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Author Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950,
Title Poems. (Millay)
Collected poems / edited by Norma Millay.
Imprint New York : Harper & Brothers Publishers, [1956]

Author Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950,
Subject American poetry -- 20th century -- Women authors.
Alt Name Harper & Brothers,
Description xxi, 1 unnumbered page, 738 pages ; 22 cm
8vo. rdabf
Summary The collected poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay including the poet's last volume Mine the Harvest.
Contents Renascence -- Interim -- The suicide -- God's world -- Afternoon on a hill -- Sorrow -- Tavern -- Ashes of life -- The little ghost -- Kin to sorrow -- The first rose on my rose-tree -- Let the little birds sing -- All the dog-wood blossoms are underneath the tree -- The shroud -- The dream -- Indifference -- Witch-wife -- Blight -- When the year grows old -- Spring -- City trees -- The blue-flag in the bog -- Journey -- Eel-grass -- Elegy before death -- The bean-stalk- -- Weeds -- Passer mortuus est -- Pastoral -- Assault -- Travel -- Low-tide -- Song of a second April -- Rosemary -- The poet and his book -- Alms -- Inland -- To a poet that died young -- Wraith -- Ebb -- Elaine -- Burial -- Mariposa -- The little hill -- Doubt no more that Oberon -- Lament -- Exiled -- The death of autumn -- Ode to silence -- Epitaph -- Prayer to Persephone -- Chorus -- Dirge -- Elegy -- Wild swans -- First fig -- Second fig -- Recuerdo -- Thursday -- To the not impossible him -- Macdougal street -- The singing-woman for the wood's edge -- She is overheard singing -- The unexplorer -- Grown-up -- The penitent -- Daphne -- Portrait by a neighbour -- Midnight oil -- The merry maid -- To Kathleen -- To S.M. -- The philosopher -- My heart, being hungry -- Autumn chant -- Nuit Blanche -- Oh, little rose tree, bloom -- Beat me a crown of bluer metal -- Rain comes down -- The wood road -- Feast -- Souvenir -- Scrub -- The goose girl -- The dragonfly -- Departure -- The return from town -- A visit to the asylum -- The Spring and the Fall -- The curse -- Keen -- The betrothal -- Humoresque -- The pond -- The ballad of the harp-weaver -- Never may the fruit be plucked -- The concert -- Hyacinth -- To one who might have borne a message -- Siege -- The cairn -- Spring song -- Memory of Cape Cod -- Moriturus -- Song -- To the wife of a sick friend -- The bobolink -- The hawkweed -- To a friend estranged from me -- The road to Avrille -- For Pao-Chin, a boatman on the Yellow Sea -- Northern April -- There at dusk I found you -- Being young and green -- Mist in the valley -- The hardy garden -- The pigeons -- The buck in the snow -- The anguish -- Justice denied in Massachusetts -- Hangman's oak -- Wine from these grapes -- To those without pity -- Dawn -- To a young girl -- Evening on Lesbos -- Dirge without music -- Memory of Cassis -- Portrait -- Winter night -- The cameo -- Counting-out rhyme -- The plum gatherer -- West country song -- Pueblo pot -- When caesar fell -- Lethe -- On first having heard the skylark -- To a musician -- Come along in then, little girl -- Oh, burdock, and you other dock -- Everybody but just me -- I know a hundred ways to die -- Look, Edwin! do you see that boy -- All the grown-up people say -- Wonder where this horseshoe went -- The return -- October -- an etching -- Autumn daybreak -- The oak-leaves -- The fledgling -- The hedge of hemlocks -- Cap D' Antibes -- From a train window -- The fawn -- Valentine -- In the grave no flower -- Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies -- The solid sprite who stands alone -- Spring n the garden -- Sonnet -- Aubade -- Sappho crosses the dark river into Hades -- Epitaph -- On thought in harness -- Desolation dreamed of -- The leaf and the tree -- On the wide heath -- Apostrophe to man -- My spirit, sore from marching -- Conscientious objector -- Above these cares -- If still your orchards bear -- Lines for a grave-stone -- How naked, how without a wall -- The ballad of Chaldon Down -- The princess recalls her one adventure -- Short story -- Pretty love, I must outlive you -- English sparrows -- Impression: fog off the coast of Dorset -- The rabbit -- Song for young lovers in a city -- To a Calvinist in Bali -- Thanksgiving dinner -- The snow storm -- Huntsman, what quarry? -- That chill is in the air -- Branch by branch -- Distressed mind, forbear -- Not dead of wounds, not borne -- Poor passionate thing -- Rendezvous -- The fitting -- What savage blossom -- Menses -- The plaid dress -- "Fontaine, je ne bourai pas de ton eau!" -- Intention to escape from him -- To a young poet -- Modern declaration -- The road to the past -- The true encounter -- Not even my pride will suffer much -- Heart, do not bruise the breast -- Rolled in the trough of thick desire -- And do you think that love itself -- I had not thought so tame a thing -- Leap now into this quiet grave -- Now from a stout and more imperious day -- The time of year ennobles you -- Song for a lute -- For you there is no song -- Sonnet in answer to a question -- Nobody now throughout the pleasant day -- Gone over to the enemy now -- Over the hollow land -- Inert perfection -- Say that we saw Spain die -- Underground system -- Two voices -- Mortal flesh, is