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Author Eisner, Thomas, 1929-2011.
Title Secret weapons : defenses of insects, spiders, scorpions, and other many-legged creatures / Thomas Eisner, Maria Eisner, Melody Siegler.
Imprint Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2005.

Author Eisner, Thomas, 1929-2011.
Subject Insects -- Defenses.
Arachnida -- Defenses.
Behavior, Animal.
Alt Name Eisner, Maria, 1926-
Siegler, Melody, 1948-
Description x, 372 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0674018826
OCLC # 57506693
Table of Contents
1Mastigoproctus giganteus (the vinegaroon)4
2Vonones sayi (a harvestman)7
3Leiobunum nigripalpi (a daddylonglegs)11
4Vejovis spinigerus (the striped tail scorpion)15
5Peucetia viridans (the green lynx spider)22
6Scolopendra heroes (the giant Sonoran centipede)29
7Orphnaeus brasilianus (a geophilid centipede)33
8Floridobolus penneri (the Florida scrub millipede)37
9Apheloria kleinpeteri (a polydesmid millipede)43
10Polyzonium rosalbum (a polyzoniid millipede)48
11Glomeris marginata (a pill millipede)51
12Polyxenus fasciculatus (a bristle millipede)55
13Eurycotis floridana (the Florida woods cockroach)59
14Periplaneta australasiae (the Australian cockroach)65
15Deropeltis wahlbergi (a blattid cockroach)69
16Diploptera punctata (the Pacific beetle cockroach)73
17Doru taeniatum (an earwig)77
18Nasutitermes exitiosus (a termite)82
19Oreophoetes peruana (a walkingstick)89
20Anisomorpha buprestoides (the two-stirped walkingstick)93
21Romalea guttata (the eastern lubber grasshopper)97
22Chelinidea vittiger (a leaf-footed bug)102
23Apiomerus flaviventris (a reduviid bug)108
24Abedus herberti (a giant water bug)113
25Aphis nerii (the oleander aphid)117
26Prociphilus tessellatus (the woolly alder aphid)121
27Ormenaria rufifascia (a flatid planthopper)125
28Prosapia bicincta (the two-lined spittlebug)129
29Dactylopius confusus (a cochineal bug)132
30Metaleurodicus griseus (a whitefly)137
31Ceraeochrysa cubana (a green lacewing)141
32Ceraeochrysa smithi (a green lacewing)145
33Chrysopa slossonae (a green lacewing)148
34Galerita lecontei (a ground beetle)151
35Brachinus (many species) (bombardier beetles)157
36Dineutus hornii (a whirligig beetle)163
37Thermonectus marmoratus (a predaceous diving beetle)168
38Necrodes surinamensis (the red-lined carrion beetle)173
39Creophilus maxillosus (the hairy rove beetle)178
40Chauliognathus lecontei (a soldier beetle)185
41Photinus ignitus and Photuris versicolor (fireflies)189
42Clopteron reticulatum (the banded net-winged beetle)194
43Alaus myops (the eyed elater)199
44Acmaeodera pulchella (the flat-headed baldcypress sapwood borer)203
45Cycloneda sanguinea (a ladybird beetle)206
46Epilachna varivestis (the Mexican bean beetle)211
47Epicauta (an unidentified species)220
48Neopyrochroa flabellata (a fire-colored beetle)224
49Adelium percatum (a darkling beetle)228
50Bolitotherus cornutus (the forked fungus beetle)232
51Eleodes longicollis (a darkling beetle)236
52Trichiotinus rufobrunneus (a scarab beetle)241
53Hemisphaerota cyanea (a tortoise beetle)244
54Gratiana pallidula (a tortoise beetle)250
55Plagiodera versicolora (the imported willow leaf beetle)255
56Dalcerides ingenita (a dalcerid moth)261
57Litoprosopus futilis (the palmetto borer moth)264
58Schizura unicornis (the unicorn caterpillar moth)269
59Calindoea trifascialis (a thyridid moth)273
60Ypsolopha dentella (the European honeysuckle leaf roller)277
61Nemoria outina (a geometrid moth)282
62Utetheisa ornatrix (the rattlebox moth)286
63Automeris io (the io moth)292
64Eurytides marcellus (the zebra swallowtail butterfly)297
65Pieris rapae (the cabbage butterfly)304
66Danaus plexippus (the monarch butterfly)309
67Perga affinis (a pergine sawfly)314
68Camponotus floridanus (a carpenter ant)321
69Apis mellifera (the honey bee)331

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