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082 04 230.03|222 
245 04 The Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology /|cedited 
       by Ian A. McFarland [and others]. 
246 30 Dictionary of Christian Theology 
246 30 Christian Theology 
260    Cambridge ;|aNew York :|bCambridge University Press,
300    1 online resource (xxi, 549 pages) 
336    text|btxt|2rdacontent 
337    computer|bc|2rdamedia 
338    online resource|bcr|2rdacarrier 
347    data file|2rda 
380    Dictionary 
504    Includes bibliographical references. 
505 00 |tABBA --|tAbortion --|tAbraham --|tAccommodation --
       |tAdiaphora --|tAdoption --|tAdoptionism --|tAdventism --
       |tAesthetics, Theological --|tAfrican Theology --
       |tAggiornamento --|tAgnosticism --|tAllegory --
       |tAmillennialism --|tAnalogy --|tAnathema --|tAnchoritism 
       --|tAndrocentrism --|tAngels --|tAnglican Theology --
       |tAnhypostasia --|tAnimals --|tAnnihilationism --
       |tAnnunciation --|tAnointing of the Sick --|tAnonymous 
       Christianity --|tAnselm of Canterbury --|tAnthropic 
       Principle --|tAnthropocentrism --|tAntichrist --
       |tAntinomianism --|tAphthartodocetism --|tApocalyptic --
       |tApocrypha --|tApollinarianism --|tApologetics --
       |tApophatic Theology --|tApostasy --|tApostle --
       |tApostles' Creed --|tApostolic Fathers --|tApostolic 
       Succession --|tApostolicity --|tAppellancy --
       |tAppropriation --|tAquinas, Thomas --|tArian Controversy 
       --|tAristotelianism --|tArmenian Theology --|tArminianism 
       --|tAscension and Session --|tAsceticism --|tAsian-
       American Theology --|tAssumption --|tAssurance --
       |tAthanasian Creed --|tAthanasius of Alexandria --
       |tAtheism --|tAthos, Mount --|tAtonement --|tAttributes, 
       Divine --|tAugsburg Confession --|tAugustine of Hippo --
       |tBalthasar, Hans Urs Von --|tBaptism --|tBAPTIST THEOLOGY
       --|tBarmen Declaration --|tBarth, Karl --|tBarthianism --
       |tBase Communities --|tBeatific Vision --|tBelhar 
       Confession --|tBiblical Criticism --|tBIBLICAL THEOLOGY --
       |tBioethics --|tBLACK THEOLOGY --|tBlasphemy --|tBlessing 
       --|tBody --|tBonhoeffer, Dietrich --|tBook of Common 
       Prayer --|tBook of Concord --|tBucer, Martin --|tBUDDHISM 
       AND CHRISTIANITY --|tBulgakov, Sergei --|tBullinger, 
       Heinrich --|tBultmann, Rudolf --|tByzantine Theology --
       |tCaesaropapism --|tCalendar, Liturgical --|tCalvin, John 
       --|tCanon Law --|tCanonization --|tCappadocian Fathers --
       |tCaribbean Theology --|tCartesianism --|tCasuistry --
       |tCatechesis --|tCatechumen --|tCatherine of Siena --
       |tCATHOLIC THEOLOGY --|tCatholicity --|tCelibacy --
       |tCeltic Christianity --|tChalcedon, Council of --
       |tCharism --|tCharismatic Movement --|tChinese Theology --
       |tChristendom --|tChristian Science --|tChristology --
       |tCivil Religion --|tCivil Society --|tCollegiality --
       |tCOLONIALISM AND POSTCOLONIALISM --|tCommandments, Ten --
       |tCommonsense Philosophy --|tCommunicatio Idiomatum --
       |tConciliarism --|tConcupiscence --|tConcursus --
       |tConfirmation --|tConscience --|tConservatio --
