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LEADER 00000cam  2200409 i 4500 
001    964555 
003    OCoLC 
005    20080410112935.0 
008    730109s1956    nyuc          001 p eng   
010    56008200 
019    362608|a50030096 
035    (OCoLC)964555|z(OCoLC)362608|z(OCoLC)50030096 
040    DLC|beng|erda|cDLC|dOCLCQ|dBAKER|dIQU|dTVC 
043    e-ie--- 
049    UXCA 
050 00 PR5900|b.A3 1956 
082 00 821.91 
100 1  Yeats, W. B.|q(William Butler),|d1865-1939.|0http:// 
240 10 Poems|0 
245 14 The collected poems of W.B. Yeats. 
250    Definitive edition, with the author's final revisions. 
264  1 New York :|bMacmillan,|c[1956] 
264  4 |c©1956 
300    xv, 480 pages :|bportrait ;|c22 cm 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 
338    volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 
500    Includes indexes. 
505 0  Lyrical: Crossways (1889) ; The rose (1893) ; The wind 
       among the reeds (1899) ; In the seven woods (1904) ; From 
       The green helmet and other poems (1910) ; Responsibilities
       (1914) ; The wild swans of Coole (1919) ; Michael Robartes
       and the dancer (1921) ; The tower (1928) ; The winding 
       stair and other poems (1933) ; Words for music perhaps ; A
       woman young and old ; From A full moon in March (1935) ; 
       Last poems (1936-1939) -- Narrative and dramatic. 
505 00 |tThe song of the happy shepherd --|tThe sad shepherd --
       |tThe cloak, the boat, and the shoes --|tAnashuya and 
       Vijaya --|tThe Indian upon God --|tThe Indian to his love 
       --|tThe falling of the leaves --|tEphemera --|tThe madness
       of King Goll --|tThe stolen child --|tTo an isle in the 
       water --|tDown by the Salley Gardens --|tThe meditation of
       the old fisherman --|tThe ballad of Father O'Hart --|tThe 
       ballad of Moll Magee --|tThe ballad of the foxhunter --
       |tTo the rose upon the rood of time --|tFergus and the 
       druid --|tCuchulain's fight with the sea --|tThe rose of 
       the world --|tThe rose of peace --|tThe rose of battle --
       |tA faery song --|tThe lake isle of Innisfree --|tA cradle
       song --|tThe pity of love --|tThe sorrow of love --|tWhen 
       you are old --|tThe white birds --|tA dream of death --
       |tThe Countess Cathleen in paradise --|tWho goes with 
       Fergus? --|tThe man who dreamed of faeryland --|tThe 
       dedication to a book of stories selected from the Irish 
       novelist --|tThe lamentation of the old pensioner --|tThe 
       ballad of Father Gilligan --|tThe two trees --|tTo some I 
       have talked with by the fire --|tTo Ireland in the coming 
       times --|tTo hosting of the Sidhe --|tThe everlasting 
       voices --|tThe moods --|tThe lover tells of the rose in 
       his heart --|tThe host of the air --|tThe fish --|tThe 
       unappeasable host --|tInto the twilight --|tThe song of 
       wandering Aengus --|tThe song of the old mother --|tThe 
       heart of the woman --|tThe lover mourns for the loss of 
       love --|tHe mourns for the change that has come upon 
       him... --|tHe bids his beloved be at peace --|tHe reproves
       the curlew --|tHe remembers forgotten beauty --|tA pot to 
       his beloved --|tHe gives his beloved certain rhymes --|tTo
       his heart, bidding it have no fear --|tThe cap and bells -
       -|tThe valley of the black pig --|tThe lover asks 
       forgiveness because of his many moods --|tHe tells of a 
       valley full of lovers --|tHe tells of the perfect beauty -
       -|tHe hears the cry of the sedge --|tHe thinks of those 
       who have spoken evil of his beloved --|tThe blessed --
       |tThe secret rose --|tMaid quiet --|tThe travail of 
       passion --|tThe lover pleads with his friend for old 
       friends --|tThe lover speaks to the hearers of his songs 
       in coming days --|tThe poet pleads with the elemental 
       powers --|tHe wishes his beloved were dead --|tHe wishes 
