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100 1  Noffke, N.|q(Nora)|0
245 10 Geobiology :|bmicrobial mats in sandy deposits from the 
       Archean era to today /|cNora Noffke. 
264  1 Berlin ;|aLondon :|bSpringer,|c2010. 
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504    Includes bibliographical references and index. 
505 00 |gNote continued:|gII. 2.3.|tCriteria for Biogenicity of 
       MISS --|gII. 2.3.1.|tList of Criteria --|gII. 2.3.2.
       |tCriteria for the Biogenicity of MISS in the Context of 
       the Criteria for Stromatolites --|gIII.|tClassification --
       |gIII. 1.|tClassification Diagram of MISS --|gIII. 2.
       |tFive Categories of MISS --|gIII. 2.1.|tStructures 
       Arising from Microbial Growth --|gIII. 2.1.1.|tOriented 
       Grains --|gIII. 2.1.2.|tLaminated Leveling Structure --
       |gIII. 2.2.|tStructures Arising from Microbial Binding --
       |gIII. 2.2.1.|tMat Microfabrics --|gIII. 2.2.2.|tSinoidal 
       Structure --|gIII. 2.3.|tStructures Arising from 
       Biostabilization --|gIII. 2.3.1.|tMat Chips --|gIII. 
       2.3.2.|tRoll-up Structure (Mat Curl) --|gIII. 2.3.3.
       |tShrinkage Cracks --|gIII. 2.3.4.|tPetees --|gIII. 2.3.5.
       |tGas Domes --|gIII. 2.3.6.|tSponge Pore Fabrics --|gIII. 
       2.4.|tStructures Arising from Baffling and Trapping --
       |gIII. 2.4.1.|tMat Layer-Bound Small Grains --|gIII. 
       2.4.2.|tMat Layer-Bound Heavy Minerals --|gIII. 2.5.
       |tStructures Arising from the Interference of All 
       Microbial Activities Interacting with Physical Sediment 
       Dynamics --|gIII. 2.5.1.|tErosional Remnants and Pockets -
       -|gIII. 2.5.2.|tMultidirected Ripple Marks --|gIII. 2.5.3.
       |tMicrosequences --|gIII. 2.5.4.|tWrinkle Structures --
       |gIII. 2.5.5.|tPolygonal Oscillation Cracks --|gIV.
       |tApplication --|gIV. 1.|tAncient Biofilm- and Microbial 
       Mat-Forming Prokaryotes --|gIV. 2.|tGeobiological Field 
       Trip Sites --|gIV. 2.1.|tModern and Pleistocene Catena of 
       Benthic Cyanobacteria in the Bahar Alouane, Southern 
       Tunisia, Africa --|gIV. 2.2.|tEarth's Possibly Oldest 
       Fossil Cyanobacteria Preserved in the Nhlazatse Section, 
       2.9 Ga Pongola Supergroup, South Africa --|gIV. 2.2.1.
       |tLocation of the Outcrop --|gIV. 2.2.2.|tStratigraphy --
       |gIV. 2.2.3.|tTectonic Overprint --|gIV. 2.2.4.|tBiofilm-
       Catena --|gIV. 2.2.5.|tExceptionally Preserved Structures 
       in the Nhlazatse Outcrop. 
506    Licensed electronic resource available to Carleton faculty,
       staff, students and walk-in users. Not available to 
520    This book describes microbial mats that occur in sandy 
       marine environments from 3.2 billion years ago to the 
       present. It gives an overview of the growth and 
       development of microbial mats in modern settings, the 
       interaction of microbial mats with physical sediment 
       dynamics, and the formation and preservation of 
       microbially induced sedimentary structures. These 
       structures are much more common than stromatolites, and 
       are abundant throughout Earth history. They constitute a 
       significant archive for the understanding of Earth's 
       earliest environments, and are important as biosignatures 
       in the detection of life on other planets. This book is 
       for sedimentologists, paleontologists, microbiologists, 
       and geobiologists. --Book Jacket. 
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650  0 Geobiology.|0
650  0 Microbial mats.|0
650  0 Sedimentation and deposition.|0
655  4 Electronic books. 
776 08 |iPrint version:|aNoffke, N.|tGeobiology.|dBerlin ; London
       : Springer, 2010|z9783642127717|z3642127711
990    SpringerLink|bSpringer English/International eBooks 2010 -
       Full Set|c2018-10-31|yNew collection 
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