       |tConstance, Council of --|tConstantinianism --
       |tConstantinople, First Council of --|tContemplation --
       |tContrition --|tConversion --|tCosmological Argument --
       |tCosmology --|tCouncils, Ecumenical --|tCovenant --
       |tCranmer, Thomas --|tCREATION --|tCreationism --|tCreeds 
       --|tCross and Crucifixion --|tCyril of Alexandria --
       |tDalit Theology --|tDamnation --|tDe Lubac, Henri --
       |tDeath and Dying --|tDeath of God Theology --
       |tDeconstruction --|tDEIFICATION --|tDeism --
       |tDemythologization --|tDescent into Hell --|tDeus 
       absconditus --|tDevil --|tDiaconate --|tDialectical 
       Theology --|tDionysius the Areopagite --|tDisability 
       Theology --|tDispensationalism --|tDivine Action --
       |tDivine Command Ethics --|tDivine Office --|tDivorce --
       |tDocetism --|tDoctrine --|tDominion Theology --|tDonatism
       --|tDort, Synod of --|tDulia --|tDuns Scotus, John --
       |tEastern Catholic Churches --|tEbionitism --
       |tECCLESIOLOGY --|tEckhart, Meister --|tEconomy, Divine --
       |tEcotheology --|tEcumenism --|tEdwards, Jonathan --
       |tElection --|tEncyclical --|tEndo, Shusaku --|tEnergies, 
       Divine --|tEnlightenment --|tEnthusiasm --|tEphesus, 
       Council of --|tEpiscopacy --|tErastianism --|tEristics --
       |tEschatology --|tEucharist --|tEutychianism --
       |tEVANGELICAL THEOLOGY --|tEvolution --|tEx opere operato 
       --|tExcommunication --|tExorcism --|tExtra Calvinisticum -
       -|tExtra-Terrestrial Life --|tFaith --|tFall --|tFasting -
       -|tFederal Theology --|tFEMINIST THEOLOGY --|tFeuerbach, 
       Ludwig --|tFideism --|tFilioque --|tFilm, Theology and --
       |tForgiveness --|tFrankfurt School --|tFree Will --|tFrei,
       Hans --|tFundamental Theology --|tFundamentalism --
       |tGilson, Etienne --|tGlory --|tGlossolalia --|tGnosticism
       --|tGospel --|tGrace --|tGubernatio --|tHabitus --
       |tHamartiology --|tHeaven --|tHegel, Georg Wilhelm 
       Friedrich --|tHeidelberg Catechism --|tHell --|tHeresy --
       |tHermeneutics --|tHesychasm --|tHeterodoxy --|tHildegard 
       THEOLOGY --|tHistory of Religion School --|tHodge, Charles
       --|tHolocaust --|tHOLY SPIRIT --|tHOMILETICS --
       |tHomoousios --|tHooker, Richard --|tHope --|tHuman Rights
       --|tHumanism --|tHypostasis --|tHypostatic Union --
       |tIconoclasm --|tIconostasis --|tIcons And Iconography --
       |tIdealism, German --|tIdolatry --|tImmaculate Conception 
       --|tIncarnation --|tInclusive Language --|tInculturation -
       -|tInerrancy --|tInfallibility --|tInfralapsarianism and 
       Supralapsarianism --|tInspiration --|tIrenaeus of Lyons --
       |tIrresistible Grace --|tIslam and Christianity --|tIsrael
       --|tJames, William --|tJansenism --|tJapanese Theology --
       |tJehovah's Witnesses --|tJerome --|tJoachim of Fiore --
       |tJob --|tJohn of Damascus --|tJohn the Baptist --|tJohn 
       the Evangelist --|tJUDAISM AND CHRISTIANITY --|tJulian of 
       Norwich --|tJust War --|tJUSTIFICATION --|tKairos Document
       --|tKant, Immanuel --|tKenotic Theology --|tKerygma --
       |tKierkegaard, Sren --|tKing, Martin Luther --|tKingdom of
       God --|tKorean Theology --|tKuyper, Abraham. 