       for the cloths of heaven --|tHe thinks of his past 
       greatness when a part of the constellations of heaven --
       |tThe fiddler of dooney --|tIn the seven woods --|tThe 
       arrow --|tThe folly of being comforted --|tOld memory --
       |tNever give all the heart --|tThe withering of the boughs
       --|tAdam's curse --|tRed Hanrahan's song about Ireland --
       |tThe old men admiring themselves in the water --|tUnder 
       the moon --|tThe ragged wood --|tO do not love too long --
       |tThe players ask for a blessing on the psalteries and on 
       themselves --|tThe happy townland --|tHis dream --|tA 
       woman Homer sung --|tWords --|tNo second Troy --
       |tReconciliation --|tKing and no King --|tPeace --
       |tAgainst unworthy praise --|tThe fascination of what's 
       difficult --|tA drinking song --|tThe coming of wisdom 
       with time --|tOn hearing that the students of our new 
       university... --|tTo a poet, who would have me praise 
       certain bad poets... --|tThe mask -- 
505 00 |tUpon a house shaken by the land agitation --|tAt the 
       Abbey theatre --|tThese are the clouds --|tAt Galway races
       --|tA friend's illness --|tAll things can tempt me --
       |tBrown penny --|tPardon, old fathers --|tThe grey rock --
       |tTo a wealthy man who promised... --|tSeptember 1913 --
       |tTo a friend whose work has come to nothing --|tPaudeen -
       -|tTo a shade --|tWhen Helen lived --|tOn those that hated
       the 'Playboy of the western world' 1907 --|tThe three 
       beggars --|tThe three hermits --|tBeggar to beggar cried -
       -|tRunning to paradise --|tThe hour before dawn --|tA song
       from 'The Player Queen' --|tThe realists --|tThe mountain 
       tomb --|tA memory of youth --|tFallen majesty --|tFriends 
       --|tThe cold heaven --|tThat the night come --|tAn 
       appointment --|tThe magi --|tThe dolls --|tA coat --
       |tWhile I, from that reed-throated whisperer --|tThe wild 
       swans at Coole --|tIn memory of Major Robert Gregory --
       |tAn Irish airman foresees his death --|tMen improve with 
       the years --|tThe collar-bone of a hare --|tUnder the 
       round tower --|tSolomon to Sheba --|tThe living beauty --
       |tA song --|tTo a young beauty --|tTo a young girl --|tThe
       scholars --|tTom O'Roughley --|tShepherd and goatherd --
       |tLines written in dejection --|tThe dawn --|tOn woman --
       |tThe fisherman --|tThe hawk --|tMemory --|tHer praise --
       |tThe people --|tHis pheonix --|tA thought from Propertius
       --|tBroken dreams --|tA deep-sworn vow --|tPresences --
       |tThe balloon of the mind --|tTo a squirrel at Kyle-na-no 
       --|tOn being asked for a war poem --|tIn memory of Alfred 
       Pollexfen --|tUpon a dying lady --|tEgo dominus tuus --|tA
       prayer on going into my house --|tThe phases of the moon -
       -|tThe cat and the moon --|tThe saint and the hunchback --
       |tTwo songs of a fool --|tAnother song of a fool --|tThe 
       double vision of Michael Robertes --|tMichael Robartes and
       the dancer --|tSolomon and the witch --|tAn image from a 
       past life --|tUnder Saturn --|tEaster 1916 --|tSixteen 
       dead men --|tThe rose tree --|tOn a political prisoner --
       |tThe leaders of the crowd --|tTowards break of day --
       |tDemon and beast --|tThe second coming --|tA prayer for 
       my daughter --|tA meditation in time of war --|tTo be 
       carved on a stone at Thoor Ballylee --|tSailing to 
       Byzantium --|tThe tower --|tMeditations in time of civil 
       war --|tNineteen hundred and nineteen --|tThe wheel --
       |tYouth and age --|tThe new faces --|tA prayer for my son 
       --|tTwo songs from a play --|tFragments --|tLeda and the 
       swan --|tOn a picture of a black centaur by Edmund Dulac -
       -|tAmong school children --|tColonus' praise --|tWisdom --