not your place in the ground? -- No earthly enterprise -- Lines written in recapitulation -- This dusky faith -- Truce for a moment -- To the maid of Orleans -- Memory of England -- The pear tree -- Druid's chant -- Song of the nations -- Baccalaureate hymn -- Invocation to the Muses -- To S.V.B. -- If, in the foggy Aleutians -- Poem and prayer for an invading army -- Christmas canticle -- We have gone too far -- Deep in the muck of unregarded doom -- The animal ball -- Through the green forest -- As sharp as in my childhood -- By goodness and by evil so surrounded -- At least, my dear -- Small hands, relinquish all -- Ragged island -- To whom the house of Montagu was neighbour -- This is mine, and I can hold it -- Of what importance, o my lovely girls, my dancers -- Few come this way -- The strawberry shrub -- When it is over -- The courage that my mother had -- Wild-cat, gnat and I -- This should be simple; if one's power were great -- Song -- New England spring, 1942 -- Her in a rocky cup -- How innocent we lie -- Armenoville -- Put it down! I say -- I still can see -- There were herbs strown -- Heavily on the faithful bulk of Kurvenal -- Dream of Saba -- Who hurt you so -- When the tree-sparrows with no sound -- Amorphous is the mind -- For warmth alone, for shelter only -- The agnostic -- The apple-trees bud, but I do not -- Black hair you'd day she had -- Cave canem -- An ancient gesture -- Jesus to His disciples -- Establishment is shocked -- Some things are dark -- If it should rain -- The Parsi woman -- Journal -- The sea at sunset can reflect -- I, in disgust with the living -- How did I bear it -- Men working -- Steepletop -- Even you, sweet Basil -- Nothing could stand all this rain -- Borage, forage for bees -- The gardener in haying time -- Sky-coloured bird -- To a snake -- I woke in the night and heard the wind -- Look how the bittersweet -- Truck-garden market-day -- Intense and terrible, I think, must be the loneliness -- Sometimes, oh, often, indeed -- Not for a nation -- Thou art not lovelier than lilacs, no -- Time does not bring relief, you all have lied -- Mindful of you the sodden earth in spring -- Not in this chamber only at my birth -- If I should learn, in some quite casual way -- This door you might not open, and you did -- I do but ask that you be always fair -- Love, though for this you riddle me with darts -- I think I should have loved you presently -- Oh, think not I am faithful to a vow -- I shall forget you presently, my dear -- We talk of taxes, and I call you friend -- Into the golden vessel of great song -- Not with libations, but with shouts and laughter -- Only until this cigarette is ended -- Once more into my arid days like dew -- No rose that in a garden ever grew -- When I too long have looked upon your face -- And you as well must die, beloved dust -- Let you not say of me when I am old -- Oh, my beloved have you thought of this -- As to some lovely temple -- Cherish you then -- When you -- That love at length -- Love is not blind -- I know I am but summer -- I pray you if you love me -- Pity me not -- Sometimes when I am wearied suddenly -- Oh, oh, you will be sorry for that word -- Here is a wound that never will heal -- I shall go back again to the bleak shore -- Say what you will -- What's this of death -- I see so clearly now my similar years -- Your face is like a chamber -- The light combes back with Columbine -- Lord Archer, Death, whom sent you in your stead -- Loving you less than life -- I, being born a woman and distressed -- What lips my lips have kissed -- Still will I harvest beauty where it grows -- How healthily after feet upon the floor -- Euclid alone has looked on beauty bare -- Sonnets from an ungrafted tree.
Life ... -- Grow not too high -- Not that it matters -- Country of hunchbacks -- Upon this marble bust that is not I -- For this your mother sweated in the cold -- Sweet sounds -- What thing is this that -- The beast that rends me in the sight of all -- No lack of counsel from the shrewd and wise -- Nay, learned doctor, these fine leeches fresh -- Of all that ever in extreme disease -- Since I cannot persuade you from this mood -- Nigh is my sister -- Yet in an hour to come -- When you are dead -- Strange thing that I -- Not in a silver casket cool with pearls -- Olympian gods -- I said -- Epitaph for the race of man -- Those hours when happy hours were my estate -- Not, to me, less lavish -- Tranquility at length -- And is indeed truth beauty -- to hold secure the province of pure art -- And if I die -- It is the fashion now to wave aside -- Admetus -- What chores these churls do put upon the great -- I will put chaos into fourteen lines -- Come home, victorious wounded -- Read history so learn your place in time -- Read history thus learn how small a space -- My words that once were virtuous and expressed -- Now sits the autumn cricket in the grass -- And must I then -- If I die solvent -- Grief that is grief and properly so hight -- Felicity of grief -- What rider spurs him from the darkening east.
ISBN 0060129352
0060129484 (pbk.)
9780060129484 (pbk.)
OCLC # 289513
Additional Format Online version: Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950. Collected poems. New York, Harper [1956] (OCoLC)560239512.

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