505 00 |tLaity --|tLas Casas, Bartolome de --|tLatin American 
       Theology --|tLatino/a Theology --|tLatter-Day Saints, The 
       Church of Jesus Christ of --|tLaw --|tLectionary --|tLex 
       orandi lex credendi --|tLIBERAL THEOLOGY --|tLiberation 
       Theology --|tLimbo --|tLimited Atonement --|tLiturgical 
       Movement --|tLiturgy --|tLOGOS --|tLoisy, Alfred --
       |tLonergan, Bernard --|tLord's Prayer --|tLove --|tLuther,
       Martin --|tLUTHERAN THEOLOGY --|tMagisterium --
       |tMagnificat --|tManichaeism --|tMarcion --|tMarechal, 
       Joseph --|tMARIOLOGY --|tMarks of the Church --|tMarriage 
       --|tMartyrdom --|tMary Magdalene --|tMass, Canon of --
       |tMaterialism --|tMaximus the Confessor --|tMechthild of 
       Magdeburg --|tMennonite Theology --|tMerton, Thomas --
       |tMESTIZAJE --|tMetaphysics --|tMETHODIST THEOLOGY --
       |tMiaphysitism --|tMiddle Knowledge --|tMillennium --
       |tMinistry --|tMiracles --|tMissiology --|tModalism --
       |tModernism --|tMonasticism --|tMonogenesis --
       |tMonothelitism --|tMontanism --|tMoral Argument --|tMoral
       Evil --|tMORAL THEOLOGY --|tMortal Sin --|tMujerista 
       Theology --|tMusic, Theology and --|tMYSTICAL THEOLOGY --
       |tMyth --|tNarrative Theology --|tNatural Evil --|tNatural
       Law --|tNatural Science --|tNATURAL THEOLOGY --|tNeo-
       Chalcedonianism --|tNeo-Orthodoxy --|tNestorianism --|tNew
       Age --|tNewman, John Henry --|tNicaea, Council of --
       |tNicene Creed --|tNiebuhr, Reinhold --|tNietzsche, 
       Friedrich --|tNiles, D.T. --|tNominalism --|tNonviolence -
       -|tNordic Theology --|tNouvelle Theologie --|tNuptial 
       Theology --|tOblation --|tOccasionalism --|tOntological 
       Argument --|tOpen Theism --|tOrders --|tOrdo salutis --
       |tOriental Orthodox Churches --|tOrigen of Alexandria --
       |tOrigenism --|tORTHODOX THEOLOGY --|tOrthodoxy --
       |tOrthopraxis --|tOtto, Rudolf --|tOxford Movement --
       |tPainting, Theology and --|tPalamas, Gregory --
       |tPanentheism --|tPantheism --|tPapacy --|tParable --
       |tParish --|tParousia --|tPascal, Blaise --|tPASTORAL 
       THEOLOGY --|tPatriarchate, Ecumenical --|tPatriarchy --
       |tPatripassianism --|tPatristics --|tPaul --|tPelagianism 
       --|tPenance --|tPentecost --|tPENTECOSTAL THEOLOGY --
       |tPerfectionism --|tPerichoresis --|tPerseverance --
       |tPersonalism --|tPhenomenology --|tPhilokalia --
       |tPHILOSOPHICAL THEOLOGY --|tPietism --|tPilgrimage --
       |tPlatonism --|tPLURALISM, RELIGIOUS --|tPolitical 
       Theology --|tPolity --|tPost-Christian Theology --
       |tPostliberal Theology --|tPostmillennialism --
       |tPostmodernism --|tPoverty --|tPractical Syllogism --
       |tPRACTICAL THEOLOGY --|tPrayer --|tPredestination --
       |tPreferential Option for the Poor --|tPremillennialism --
       |tPriesthood --|tPriesthood of All Believers --|tPrinceton
       Theology --|tPROCESS THEOLOGY --|tProcreation --|tProphecy
       --|tProsperity Gospel --|tProtestantism --|tPROVIDENCE --
       |tPsychopannychism --|tPublic Theology --|tPurgatory --
       |tPuritanism --|tQuaker Theology --|tQueer Theology --
       |tQuest of the Historical Jesus --|tQuietism --|tRace --
       |tRadical Orthodoxy --|tRahner, Karl --|tRapture --
       |tRationalism --|tRealism and Anti-realism --
       |tRecapitulation --|tReformation --|tReformed Epistemology
       --|tREFORMED THEOLOGY --|tRELIGION --|tReligious Language 
       --|tRepentance --|tRestorationism --|tResurrection --
       |tREVELATION --|tRevivalism --|tRule of Faith --|tRussian 
       Theology --|tSabbatarianism --|tSacramentology --
       |tSacrifice --|tSaints --|tSalvation History --
