemblage from Pawpaw Cove, Tilghman Island, Maryland   2018 1
Late Pliocene-Early Pleistocene ecologic changes in the Arctic Ocean Borderland   2
late poems   2
The late poetry of the Lake Poets : romanticism revised   2013 1
late post classical and early byzantine greek iv viii ad   2016 1
late postclassic   1997 1
late postclassic and colonial period elites at otumba mexico the archaeological dimensions   1992 1
Late Precambrian Sixtymile Formation and orogeny at top of the Grand Canyon Supergroup, northern Arizona   1979 1
late pregnancy complications   2001 1
Late prehistoric cultural affiliation study, Grand Portage National Monument, Minnesota   1999 1
The late prehistory of Malta : essays on BorÄ¡ in-Nadur and other sites   2015 1
Late preterm infants : a guide for nurses, midwives, clinicians and allied health professionals   2019 1
Late Proterozoic diabase dikes of the New Jersey Highlands : a remnant of Iapetan rifting in the north-central Appalachians   2
late psalm   2006 1
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