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Title Practical electrophysiological methods : a guide for in vitro studies in vertebrate neurobiology / edited by Helmut Kettenmann, Rosemarie Grantyn.
Imprint New York : Wiley-Liss, [1992]

Subject Electrophysiology -- Methodology.
Alt Name Kettenmann, Helmut.
Grantyn, Rosemarie.
Description xviii, 449 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm
Bibliography Note Includes bibliographical references and index.
ISBN 0471562009
OCLC # 25204689
Table of Contents
 Preface / Helmut Kettenmann, Rosemarie Grantyn 
Sect. 1Arrangement of Electrophysiological Setups 
 1.1The Faraday Cage and Grounding Arrangements / C. Ohlemeyer, J. W. Meyer3
 1.2Infrared Videomicroscopy of Living Brain Slices / Hans-Ulrich Dodt6
 1.3Micromanipulation of Recording Electrodes / U. Sonnhof11
 1.4Recording Chambers - Slices / Helmut L. Haas, Dietrich Busselberg16
 1.5Microchamber for Electrophysiological Recording From Organotypic Slice Cultures / Scott M. Thompson, Beat H. Gahwiler20
 1.6Recording Chambers - Isolated and Perfused Mammalian Brain Preparations / M. Muhlethaler, M. Serafin23
Sect. 2Preparations for Electrophysiological Experiments in Vitro 
 2.1The Isolated Arterially Perfused Mammalian Eye / G. Niemeyer31
 2.2The Isolated Optic Nerve / Paula M. Orkand, Richard K. Orkand36
 2.3Hippocampal Slices / Ulrich Misgeld41
 2.4The Neocortical Slice / R. A. Deisz45
 2.5Hypothalamus In Vitro / Helmut L. Haas51
 2.6Cerebellar Slices for Patch Clamp Recording / M. Kano, A. Konnerth54
 2.7Organotypic Hippocampal Slice Cultures / Scott M. Thompson, Beat Gahwiler58
 2.8Organotypic Cocultures of Embryotic Rat Spinal Cord, Sensory Ganglia, and Skeletal Muscle / Hans-R. Luscher, C. Spenger62
 2.9Chronic Electrical Stimulation of Multicompartment Cell Cultures / R. Douglas Fields, Chang Yu, Elaine A. Neale, Phillip G. Nelson67
 2.10Freshly Dissociated and Cultured Rodent Retinal Ganglion Cells / Stuart A. Lipton77
 2.11Easy Identification of Dissociated Rat Retinal Ganglion Cells by a Size Criterion / Rosemarie Grantyn, E. Korenbaum84
 2.12Noninvasive Recording From Sensory Cilia of Olfactory Receptor Neurons Maintained In Situ in the Isolated Amphibian Olfactory Mucosa / Stephan Frings, Bernd Lindemann88
 2.13Synapfoneurosomes / Diana L. Kunze, John A. Drewe93
 2.14The Tissue Print Method / B. A. Barres96
 2.15Preparation of Astrocytes: Primary Culture and Acute Isolation / B. A. MacVicar, D. D. Fraser, S. Duffy101
 2.16Cryopreserved Human Neurons / Mark P. Mattson, Bin Cheng105
 2.17Neuroblastoma Cells / Georg Reiser111
 2.18Transiently Transfected Mammalian Cells for Studies of Recombinant Neurotransmitter Receptors / Todd A. Verdoom117
 2.19Xenopus Oocytes for Two-Electrode and Patch Clamp Recording / Walter Stuhmer, Heinrich Terlau, Stefan H. Heinemann121
Sect. 3Electrical and Chemical Stimulation Techniques 
 3.1Bath Perfusion of Slices With Drugs / Helmut L. Haas, Sebastian Hartter, Birgit Hermes, Christoph Hiemke129
 3.2Droplet Application of Agonists / Ulrich Misgeld132
 3.3U-Tube Drug Application / Joachim Bormann136
 3.4High-Speed Application With a Piezo Drive / J. Dudel, C. Franke, H. Hatt141
 3.5Spatially Selective Superfusion / K. Gottmann, K. Kraszewski146
 3.6Osmotic Stimulation of Presynaptic Terminals / John M. Bekkers, Charles F. Stevens150
 3.7Concentration Clamp / Norio Akaike155
 3.8Flash Photolysis / Sergej L. Mironov159
 3.9Recording Solutions for Isolating Specific Ionic Channel Currents / D. Swandulla, R. H. Chow164
Sect. 4Electrodes for Recording 
