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Title Art from the ashes : a Holocaust anthology / edited by Lawrence L. Langer.
Imprint New York : Oxford University Press, 1995.

Subject Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Personal narratives.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Literary collections.
Literature Special subjects Racism
Alt Name Langer, Lawrence L.
Description 689 pages, 5 unnumbered pages : illustrations ; 25 cm
Contents The way it was: One year in Treblinka / Jankiel Wiernik -- 'Their soldierly conduct is exemplary': Kulmhof (Chelmno) extermination camp in the Wartheland Reichsgau -- But Lidice is in Europe! / Frantisek R. Kraus -- Conversations with a dead man / Jacques Furmanski -- Voices / Charlotte Delbo -- One day in Jozefow: Initiation to mass murder / Christopher R. Browning -- Shame / Primo Levi -- Torture / Jean Amery -- A plea for the dead / Elie Wiesel -- Journals and diaries: Diary of the great deportation / Abraham Lewin -- Days of nightmare / Josef Zelkowicz -- Memoir / Avraham Tory
Fiction: The key game ; A spring morning / Ida Fink -- Bread / Isaiah Spiegel -- The last morning / Bernard Gotfryd -- The verdict ; Friendly meetings / Sara Nomberg-Przytyk -- Tzili / Aharon Appelfeld -- This way for the gas, ladies and gentlemen / Tadeusz Borowski -- Infinity / Arnost Lustig -- Lieutenant Boulanger / Alexander Kluge -- Resurrection / Jakov Lind -- Season of the dead / Pierre Gascar -- Drama: Ghetto / Joshua Sobol -- Poems by: Abraham Sutzkever -- Dan Pagis -- Paul Celan -- Miklos Radnóti -- Nelly Sachs -- Jacob Glatstein. The affair of the painters of Terezin / Leo Haas -- Painters of Terezin : Leo Haas, Karel Fleischmann, Peter Kien, Fritta (Fritz Taussig)
Note Includes index.
ISBN 0195075595 (alk. paper)
0195077326 (pbk. : alk. paper)
OCLC # 30398629
Table of Contents
 On Writing and Reading Holocaust Literature3
 One Year in Treblinka / Jankiel Wiernik18
 Their Soldierly Conduct Is Exemplary': Kulmhof (Chelmno) Extermination Camp in the Wartheland Reichsgau Kulmhof (Chelmo) Deathcamp54
 But Lidice Is in Europe! / Frantisek R. Kraus62
 Conversation with a Dead Man / Jacques Furmanski72
 Voices / Charlotte Delbo77
 One Day in Jozefow: Initiation to Mass Murder / Christopher R. Browning95
 Shame / Primo Levi108
 Torture / Jean Amery121
 A Plea for the Dead / Elie Wiesel138
 Diary of the Great Deportation / Abraham Lewin161
 Days of Nightmare / Jozef Zelkowicz200
 Memoir / Avraham Tory217
 The Key Game / Ida Fink242
 A Spring Morning / Ida Fink244
 Bread / Isaiah Spiegel250
 The Last Morning / Bernard Gotfryd258
 The Verdict / Sara Nomberg-Przytyk264
 Friendly Meetings / Sara Nomberg-Przytyk268
 Tzili / Aharon Appelfeld273
 This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen / Tadeusz Borowski343
 Infinity / Arnost Lustig358
 The Crystal Stream / Adolf Rudnicki379
 Lieutenant Boulanger / Alexander Kluge395
 Resurrection / Jakov Lind406
 The Season of the Dead / Pierre Gascar427
 Ghetto / Joshua Sobol480
 War / Abraham Sutzkever563
 Faces in Swamps / Abraham Sutzkever564
 Serpents of darkness / Abraham Sutzkever565
 Leaves of Ash / Abraham Sutzkever565
 Above - in a death swordplay / Abraham Sutzkever566
 Soon it will happen / Abraham Sutzkever566
 My every breath is a curse / Abraham Sutzkever568
 How? / Abraham Sutzkever569
 Grains of Wheat / Abraham Sutzkever570
 Stalks / Abraham Sutzkever572
 Frozen Jews / Abraham Sutzkever573
 Resurrection / Abraham Sutzkever574
 Black Thorns / Abraham Sutzkever576
 In the Cell / Abraham Sutzkever577
 For My Child / Abraham Sutzkever578
 Burnt Pearls / Abraham Sutzkever580
 Poem About a Herring / Abraham Sutzkever581
 Self-Portrait / Abraham Sutzkever582
 Autobiography / Dan Pagis586
 Europe, Late / Dan Pagis587
 Written in Pencil in the Sealed Railway-Car / Dan Pagis588
 The Roll Call / Dan Pagis589
 Testimony / Dan Pagis590
 Instructions for Crossing the Border / Dan Pagis591
 Draft of a Reparations Agreement / Dan Pagis592
 Footprints / Dan Pagis593
 Ready for Parting / Dan Pagis597
 Death Fugue / Paul Celan601
 Aspen Tree / Paul Celan603
 With a Variable Key / Paul Celan604
 Nocturnally Pouting / Paul Celan605
 Tenebrae / Paul Celan606
 There Was Earth Inside Them / Paul Celan607
 Psalm / Paul Celan608
 Alchemical / Paul Celan609
 Radix, Matrix / Paul Celan610
 Tabernacle Window / Paul Celan611
 ...And No Kind Of / Paul Celan613
 From Things Lost / Paul Celan614
 Sound-Dead Sister-Shell / Paul Celan615
 In the Corner of Time / Paul Celan616
 From the Beam / Paul Celan617
 War Diary / Miklos Radnoti620
 Guard and Protect Me / Miklos Radnoti623
 In a Troubled Hour / Miklos Radnoti624
 Like Death / Miklos Radnoti625
 Floral Song / Miklos Radnoti626
 The Fifth Eclogue (fragment) / Miklos Radnoti627
 O Ancient Prisons / Miklos Radnoti628
 Dreamscape / Miklos Radnoti629
 Fragment / Miklos Radnoti630
 Root / Miklos Radnoti631
 Forced March / Miklos Radnoti632
 Razglednicas / Miklos Radnoti633
 O the Night of the Weeping Children! / Nelly Sachs638
 Even the Old Men's Last Breath / Nelly Sachs639
 What Secret Cravings of the Blood / Nelly Sachs640
 You Onlookers / Nelly Sachs641
 If I Only Knew / Nelly Sachs642
 Chorus of the Rescued / Nelly Sachs643
 Chorus of the Unborn / Nelly Sachs644
 Night, Night / Nelly Sachs645
 If the Prophets Broke In / Nelly Sachs646
 O the Homeless Colors of the Evening Sky! / Nelly Sachs648
 In the Evening Your Vision Widens / Nelly Sachs649
 Peoples of the Earth / Nelly Sachs650
 Landscape of Screams / Nelly Sachs651
 Good Night, World / Jacob Glatstein655
 God Is a Sad Maharal / Jacob Glatstein657
 I Have Never Been Here Before / Jacob Glatstein658
 Smoke / Jacob Glatstein660
 Cloud-Jew / Jacob Glatstein661
 The Affair of the Painters of Terezin / Leo Haas670
 Painters of Terezin: Leo Haas, Karel Fleischmann, Peter Kien, Fritta (Fritz Taussig) / Leo Haas678