       |tThe hero, the girl, and the fool --|tOwen Aherne and his
       dancers --|tA man young and old --|tThe three monuments --
       |tAll soul's night --|tIn memory of Eva Gore-Booth and Con
       Markiewicz --|tDeath --|tA dialogue of self and soul --
       |tBlood and the moon --|tOil and blood --|tVeronica's 
       napkin --|tSymbols --|tSpilt mild --|tThe nineteenth 
       century and after --|tStatistics --|tThree movements --
       |tThe seven sages --|tThe crazed moon --|tCoole park, 1929
       --|tCoole park and Ballylee, 1931 --|tFor Anne Gregory --
       |tSwift's epitaph --|tAt Algeciras.. a meditation upon 
       death --|tThe choice --|tMohini Chatterjee --|tByzantium -
       -|tThe Mother of God --|tVacillation --|tQuarrel in old 
       age --|tThe results of thought --|tGratitude to the 
       unknown instructors --|tRemorse for intemperate speech --
       |tStream and sun at Glendalough --|tCrazy Jane and the 
       Bishop --|tCrazy Jane reproved --|tCrazy Jane on the day 
       of judgment --|tCrazy Jane and Jack the journeyman --
       |tCrazy Jane on God --|tCrazy Jane talks with the Bishop -
       -|tCrazy Jane grown old looks at the dancers --|tGirl's 
       song --|tYoung man's song --|tHer anxiety --|tHis 
       confidence --|tLove's loneliness --|tHer dream --|tHis 
       bargain --|tThree things --|tLullaby --|tAfter long 
       silence --|tMad as the mist and snow --|tThose dancing 
       days are gone --|tI am of Ireland --|tThe dancer at 
       Cruachan and Cro-Patrick --|tTom the lunatic --|tTom at 
       Cruachan --|tOld Tom again --|tThe delphic oracle upon 
       Plotinus --|tFather and child --|tBefore the world was 
       made --|tA first confession --|tHer triumph --
       |tConsulation --|tChosen --|tParting --|tHer vision in the
       wood --|tA last confession --|tMeeting --|tFrom the 
       'Antigone' --|tParnell's funeral --|tThree songs to the 
       same tune --|tAlternative song for the severed head in 
       'The King of the great clock tower' --|tTwo songs 
       rewritten for the tune's sake --|tA prayer for old age --
       |tChurch and state --|tSupernatural songs --|tThe gyres --
       |tLapis Lazuli --|tImitated from the Japanese --|tSweet 
       daner --|tThe three bushes --|tThe lady's first song --
       |tThe lady's second song --|tThe lady's third song --|tThe
       lover's song --|tThe chambermaid's first song --|tThe 
       chambermaid's second song --|tAn acre of grass --|tWhat 
       then? --|tBeautiful lofty things --|tA crazed girl --|tTo 
       Dorothy Wellesley --|tThe curse of Cromwell --|tRoger 
       Casement --|tThe ghost of Roger Casement --|tThe O'Rahilly
       --|tCome gather round me, Parnellites --|tThe wild old 
       wicked man --|tThe great day --|tParnell --|tWhat was lost
       --|tThe spur --|tA drunken man's praise of sobriety --
       |tThe pilgrim --|tColonel Martin --|tA model for the 
       laureate --|tThe old stone cross --|tThe spirit medium --
       |tThose images --|tThe municipal gallery revisited --|tAre
       you content? --|tThree songs to the one burden --|tIn 
       Tara's halls --|tThe statues --|tNews for the Delphic 
       oracle --|tThree marching songs --|tLong-legged fly --|tA 
       bronze head --|tA stick of incense --|tJohn Kinsella's 
       lament for Mrs. Mary Moore --|tHound voice --|tHigh talk -
       -|tThe apparitions --|tA nativity --|tWhy should not old 
       men be mad? --|tThe statesman's holiday --|tCrazy Jane on 
       the mountain --|tThe circus animal's desertion --
       |tPolitics --|tThe man and the echo --|tCuchulain 
       comforted --|tThe black tower --|tUnder Ben Bulben --|tThe
       wanderings of Oisin --|tThe old age of Queen Maeve --
       |tBaile and Aillinn --|tThe shadowy waters --|tThe two 
       kings --|tThe gift of Harun Al-Rashid 
651  0 Ireland|vPoetry.|0
655  7 Poetry.|2lcgft|0