 4.1Extracellular Reference Electrodes / Francisco J. Alvarez-Leefmans171
 4.2Intracellular Microelectrodes / Christian M. Muller183
 4.3Suction Electrode Recording From Nerves and Fiber Tracts / Peter K. Stys189
 4.4Electrode Arrays for Extracellular Recording / Eva Sykova195
 4.5Arrays for Microiontophoresis / W. Zieglgansberger200
 4.6Production and Calibration of Ion-Sensitive Microelectrodes / U. Heinemann, J. Arens206
 4.7Intracellular Reference Electrodes / Francisco J. Alvarez-Leefmans213
 4.8Ion-Selective Membrane (ISM) Phases for Microelectrodes / Wilhelm Simon, Ursula Spichiger-Keller221
 4.9Calibration of Ion-Selective Microelectrodes / Jonathan A. Coles228
 4.10Fabrication of Patch Clamp Pipettes / A. Cavalie, Rosemarie Grantyn, H. D. Lux235
 4.11Intracellular Perfusion of Patch Electrodes / Jurgen Hescheler, Massaki Kameyama, Roland Speicher241
Sect. 5Recording Modes 
 5.1Extra- and Intracellular Voltage Recording in the Slice / Christian M. Muller249
 5.2Voltage Clamp Recording / I. D. Dietzel, D. Bruns, H.-R. Polder, H. D. Lux256
 5.3Single-Electrode Voltage Clamp / Stephen J. Redman263
 5.4Loose Patch Recording / Walter Stuhmer271
 5.5The Nystatin Method of Whole-Cell Patch Clamp Recording / Rosemarie Grantyn, K. Kraszewski, S. Richthof, Helmut Kettenmann274
 5.6Cell-Attached Patch Clamp / Meyer B. Jackson279
 5.7Cell-Free Patch Clamp / O. P. Hamill284
 5.8Double Whole-Cell Patch Clamp Technique / Hans-Albert Kolb289
Sect. 6Dye and Substance Injection 
 6.1HRP Staining With Recording Electrodes / Elaine A. Neale, Phillip G. Nelson299
 6.2Intracellular Recording and Labeling With Biocytin-Filled Electrodes / William E. Armstrong304
 6.3Application of Lucifer Yellow as Intracellular Marker in Electrophysiology / Gabriela von Blankenfeld, Helmut Kettenmann309
 6.4Quantitative Microinjection / Christian Hahnel316
Sect. 7Special Applications 
 7.1Pair Recording: Quantitative Reconstruction of a Reflex Pathway / Rosemarie Grantyn323
 7.2Pair Recording: Quantal Analysis of GABAergic Synaptic Transmission / K. Kraszewski, Rosemarie Grantyn330
 7.3Cell-Cell Coupling Demonstrated by Intracellular Injection of the Fluorescent Dye Lucifer Yellow / Bruce R. Ransom, Harald Sontheimer336
 7.4Use of Photo Bleaching to Study Gap Junctions / Harald Sontheimer343
 7.5Microsuction Assay of Cell-Cell Adhesion in Culture / Abraham Brown, Mu-Ming Poo349
 7.6Moving Patch Method for Measurement of Transmitter Release / Steven H. Young, Mu-Ming Poo354
 7.7Measurement of Cell Membrane Capacitance / Reinhold Penner358
 7.8Electrophysiological Measurement of Volume Changes in Neurons, Glial Cells and Muscle Fibers In Situ / Klaus Ballanyi, Michael Strupp, Peter Grafe363
 7.9Measurement of Extracellular Space / Charles Nicholson367
 7.10Measurement of Ion Activity With Selective Microelectrodes / Roger C. Thomas373
 7.11High Time Resolution Imaging of Calcium Transients With a CCD Camera / William N. Ross, Nechama Lasser-Ross378
Sect. 8Storage of Data 
 8.1Visualization and Storage of Electrophysiological Data / Helmut Kettenmann385
 8.2Converting Analog to Digital Data - Concepts and Pitfalls / Helmut Kettenmann389
 8.3Components of a Computer System for Electrophysiological Research / Helmut Kettenmann392
Sect. 9Appendixes 
 9.1Recording on a Small Budget / Inngard D. Dietzel, Vilem Bulka, Helmut Wintersberger399
 9.2Selection of Preparations for Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry / Marion Wienrich403
9.3List of Technical Equipment407
9.4List of Suppliers411

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