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100 1  Donne, John,|d1572-1631.|0
240 10 Works.|kSelections.|f1952|0
245 10 Complete poetry and selected prose /|cedited, with an 
       introd. by Charles M. Coffin. 
264  1 New York :|bModern Library,|c[1952] 
300    xliii, 594 pages ;|c19 cm. 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
490 0  The Modern library of the world's best books [12] 
504    Includes bibliographical references (p. xl-xliii). 
505 00 |tPoetry --|tThe Printer to the Understanders --
       |tHexastichon Bibliopolae --|tHexastichon ad Bibliopolam -
       -|tDedication to the Edition of 1650 --|tTo John Donne --
       |tTo Lucy, Countesse of Bedford, with M. Donnes Satyres --
       |tTo John Donne --|tSongs and Sonets --|tThe Good-Morrow -
       -|tSong. "Goe, and catch a falling starre" --|tWomans 
       Constancy --|tThe Undertaking --|tThe Sunne Rising --|tThe
       Indifferent --|tLoves Usury --|tThe Canonization --|tThe 
       Triple Foole --|tLovers Infinitenesse --|tSong. "Sweetest 
       love, I do not goe" --|tThe Legacie --|tA Feavor --|tAire 
       and Angels --|tBreake of Day --|tThe Anniversarie --|tA 
       Valediction: Of My Name, In The Window --|tTwicknam Garden
       --|tA Valediction: Of The Booke --|tCommunitie --|tLoves 
       Growth --|tLoves Exchange --|tConfined Love --|tThe Dreame
       --|tA Valediction: Of Weeping --|tLoves Alchymie --|tThe 
       Flea --|tThe Curse --|tThe Message --|tA Nocturnall Upon 
       S. Lucies Day, Being the Shortest Day --|tWitchcraft By A 
       Picture --|tThe Baite --|tThe Apparition --|tThe Broken 
       Heart --|tA Valediction: Forbidding Mourning --|tThe 
       Extasie --|tLoves Deitie --|tLoves Diet --|tThe Will --
       |tThe Funeral --|tThe Blossome --|tThe Primrose, Being At 
       Montgomery Castle, Upon The Hill, On Which It Is Situate -
       -|tThe Relique --|tThe Dampe --|tThe Dissolution --|tA 
       Jeat Ring Sent --|tNegative Love --|tThe Prohibition --
       |tThe Expiration --|tThe Computation --|tThe Paradox --
       |tFarewell To Love --|tA Lecture Upon The Shadow --
       |tSonnet. The Token --|tSelfe Love --|tElegies and 
       Heroicall Epistle --|tEpigrams --|tSatyres --|tInfinitati 
       Sacrum --|tVerse Letters To Severall Personages --
       |tEpithalamions, Or Marriage Songs --|tA Funeral Elegie 
       And The First And Second Anniversaries --|tEpicedes And 
       Obsequies Upon The Deaths Of Sundry Personages --
       |tEpitaphs --|tDivine Poems --|tLatin Poems And 
       Translations --|tFrom Elegies Upon The Author --|tProse 
520    Contains all the poetry and part of the prose of John 
       Donne including "Ignatius His Conclave," "Paradoxes," and 
       his most famous sermons, "Death's Duel," excerpts from 
       "Devotions" and many of his letters. 
600 10 Donne, John,|d1572-1631.|0
650  0 Poets, English|yEarly modern, 1500-1700.|0http:// 
776 08 |iOnline version:|aDonne, John, 1572-1631.|sSelections. 
       1952.|tComplete poetry and selected prose.|dNew York, 
       Modern Library [1952]|w(OCoLC)609931940