       |tSanctification --|tSchillebeeckx, Edward --|tSchism --
       |tSchleiermacher, Friedrich --|tScholasticism --|tScottish
       Theology --|tScriptural Reasoning --|tScripture --
       |tSecularization --|tSegundo, Juan Luis --|tSensus 
       fidelium --|tSeptuagint --|tSermon on the Mount --|tSeven 
       Deadly Sins --|tSexuality --|tSimul justus et peccator --
       |tSin --|tSobornicity --|tSocial Gospel --|tSocinianism --
       |tSoelle, Dorothee --|tSola Scriptura --|tSoteriology --
       |tSoul --|tSouth Asian Theology --|tSpirituality --
       |tStaniloae, Dumitru --|tStatus confessionis --|tStigmata 
       --|tSupernatural existential --|tSupernaturalism --
       |tSupersessionism --|tSymbol --|tSynergism --|tSyriac 
       Christian Theology --|tSystematic Theology --|tTaize, 
       Community of --|tTeilhard de Chardin, Pierre --
       |tTeleological Argument --|tTemptation --|tTeresa of Avila
       --|tTeresa of Lisieux --|tTertullian --|tTetragrammaton --
       |tTheodicy --|tTheodore the Studite --|tTheologia Crucis -
       -|tTheological Anthropology --|tTheopaschite Controversy -
       -|tThird Use of the Law --|tThomas, M.M. --|tThomism --
       |tThreefold Office --|tThurman, Howard --|tTillich, Paul -
       -|tTolerance --|tTotal Depravity --|tTradition --
       |tTraditional Religions And Christianity --|tTraducianism 
       --|tTranscendentals, The --|tTransfiguration --
       |tTransubstantiation --|tTrauma, Theology of --|tTrent, 
       Council of --|tTrinity --|tTritheism --|tTroeltsch, Ernst 
       --|tTubingen School (Catholic) --|tTubingen School 
       (Protestant) --|tTwo Kingdoms --|tTypology --|tUbiquity --
       |tUltradispensationalism --|tUltramontanism --
       |tUnconditional Election --|tUnitarianism --|tUniversalism
       --|tUsury --|tVatican Council I --|tVatican Council II --
       |tVenial Sin --|tVestigia Trinitatis --|tVirgin Birth --
       |tVirginity --|tVirtue --|tVirtue Ethics --|tVocation --
       |tVoluntarism --|tVulgate --|tWeil, Simone --|tWesley, 
       John --|tWesleyan Quadrilateral --|tWestminster Standards 
       --|tWisdom --|tWomanist Theology --|tWorld Council of 
       Churches --|tZwingli, Huldrych. 
520    "With over 550 entries ranging from Abba to Zwingli 
       composed by leading contemporary theologians from around 
       the world, The Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology 
       represents a fresh, ecumenical approach to theological 
       reference. Written with an emphasis on clarity and 
       concision, all entries are designed to help the reader 
       understand and assess the specifically theological 
       significance of the most important concepts. Clearly 
       structured, the volume is organized around a small number 
       of 'core entries' which focus on key topics to provide a 
       general overview of major subject areas, while making use 
       of related shorter entries to impart a more detailed 
       knowledge of technical terms. The work as a whole provides
       an introduction to the defining topics in Christian 
       thought and is an essential reference point for students 
       and scholars."|cProvided by publisher. 
588 0  Print version record. 
650  0 Theology|vDictionaries. 
650  7 RELIGION|xChristianity|xGeneral.|2bisacsh 
650  7 RELIGION|xChristian Theology|xSystematic.|2bisacsh 
650  7 Theology.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01149559 
700 1  McFarland, Ian A.|q(Ian Alexander),|d1963- 
776 08 |iPrint version:|tCambridge dictionary of Christian 
       theology.|dCambridge ; New York : Cambridge University 
       Press, 2011|z0521880920|z9780521880923|w(DLC)  2010022749
956 40 |u
       db=nlebk&AN=366130|zView online 
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